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West Ham Press Pause on Flynn Downes’ Future

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In a surprising turnround West Ham United have reportedly decided to delay a decision regarding midfielder Flynn Downes’ future, according to the Evening Standard. New manager Julen Lopetegui wants a complete picture before making any moves, with a thorough pre-season assessment planned for the entire squad.

The report highlights two key reasons why Downes might be a valuable asset for West Ham.

Competition in Midfield: Downes could provide much-needed competition for established starter Edson Alvarez in the defensive midfield role.

Financial Considerations: Selling Downes, even for a profit, would likely trigger the need to find a replacement. Finding a competent defensive midfielder in today’s market for less than £20 million is a challenge.

The Standard also emphasises the importance of Downes fulfilling the “homegrown player” quota, a crucial requirement for Premier League squads. West Ham are already under scrutiny in this area, making Downes’ retention potentially advantageous.

While the decision on Downes is on hold, Lopetegui is credited with actively pursuing new signings, suggesting a busy transfer window for the Hammers.

West Ham’s wait-and-see approach with Downes prioritises a holistic evaluation under their new manager. This strategy could ensure they make informed decisions about squad depth in defensive midfield while also addressing the homegrown player quota concerns.

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  • Rush Hammer says:

    From what I’ve seen Downey’s had a great season at Southampton, and we was outstanding in the play off final. He’s mobile, tough in the tackle and technically ok – kind of a Mctominay type player. He’s a £15m ish player, so I would keep him unless there is a much better value option out there.

  • kcockayne says:

    Rush is right. Keep him, what has he done to offend ?

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