West Ham Move On From Awoniyi Under New Boss

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West Ham United‘s striker search has taken a new turn with reports suggesting they are no longer interested in Nigerian forward Taiwo Awoniyi.

According to GiveMeSport, the shift in focus comes after the departure of manager David Moyes and the appointment of Julen Lopetegui.

Previously, it was believed that Moyes was the driving force behind West Ham’s pursuit of Awoniyi. However, with Lopetegui now in charge, the club seems to be exploring other options in their hunt for a new striker.

Awoniyi’s struggles with injuries last season at Nottingham Forest might have also played a role in West Ham’s decision. The 26-year-old managed just six Premier League goals in 12 starts, often finding himself sidelined.

This change in direction by West Ham leaves their striker search once again wide open. Considering who we have been linked to, it would be nice to see something concrete finally happening.

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    Same old sully allegedly buying the worand it’s mother will end up same as we did with moyes
    Gsbk out

    • Benny the Aussie says:

      I agree we need a more Professional and forward focussed owner in charge.
      Sully drives this club with the handbrake on and no fuel in the tank.

  • Kip says:

    Another story from another paper Simon? 🙄

  • IronItOut says:

    It would be nice to see something concrete finally happening? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!
    Every line in your article allows you to be as speculative as possible and say what you want without it being in any way definitive or accurate!

    You say “Reports suggesting….”
    You say “According to….” instead of “He or they said”
    You say “Previously, it was believed….” instead of “It is , or it was”
    You say “Seems to be exploring….” instead of ” Is exploring”
    You say “Might have also….” instead of “He did, or they did”

    You use every possible way of saying something, without being definitive so it means you can write whatever you like, while also saying absolutely nothing at all!

    You say “Considering who we have been linked to, it would be nice to see something concrete finally happening” – what an absolute load of b*ll*cks! You are the ones spreading all the rumours and creating those links just to write more rubbish!

    So lets put it to the test. Theoretically, in your kind of language, I could say:

    “Quite possibly, according to some reports and also some readers opinions, it was previously believed that C&H seem to be exploring ways to generate gossip and rumour and might have also been found out to create lots of clickbait!!”

    How does that sound? Do I get a job at C&H as that’s pretty much how your website sounds from start to finish!

    Call yourself West Ham supporters? I’d be more inclined to call you Spam supporters!!

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