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West Ham plan early transfer action

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West Ham are believed to be keen to conclude their transfer business as early as possible in the upcoming summer window. Historically, the Hammers have had a tendency to leave transfer deals quite late; however, it is understood that preliminary negotiations have progressed well for a number of players.

The recruitment of Tim Steidten has clearly benefited West Ham’s scouting and player identification, but now it appears that there is a unified desire within the club to get all transfer business concluded as early as possible.

New manager Julen Lopetegui is believed to have had long and detailed conversations with West Ham’s director of football and is eager to begin pre-season with as many new players in place as possible.

Lopetegui’s preparation ahead of starting work at Rush Green has been extremely thorough, and the Spaniard has no desire to wait until the end of the transfer window to complete his squad assembly.

It is understood that the club has already targeted and approached many of the players they wish to sign and are becoming increasingly confident in getting deals over the line early.

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  • Dave says:

    I will believe this when I see it. But if it happens it’s a big 👍to TS and JL.

  • Anon says:

    Sullivan likes waiting to save money

  • John Ayris says:

    We need to get more than just one or two in and transfers take time so an early start is essential not just desirable.

  • Selsdonhammer says:

    It’s what we have been needing for years: get the new players in asap so that they can do most of, if not a full pre-season so that they are ready from Day 1. It makes sense but we have always left it to the last minute until now. Is this actually some joined-up thinking at West Ham at long last?

  • Phil bussey says:

    Don,t make me laugh it will be the same old nonsense sit on your hands till last day of transfer window after going in with ridiculous low offers for players and then miss out on all targets and Sullivan coming out and saying we’ll we tried crap.

  • Carl says:

    Season ticket sales needing a little push? lol

  • Trevor says:

    Que sera sera……

  • Wayne Lott says:

    I’m sure Sullivan has a wallet full of discount coupons he needs to use up 😂 ⚒️

    • Trevor says:


      • Howard says:

        Last minute bargain hunting again I am afraid, we always dilly dally and let rival clubs and even smaller clubs steal a march on us. The will even get players we are supposedly interested in.
        They arrive last minute then we get the excuses at the start of the season that the new additions are not up to pace with the game yet. Heard it all before at the .Mighty Hammers.


      If your of a age they’ll be green shield stamps

  • Clive smith says:

    Same every end of season linked with so many players buy none got to get shot of at least ten plus back room staff
    Signing players with West Ham take longer than every other club to sign a player the media love it because it’s all bull****

  • Danielson79 says:

    If the stories of Kretin ski having more involvement are true there’s every chance we might do business early. He doesn’t seem like the type to want to mess about and is probably bored of the real dithering Dave and the way he conducts his business.

  • Gazza says:

    No more dithering Dave hopefully and deciding against rather than for players
    He only ever wanted 11 plus 2 subs and would hardly use 2 subs if he got away with it
    It’s no wonder our team got burnt out

  • Kip says:

    Always been our problem..its infuriating
    .how on earth does leaving things tobtye last min benefit anyone….that was the worst of moyes …dithering idiot on transfers….get the players in early so they can settle in ..its not ****ing rocket science…I’m glad moyes has gone for thst reason…

  • Colin says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha, heard this so many times before false promises that never actually come to fruition. It’s very important to get transfer business done early but seriously when did west ham genuinely ever do that. For so long now we have heard West ham trying to sign this player that player and those players but what did we actually end up getting, apantomine dame a widow t****y and a juggler who had no ball control. But i hope the fixer can get it sorted quickly this time round. It’s over to you Tim let’s see how good you are.

  • Bonzo says:

    So let’s hope Steidten has learnt from the January window when he was off talking to the wrong agent late in the window and failing to bring anyone in as a result.

  • Trevsheadwonthecup says:

    Sullivan will always look to save money. Il believe it when I see it .

  • joe says:


    Lopetegui walked out on Wolves over a believed disagreement on transfer policy. Can’t believe that’s going to happen a second time and therefore Westham will be pulling their proverbial finger out of their proverbial posterior and getting on with the sale and purchase of players asap. Rumour has it that he and Steidten are on the same wavelength. Sullivan won’t fight both of them.

  • Vince says:

    Let’s be fair, at least they are being more proactive than ever before when DS was doing the deals. I just hope we keep him locked away in a small dark room with as many copies of the Sunday sport that he can handle!
    I’m also starting to get excited about where we can go with a proper big boy strategy

  • Dave says:

    I can’t see it happening, we’ve heard it all before and now we’ll hear it all again all these players we tried to sign, the ones we’ve never heard of we do sign then the hopeless push in the 11th hour for a superstar who has no intention of leaving his club but loves pantomime

  • Gaser says:

    West Ham are always getting loads of players but in the end get no won let’s get it sorted for once

  • Gaser says:

    I thought Sullivan loved West Ham now is the time to prove it get rid of them cobwebs and start putting your hands in your pockets ⚒️⚒️⚒️

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