West Ham Ponder Free Transfer Gamble on Sessegnon

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West Ham United are contemplating a surprising move for recently released Tottenham Hotspur defender Ryan Sessegnon, according to reports. The 24-year-old is available on a free transfer, making him a potentially enticing option for the Hammers.

Sessegnon arrived at Tottenham in 2019 with a hefty £25 million price tag but failed to consistently impress. Injuries and inconsistent form hampered his progress in North London.

West Ham, under incoming manager Julen Lopetegui, are undergoing a significant squad overhaul. Sessegnon, now a free agent, presents a low-cost opportunity to address their need for a left-back who can challenge and potentially replace Emerson Palmieri.

Sessegnon’s versatility adds another layer of appeal. He can comfortably play in a more attacking role, essentially offering West Ham two players for the price of none.

West Ham are aware of Sessegnon’s struggles at Tottenham. However, the free transfer removes any financial risk associated with the signing. If Lopetegui can revive Sessegnon’s career, it could be a shrewd acquisition for the Hammers.

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    Here we go new manager same game plan usless freebies relegated players and cresswell staying well done dildo

    • Muffy says:

      You are assuming that it is Lopeteguis thoughts or some useless pundit or his agent!

      • Mo Harris says:

        Oh no. Not again. So the new bloke is going after freebies. He’s bombed at Spurs. He’s actually FREE but we still want him. WTF

        • Gonzo says:

          Try not to get upset Mo, it’s a transfer rumour and there will be numerous every day.

          We’ll not sign 99% of the players we’re linked with so don’t stress yourself out mate.

          We signed Cressswell yesterday and have Emerson as first choice left back.

    • Andy says:

      I remember similar comments from the perennial doom sayers about Craig Dawson. Probably nothing but agent talk and tabloid column padding but, without Europe, its not going to be easy signing big names. A couple of freebies may be necessary.

  • Eug1 says:

    Sessegnon is a failure. This & Cresswell were not the level of signings we need to take us to the next level. What the hell is happening?

  • Toddyiron 83 says:

    I think I’d be a good move as a back up to Emerson, we haven’t got European football next season and Emerson very rarely gets injured, would rather spend the money on decent centre backs and strikers then spend it on a backup left back

  • D.f.butcher says:

    Just what we need someone else’s cast offs , just checked the calender to make sure it wasn’t April 1st , and I’ve also checked the letter box for my post card from the pope , I’m sure Sullivan’s some kind of a clown? I was hoping for hopeful times at the London , now I fear the downfall of the Roman empire , the way this seems to be panning out we might be saying “hello to Millwall”?

    • Toddyiron83 says:

      Give it a chance season only finished two days ago, majority of us wanted Moyes out and for Tim to be more hands on so let’s get behind him

  • Tezzard says:

    Champions league here we come 😂.

    Removes financial risk ? What about the financial risk of signing dross and getting relegated ?

    A suppose roberto was a financially risk free signing as well

    • Toddyiron83 says:

      Just because you spend 10s of millions on a player doesn’t mean they’re any good, majority of our record signings have been failures, squad needs bolsteing up which means a couple of free transfers, Barkleys available on a free?


    So is my granny

  • Dave says:

    I don’t think it’s that bad an idea he wouldn’t be first choice as Emerson has been one of the few decent performers this season. And Spuds may have been the wrong club for him he was excellent at Fulham, but sometimes players just lose it sometimes they get it back.
    I think I read Barclay is off to Villa. But I think he would be another decent freebie as you can see how good he was at Luton. We need so many new players so a couple would have to be on the free

  • Clifford Edwards says:

    It’s confirmed then. The silly season has just started
    West Ham will be linked with every Tom Dick and Harry. Really.Dont take anything seriously guys.

    • Gonzo says:

      This is precisely it. It’s transfer rumour time and that really is it.

      Anyone getting upset of a transfer rumour about a player before they’ve actually signed is probably in for a stressful summer.

      Take everything with a pinch of salt, particularly considering we extended Cresswell’s contract yesterday. I very much doubt we’ll sign this player.

  • Steve A'court says:

    He could be a good back up on a free….dont knock it …remember no one wanted Craig Dawson and he wasn’t even getting in Watfords team in the Championship !

  • Colin says:

    You have to ignore all the rumours, most of it is, agents name dropping his on his way to West ham, to try to get a bidding war going to get better deals, but if it’s rumours you want here’s some for you, Harry redknapp coming back as our new centre forward, the widow t****y will be our new left winger, and Bill & Ben will be our new centre backs, Andy pandy replacing paqueta and if we’re very lucky bungle, zippy, and Geoffrey will be on our bench. 👍👍👍

  • Moyes In says:

    Inspiring, I for one am very glad we got rid of Moyes to go back to the era before Moyes…

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