West Ham Miss Out on Bonus for Scamacca’s Success

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West Ham fans are likely feeling a double dose of disappointment after learning their former striker Gianluca Scamacca won’t trigger a bonus payment for his recent achievements. This was first reported by Hammers News who exclusively revealed the additional bad news on a transfer which seems to look worse with each passing day.

West Ham sold Scamacca to Atalanta last summer for £27.5 million, incurring a £3 million loss. The move was met with mixed reactions from fans.

Many fans criticised manager David Moyes for giving up on Scamacca too quickly, particularly after the arrival of Danny Ings in January who also struggled to find form.

Since joining Atalanta, Scamacca has thrived. He silenced initial doubters and recently helped his team win the Europa League final, scoring a brace against Liverpool on their journey to the title.

Despite Scamacca’s success, West Ham confirmed they will not receive any bonus payments related to his Champions League qualification or European victories. This is due to the absence of such clauses in his transfer agreement.

This news adds to West Ham fans’ frustration, especially considering their ongoing need for a quality striker. Scamacca’s success highlights this need even further.

West Ham will need to invest in a new striker during the summer transfer window, with Scamacca likely to continue his impressive form at Atalanta and potentially for Italy at the Euros.

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