West Ham pipped to the post for transfer target

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Roberto De Zerbi beats Hammers to the punch

West Ham United has missed out on signing Ismaël Koné. Olympique de Marseille is nearing the completion of a deal for the 22-year-old Watford FC midfielder, with the French club having reportedly secured agreements with both Koné and Watford for a summer transfer.

According to a report from a French media outlet, Koné turned down more financially rewarding proposals from AS Roma and West Ham United, choosing instead to commit to a move to the French Riviera. Marseille moved swiftly to outpace their competition, enticing the Canadian international with the vision of the new project unfolding under manager Roberto De Zerbi.

Koné was considered a target for Julen Lopetegui, West Ham’s new manager, especially after the club lost Aleix Garcia to Bayer Leverkusen.

West Ham sources reiterated to Claret & Hugh yesterday that the club’s focus remains on acquiring a central defender and a striker in the ongoing transfer window.

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  • Anin says:

    Sullivan and part time Brady strike again

  • Jeeps says:

    Things are going from bad to worse.
    Ings, Antonio, Johnson, Zoom(a) _ no loss, Alvarez injury, Paqueta (unknown), Coufal unhappy with contract.
    Stifled signings going elsewhere, Kone.
    JLo not prepared to walk away from Kilman and will pay whatever and however long it takes.
    Time which should be spent on bulk buying of other needed signings.
    Expected early additions not happening to any extent.
    Looking at 6-8 players, no cash and little time.
    Latest speculation Jonathan David with speed we’re moving no chance.
    Forget top 6-7 premier league more mid to relegation battle.
    Moyes has left club in the mire.

    • Benny the Aussie says:

      Totally agree, the head does rot from the top.
      We do seem to be run like local pub chook raffle.
      No coherent plan from one season to the next, reluctant to act when needed (Moyes should have gone 18months ago).
      We are in the most popular Football league in the world but run like the worst A league team in Aus.

  • B says:

    What the Fudge?

    Responding to those posters; all doom-saying and muck-throwing, blaming Moyes for everything. On an ‘article’ commenting on a report about a player from the lower leagues, who I and I doubt many have ever heard of, and I had barely seen West Ham linked with, who has decided to move from leafy Hertfordshire to the riviera on in South of France…

    Get a grip…

    • rollercoaster hammer says:

      yep, we posses the most whiny foot stamping fans in the PL. most of them do nothing but slagg off the website they come to EVERY DAY. honestly, some of our fans almost push me to not wany to be a part of this club. what a bunch of sookies.

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