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West Ham Right to Steer Clear of Smith Rowe

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The news that Emile Smith Rowe is seeking clarification over his future at Arsenal presents an interesting dilemma for West Ham United. While the talented midfielder might have seemed like a potential target in January, the changing of the guard at the London Stadium suggests the Hammers made the right decision in cooling their interest.

West Ham’s initial approach for Smith Rowe in January likely reflected the priorities of then-manager David Moyes. However, with Julen Lopetegui now at the helm, the club’s transfer strategy is undergoing a necessary transformation. Lopetegui will undoubtedly want to build the squad according to his own tactical philosophy and needs. Letting go of a potential Smith Rowe deal allows him the freedom to pursue targets that better fit his vision.

While Smith Rowe is a talented player, there are questions about whether he would seamlessly integrate into Lopetegui’s system. His skillset might not be the exact piece the new manager is looking for in his midfield. West Ham prioritising targets that demonstrably fit Lopetegui’s plans makes perfect sense in the long run.

While Smith Rowe is a promising young player, prioritising Lopetegui’s vision is the smarter move for West Ham. The club needs to build a squad that aligns with the new manager’s philosophy, and letting this deal go allows them to pursue targets that strategically fit that mold. The summer transfer window promises to be exciting for the Hammers as Lopetegui begins to reshape the squad in his image

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  • daveg says:

    Smith Rowe was competing for a place with Martin Odeguaard before he got injured over two years ago. If he gets a run in a side he will score every other game. Very intelligent player and still very young. I believe our Westham could snap him up for £30 million plus add-ons. Very creative and goalscoring young talent.

  • Bennyboy baker says:

    No point in bringing him to the club if he’s not suited to the way we are going to be playing I know he’s a good player but if he doesn’t fit the system he will end up looking like he has no idea of what he’s doing so if we look elsewhere that makes sense to me

  • Westham wes says:

    He’s the DBs. Exactly what we need.Can replace paqueta.Perfect.

    • jim brown says:

      I agree cnt lie English paqueta. he can play a,ball thru the eye of a needle. exactly wat we want young English talent

  • Ex WHU strikers winning euro trophies says:

    This article didn’t actually say what is that ESR does or doesn’t do that means he doesn’t fit a system that this article hasn’t explained what it is. A bit vague, this one.

  • Dipseadiver says:

    I’d take him in a heartbeat .. he’s quality and young ! Pac-Man out of the picture now so move on with a creative player .
    Arsenal have an exceptional well built squad and that’s why he’s not first choice .

    Ours is creaking old , small and lacks quality.. no brainer if he wanted to come .

    We all clambered for entertaining football and not Moyes ball …🤷🏽‍♂️.. this kid will give you that in my opinion .

  • Dave Ash says:

    Although I’m not the greatest Smith-Rowe fan, I find this article a little one sided anti him! The author speaks as if he has inside, detailed knowledge of the new managers plans. If he has fair do’s, but I question that . Smith-Rowe is a very good player and may possibly fit into Lopetegui’s plans. So to advocate totally against any deal is a little bias. If he doesn’t fit, then I won’t lose sleep over it, the new man obviously must select his own targets!

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