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West Ham protest march cancelled

The proposed protest march under the banner of West Ham Groups United on 10th March has been cancelled it has been announced tonight. Minutes of yesterday’s meeting released by RWHFAG reveal that the club has agreed to reimburse expenses anyone who has already booked travel or accommodation that was non-refundable. The club also agreed to match RWHAG’s donation to Isla’s fund.

A statement from the Real West Ham Fan Action Group on twitter said:


“RWHFAG was set up in November to galvanise the board into recognising that the REAL West Ham had died in the move from Upton Park to the Olympic stadium, that the promises made to keep the spirit alive had not been met and that with no evidence of meeting those promises despite the efforts of various supporter groups over time something had to be done differently.

Our aims were encapsulated in the saying “a stadium fit for football an experience fit for fans”. Broadly speaking that incorporated potential uncovered seating pitch side, stewarding, heritage, the memorial garden, disability access and the overall fan experience – big flags in the ground, half time, statues, walkway to the ground etc. The march was put forward as an option as we had little traction following a meeting in January where we outlined our aims and given other groups similar experiences after meeting club representatives.

The threat of the march has indeed brought Karren Brady to several meetings and David Sullivan to one and the agreement to work with the RWHFAG on finally delivering in a meaningful way on the groups aims. We hoped when we set out to get to this position – that we have achieved this much in such a short time is a testament to the power of each and every member of this group. 

The reason we called the march – to get the board to listen to us to acknowledge our legitimate concerns and to work with us have been achieved – on this basis the RWHFAG see no further reason to march, which some individuals found difficult to accept but is nonetheless the position. This  means that £20K plus – the vast bulk of the money raised – less expenses for stickers, flyers etc – will now be going to the Isla fund and presented at half time at an upcoming game. We will be contacting our founder members to discuss a way ahead for the group in our ongoing dialogue with the club to deliver on the commitments made to us. We would like to thank everyone for their support -RWHFAG members and the supporters and admin of all the other groups we have worked with to get us to this position where the board are listening to and working with the supporters for the benefit of the club as a whole. We believe that the club and the board want to deliver these changes and see the power of working together on this. This is a great opportunity for unity of purpose between the club and West Ham fans and that we can all work together for the common goal of making West Ham as great as it can be.

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11 comments on “West Ham protest march cancelled

  1. Is this a joke

  2. Well it’s their organisation and their time so their decision. But my issue is that we have the 7th highest revenue and an average position of 13th. I think the owners are getting off on the cheap here. Buy a few flags. Keep season ticket prices the same. Peanuts compared to team investment.

  3. Bought off with a pie and a pint and the promise it will all be better tomorrow. Shameful

  4. Well that was a load of huffing & puffing, making out that they had thousands turning up, poor old Lazarus will be totally miffed now, lol.

    • ****!! I really touch you’re G spot luv dont I ! 😂 slither off, you ain’t a fan , you’re a customer !
      any street cred these people thought they had are gone ! They sold out ! But for what ! a prawn sarnie and a bag of popcorn and a few out of contract signings and a promise to do better in the future ? They don’t talk for me and thousands of others ! Clearly it was for personal gain and a two Bob team from grays the motivation ? Pleased isla is getting the dough but she would have got treble that on the march ! I hope she makes a full recovery ! If I was a billionaire I would have sent her over the pond months ago ! They’re just like sully it appears , cheap ! I wonder if our old associate from the south bank bill G agrees with this decision ! I hope not !!!
      This hasn’t and will not go away until they put their money where their mouth is ! Farcical !
      Everyone should turn up without the few that stabbed everyone in the back and march anyway ! They’ve crossed a picket line for scraps ! Sad!! A new low !!

  5. i wonder if Brady wrote RWHFAG statement for them, still its better than the poor turnout that was rumoured and saves some embarrassment although they the rwhfags had embarrassed the club enough.

  6. Got some proper ****heads gloating now. Nobody embarrassed the club. They did and still do that themselves.

  7. The only good thing to come out of it was the cash for Isla, correct me if I am wrong but I can’t see any commitment to a specific improvement ?

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