West Ham Rice Money Takes a Hit

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Declan Rice has settled in well at Arsenal after his record-breaking transfer from West Ham last summer. He’s been a key player for the Gunners, who are currently in a Premier League title race.

While West Ham received a hefty £105 million for Rice, they might be regretting their decision regarding potential bonus payments included in the transfer deal.

Reports suggest West Ham dismissed add-ons linked to Arsenal winning the Premier League or Champions League, viewing them as unrealistic at the time. They opted for a guaranteed £5 million in add-ons based on Champions League qualification with Rice playing a certain number of games.

If Arsenal does win the Premier League title, West Ham will have missed out on a potentially significant additional pay-out compared to the Champions League qualification bonus.

West Ham’s decision was likely based on a reasonable assessment at the time. However, Arsenal’s unexpected title challenge means they might be left wishing they had taken a gamble on the add-ons.

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  • Hammeroo says:

    Ha ha, Simon, I think perhaps you reckon the Irons might beat Man City on the last day of the season! Anyways, it looks like it could all go down to the wire with several possibilities for the last few games. It all makes for an exciting Premier League finale!

  • stu says:

    well been a hammers supporter for on fifty years I have never seen us dick around on transfers we have the money just get some players that can score and hold the ball we can’t keep on having 30 % of the ball and trying to win a game.
    On the manager he needs to go as does sully both are passed there end date.
    We are a massive club these two are holding us back how can a owner buy players that a manager does not want this is a problem the so called new manager will have I bet you moyes is there again next season as sully is to tight to get a real manager.

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