West Ham pocket almost £1m in UEFA compensation


RandyWest Ham have pocketed almost  one million pounds from UEFA following the European Championships this past summer.

The compensation comes from UEFA for players who were released from their clubs to go and play in the Championships in France. A total of 641 clubs from across the globe, received an equal share per player per national team released for each qualifying match and a fixed amount per player for every day they were away from their clubs, with UEFA handing out 150m euros.

The Hammers were given £982,000 of that money. English clubs in total will receive over €38m from this benefit scheme – which is more than any other country in Europe.

West Ham players included Darren Randolph, Aneglo Ogbonna, James Collins and some French Man whose name I forget. New Hammer Jose Fonte was part of the winning Euro 2016 team.

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  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    All sounds like more UEFA corruption helping the big teams out with more cash, the whole thing is a cartel. Hopefully the FBI will bring it all crashing down.

  • Radai Lama..Paid up member of Slavs Chavs. says:

    Well the club screwed up signing Snodgrass.As a scottish international we will never get compensation for him being at a big tournament 😂

  • Tom says:

    Is it a deliberate ploy to regurgitate every sniff of news to push advertising …

  • mooro66uk says:

    News is news. If you didn’t read it here you’d have read it somewhere else. Can’t see ya problem. Would it be better if you read it on WHTID? Still be the same story with the same veracity. Like said. can’t see ya problem.

    • Tom says:

      Point take Mooro, I like reading much on here but the constant advertising detracts from a great base if that makes sense … very different platform to WHTID and others and I do get the deal but just my humble offering is that it seems its all about advertising not actually the news …

      • Virtually every site on the internet has advertising and we have advertising partners – what they push out has little to do with me. Iain Dale chooses not to have ads. I have chosen to. If people don’t want ads they needn’t come here. Iain’s call, my call I respect his and he respects mine. He and I get along. Sean writes for WHTID and I have done. Why there is animosity from followers is quite beyond those of us who run the sites.

  • John says:

    C&H is a news site Tom. It reports all sorts of news relating to West Ham. It mixes up the very relevant, the relevant and the not so relevant. It’s different to Iain Dales Facebook style site which has become a site where posters post for posters to chat amongst themselves about West Ham or their daily life or from C&B (which is a good site btw) where the posters just chew the cud on all things West Ham. It’s obvious you read this site everyday so it’s unfair of you to criticise it when it is clear you rely on it for your West Ham news. Click bait is as old as the hills and is used every day by daily papers and the blogs. Every headline is click bait. And what is wrong with a poll if you have 2,000 people taking part? Clearly there are some that like it.

    I think not enough credit is given to those people that bring us our daily West Ham nourishment.

    • Tom says:

      Morning John, I have no issue with the people here, I just struggle with the advertising as it seems that is priority over the news … I found the poll by one our own wrong, thats my humble opinion … much like the witch hunts after a bad result but that is the nature of some fans today ….

  • Sticky Fingers says:

    You have too big a mouth mush.Having digs at this place keeping on abouts an apology on whtid You are boring people on both sites

  • John says:

    Ah Tom I don’t think you are being honest as you have plenty of problems with this site as your posts across the internet confirm. As to the suggestion Hugh and Sean put advertising ahead of news that’s just daft. News attracts clicks, clicks attracts advertising. It’s not rocket science. There is some top quality articles here as indeed there is today on the wetties site. It’s the first decent one for a while 🙂

  • John says:

    Don’t know why I’m doing Hugh and Sean’s job lmao. Wonder if I can get paid?

  • Radai Lama..Paid up member of Slavs Chavs. says:

    Oh is this the Tom i read about on here who said this site is chav corner & is a f*cking classless site that should be thrown off NewsNow 😂
    Other than that though he has no problem with the place 🙌😀

  • John says:

    WHAAAT? Did Hughie just say he has written articles for whtid? Lmao I never knew Hughie was a wettie. Too funny lmao. Seriously I never knew that!

  • Irons Fanatic says:

    No matter what Hughie wrote for them im sure his stories weren’t as jacknory as some on there.Unconcious in a goalmouth is a real corker today.

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