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West Ham Owners Massive Wealth Boost

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David Sullivan and his family have moved up nine places in the Sunday Times Rich List published today.

The Sullivans are ranked as the 150th richest in the UK with a net worth of £1,168,000,000, up £50 million from last year.

He is a long way behind Czech billionaire Daniel Kretinsky, who has an estimated net worth of £7.34 billion according to Forbes. Kretinsky is dating Anna Kellnerová, the daughter and heiress of his deceased business associate Petr Kellner, who was the richest man in the Czech Republic and believed to be worth £17 billion.

Albert Tripp Smith then comes in with a value of £1 billion, while the family of David Gold is worth around £650 million. Other shareholders include the Harris family with £200 million and former Chairman Terry Brown having a net worth of £50 million.

All in all, this makes the Hammers’ ownership the 4th richest club in the Premier League with the backing of massive personal wealth.

Despite the obvious wealth of the Hammers’ shareholders, it means nothing more than club security and access to low-interest loans. FFP and Profit & Sustainability regulations mean that clubs outside of Europe can only spend 85% of their turnover, so anyone thinking West Ham’s ownership becoming richer will lead to a massive transfer spending spree can think again.

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  • Dangerous Dragon says:

    Sullivan is the biggest money pig in the universe **** off!!!!

  • Trevsheadwonthecup says:

    It’s so obvious. The clubs being sold it ridiculous. A £60 m budget. It’s as if Daniel Levy’s running the club. On an alleged turnover of £365 m . Despite raking in more money in sales in the previous two windows.

  • Hugh Jars says:

    Sullivan, greedy, horrible little perv! Just sell your shares and F O. Take sponger Brady with you

  • Eric Gracey says:

    Hopefully in the fullness of time full details on the deal secured for the London Stadium will be made public and we will see just how disgusting He ,Brady and their Conservative mates (Johnson,Cameron/Osborne really are. I suggest most people believe the deal was currupt and in no way the public interest. West Ham have always been a special football club and its supporters and the Country deserve to know the truth

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