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West Ham owners come under attack

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West Ham’s board have made David Moyes a “fall guy” to deflect from their own shortcomings and unfulfilled promises, according to finance expert Kieran Maguire.

Maguire, who spoke to Football Insider, expressed that West Ham fans were promised significant improvements following their move to the London Stadium—a promise that many feel has not been fulfilled.

Last week, the Hammers announced that Moyes would be departing at the end of the season after a tenure of four-and-a-half years as manager. During this period, Moyes secured West Ham’s first trophy in nearly half a century, delivered European football on three occasions which Maguire was at pains to point out as voiced his displeasure at Moyes leaving the club.

“They were sold promises that things would improve after the move from Upton Park to the London Stadium, and the jury is still out among the fanbase as to whether that’s been delivered,” Maguire told Football Insider. “Moyes seems to be the fall guy for the board of directors, who may be using the end of his contract to divert attention from their own errors.”

While Maguire is a respected authority on football finances and is often consulted on matters of FFP and transfer fees, it seems he may be conflating two separate issues. The core of West Ham fans’ frustrations with Moyes likely stems more from his conservative tactics, a faltering defence, and a perceived lack of footballing ambition.

However, there are significant grievances regarding the move from Upton Park to a stadium which is too from the pitch and considered by many as one of the Premier League’s worst venues. Nonetheless, it is likely that fans’ dissatisfaction with Moyes’ cautious approach to football would have surfaced regardless of the venue.

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  • Anon says:

    Very true Sullivan and useless part time overpaid Brady needs to go

  • Mavded says:

    We had to move so we can compete with the best in the transfer market and get Champions league…….Many of us saw through that and whilst we have had 3 wonderful seasons in Europe the club is sliding back down the league the squad laughably never built on and the board let that happen by hamstringing themselves with the ridiculous Moyes has the veto on all transfers and those that he had not been able to stop he simply never played.

  • joe says:

    Results on the pitch in 2024 have been close to abysmal. P24 W5 D9 and L10. Points thrown away against some of the weakest teams in the league. Losing to Bristol City in the FA Cup. How close was Moyes to losing the dressing room?? And the board have to take responsibility for the confused state of the transfer process. Who was in control? Why was Steidten barred by Moyes from access to the first team? Can they not be open and honest at least with the fans who pay a fortune to support them.

  • Raymond S. THOMAS says:

    There needs to be someone who could drive the team to better results, not ” we’re up for this one” attitude, you have to be up for every match. This is where quality players will want to play for West Ham. As for the IRON CASTLE – a nickname I like to call the London Stadium, we needed it.

  • John Farley says:

    We would have been higher, if we had beaten teams like Fulham. As I live in Yeovil I cannot understand why we would lose, to bristol City in the fa cup must go one better next season.

  • Deej says:

    The lack of transfer business and Moyes’ famous ‘Dithering Dave’ tag has nothing to do with it then? All the owners’ fault?
    I think getting rid of the owners is far more of a ‘careful what you wish for’ scenario than changing manager.
    Kretinsky will gradually edge them out anyway I would imagine.

  • dougbeesley says:

    Like many fed up fans, I am fed up with so called experts criticising our club. Why don’t they have the guts to criticise top clubs who take the filthy money laundering cash from Arab and American despots? We have had our most successful spell in the last 4 years compared to the last 50 but it was time to move on. We have had less managers than any prem club, so why do they not get criticised for changing managers?

  • Paul Rees says:

    I think David Moyes is going to realise very quickly just how lucky he is to be away from all the dramas of West Ham United FC never known a Club for such outspoken fans, you would swear they have a cabinet full of Silverwear won over many years of successful football.
    The West Ham way lol let’s see where you are in 12 months !!!

  • Eben says:

    Does nobody remember having to sell to buy??? We have spent over 100 mil for 3 years running never before in my lifetime I’m grateful for them and the stadium the extra fans and added to that some little success the last four years have been the best in 30 years

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