West Ham Might Cash-In on Midfielder

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West Ham United finds itself in an interesting situation with midfielder Flynn Downes. His successful loan spell at Southampton has sparked a potential transfer battle, but the Hammers hold the upper hand. Let’s have a look at each option.

Pros: Downes returns with valuable experience from a successful promotion campaign. He understands the club’s culture and could integrate seamlessly. and West Ham saves money on acquiring a new player.
Cons: There’s no guarantee he automatically slots back into the starting lineup. West Ham might need to adjust their tactics to accommodate him.

Pros: West Ham can recoup a significant transfer fee, potentially funding other signings. Southampton gets a proven player who contributed heavily to their promotion.
Cons: Finding a suitable replacement for Downes could be challenging and expensive. West Ham loses a player with experience and potential.

West Ham’s firm stance on a high price tag is a smart move. It shows confidence in Downes’ value and discourages lowball offers from Southampton.

Ideally, West Ham negotiates a fee that reflects Downes’ value while also considering the benefit of keeping him if Southampton get cold feet.

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  • Jeeps says:

    Moyes was the problem not giving him sufficient playing time.
    With his progress on loan, showing that he can fit in with another team, keeping him could see a transfer increase at a later date.
    Or better still further development turning him into a valuable seasoned asset.
    At present he is worth more than £12m if Southampton want him as a permanent.
    Additionally a benefit being ‘home grown’.
    Appreciate it’s iffs and buts but that goes for any player.
    One less replacement to find.
    Keep him.

  • Bonzo says:

    He played plenty of games for us but never offered as much as other midfielders in terms of assists and goals. I don’t think he was bought in for that though. I think he was bought in as back up if not understudy to Rice. Was never going to fill Rices shoes though.

  • Steve says:

    Sell him to Saints he’s obviously happy there.

  • Chunk says:

    Keep him and sell them back JWP

  • elduder says:

    don’t think so

    downes is the most adaptable to lop imho

    i think we’d prefer to sell JWP and soucek who are no where near as press resistance or comfortable on the ball as downes

    for me downes could rival alvarez in a possession system for the #6 and he starts as #8 unless paq plays there or garcia comes in

    either way he is better than jwp and soucek when we’re in possession

  • John Lattimore says:

    Having to adjust our tactics to accommodate him is hardly a “con” we need to adjust our tactics to suit a new manager anyway.
    Keep him.
    Like Vlasic, Scammaca, Halller & Benrama they didn’t shine here because that didn’t fit into the Moyes template.

  • Ian G says:

    Sell him as we have Freddie Potts coming back. Ideal for a back up.

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