West Ham offer mystery player in transfer part-ex

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The news that West Ham offered a player in exchange as part of the deal to secure the signing of Wolves defender Max Kilman is an intriguing one.

Football insider Fabrizio Romano today exclusively revealed that as part of the Hammers’ second bid for central defender Kilman, a West Ham player was offered in part-exchange to sweeten the deal.

This has set tongues wagging about who precisely this mystery player is, but the club and Romano himself are remaining tight-lipped on the matter. What we do know is that an initial transfer bid of £25m was rejected by Wolverhampton Wanderers. West Ham followed that up with a second offer, believed to be money plus a mystery player.

At this point, nobody knows who the mystery man is, but that hasn’t stopped people from speculating that Maxwell Cornet, Michail Antonio, or Kurt Zouma are the prime candidates.

I guess it’s irrelevant given that the transfer bid was rejected; however, that doesn’t mean the Wolves would not be open to a higher bid or a different player. Somebody did suggest to me privately that £15m plus James Ward-Prowse might be worth trying?

What is clear is that West Ham are serious about Kilman, and if I were a betting man, I’d wager a tuppence on him signing for West Ham before too long.

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  • Phil McDonald says:

    My guess would be Zouma mate. Optimistically trying to kill 2 birds with one stone.

  • kcockayne says:

    I would wager that NONE of the myriad players who have been mentioned in these columns will sign for West Ham. I may be a pessimist, but I think that these are very dangerous times for the club. We did not have a defence before our attempts to sign new recruits; & we haven’t signed any, yet ! Early days ? Maybe, but worrying, nonetheless.

  • Jimbo says:

    Aguerd would be my bet. He wants out and might do well at Wolves. Fresh start and all that.

    • Phil McDonald says:

      The reason I think it isn’t Aguerd is because the offer wouldn’t include much money, and Wolves need to raise a lot of cash because of FFP, that’s the only reason they might reluctantly let him go.. But who knows

      • Nick Hughes says:

        Wolves do not need to raise cash because of FFP…..that was sorted out last year… if another club wants Kilman, then they better pay up or shut up……

        • Phil McDonald says:

          It’s not sorted. Wolves have a transfer pot of £2.7m if they are to comply with FFP. So unless they intend to do nothing in the summer they have to sell.

  • Good Ole Daze says:

    Hi Gonzo, interesting update, thanks. In relation to the criticism of the site that’s been going on recently, I’m certainly not getting into the ‘the site was better with Hugh’ issue. Hugh was a long-standing journalist with numerous credentials and contacts built up over a lifetime so he could check the veracity of a story. But I think the main issue for some is the re-posting of stories on here that the site ran only days before with no new news, comment or gossip in the re-posted article. There’s been a fair bit of that. I have no real problem with it as I can always click past it.

    And I agree with what you said earlier about this time of year being full of just transfer rumour and gossip – it’s always been like that. I actually like the fact that you collate all the reports, wild rumours and weird and wonderful players that we’re supposedly linked to. I’ve got more than a pinch of salt handy to deal with that. Plus, the site’s free, so why moan about it?

    I think some of it is just frustration on the club’s lack of signings – so far – in positions we desperately need to reinforce and part of it is that we all just miss the Hammers playing matches to comment on. Finally, plenty of contributors fell out with Hugh and rubbished the site when he was with us – ‘careful what you wish for’, folks. All the best to you and the team. I’ll carry on reading … COYI

  • Billy says:

    Wolves can have Johnson. Just give us Kilman.

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