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West Ham Preparing For Paqueta Armageddon

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Sources close to West Ham have revealed to Claret & Hugh that the club is growing increasingly concerned about the Lucas Paqueta betting charges.

While West Ham continues to publicly back the Brazilian playmaker, the club is actively planning their transfer strategy with a backup plan should Paqueta receive a ban from the FA. The impending ban is also being factored into West Ham’s accounting as they could be forced to wipe an £80m asset from the balance sheet.

The player himself continues to protest his innocence; however, his team of legal advisors are believed to be seeking more time to mount their defence.

This follows online leaks today that have revealed some of the details of the bets involved in the investigation. According to stories circulating online, numerous people placed bets on Paqueta to be booked across four separate matches, with the stakes varying from £6.70 to £400, yielding combined winnings of £100,000.

It must be stressed at this point that the leaked details are completely unsubstantiated. However, West Ham does appear to be preparing for the worst whilst hoping for the best.

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  • SV says:

    This is the bit that doesn’t add up for me. Why would Paqueta risk his career so people could earn a commission on a 100 grand bet. He’s on around 150 grand a week.

    • Couchy says:

      He’s a footballer and some of them really are that stupid.

    • Andy says:

      He is also Brazilian and they never seem happy with what they’ve got……..always need that little bit more whether its legal or illegal ……

    • Bigeares says:

      True but it’s a tad too Sussed that the betting accounts were opened in his home town in Brazil no where else in the world where them bets put on unless the person has a telepathic capabilities

    • brian clough says:

      organized crime is one possible answer. they may have threatened him, or his family. that seems to me the most likely explanation.

  • Jay says:

    I believe his career is over and I’m gutted about it.

  • David says:

    FA charges do not make sense, what would he make out of these bets. he earns more money a week than the total of bets won. plus one booking was in the 93rd minute? think you would get booked before then if you was in a scam!

  • Steve says:

    I’m not a gambling man but even I could predict when he’d get booked in a game! Didn’t get a free kick? Boom takes the player out 🤣

  • Bonzo says:

    A bit ironic they chose Betfair to place the bets. Unusual in Brazil and I think it was betfair who blew the whistle. What was their thinking when choosing Betfair to place the bets I wonder. I’d be interested to hear what a spokesperson for betfair being west hand sponsor would have to say on the subject.

  • Bonzo says:

    But Paquetta asked not to play in one of the games in which he got a yellow card. He also got the yellow card in the 93rd minute. Why would he risk leaving it so late to get booked? And whose to say he woukdng get substituted by Moyes late in the game as he quite often was?

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