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West Ham seeks new head of recruitment

David Moyes has told the Evening Standard that the club are looking for a head of recruitment while offering new contracts to coaches Paul Nevin and Kevin Nolan.

He told Ken Dyer “I also want to make sure coaches Paul Nevin and Kevin Nolan are here for next season, plus one or two other small changes I want to make around the club,” .

The Hammers have been without a head of recruitment since Mario Husillos was relieved of duties last December at the same time as Manuel Pellegrini.

One possible option open to West Ham is Ralf Rangnick has left his role as head of sport and development at Red Bull by mutual consent

The 62-year-old was linked with a switch to become boss at AC Milan, however the deal was cancelled earlier this month, and he has now left his job working with RB Leipzig and Red Bull Salzburg.

David Moyes wants to emulate the Redbull model and Rangnick could tick a lot of boxes in  that respect.

It certainly seems that Moyes is a man on a mission to stabilise a West ham United which for too long appears to have been at the mercies of any wind of fortune that comes along.

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4 comments on “West Ham seeks new head of recruitment

  1. Any reason why we did not employ a head of recruitment months ago. Seems a strange appointment to look at when window already open and new head of recruitment will not be in place for transfer window

  2. Whoever, whatever as if we need one.
    The sooner we understand that we need to recruit for today’s team, to play the games today and not for the next X years, the better we will be.
    Having a ‘grand plan’ for our future going forward is all very nice and professional. However, it is really difficult and impractical to decide on a style and buy players to fit that style for the future. Much, much better to have a basic ‘style’ and to complement that with players who are ‘today’ ready – age and pedigree are irrelevant. Good, honest grafters with a remit to get on with it and use their instincts being proactive as a team will earn our club more points and respect than policies of recruiting and playing coach-conforming youth.
    A team for today. Tomorrow’s team can wait until tomorrow.
    Harry, Sam and their like realised the pragmatic benefits of allowing good players to play and encouraging the rest of the team to join in doing what they do best for the team. We will never have the chance to improve if we follow the tried and tested business plan of expecting players to do as they are told and coached whilst they ball watch to see if they others can bring the training moves to the game.
    Recruitment should be easy. It is very unlikely that paying anyone a fortune to ‘find’ expensive rubbish is going to lead to satisfactory success.
    Yes, I understand that Harry bought a few duds – but Paolo Di Canio and a few others did rather well, didn’t they?
    More lads like Antonio would be terrific.

    • Sorry but cant agree with that we waste so much money on players tha are experianced and bring this that and the other to the team and dont perform. You say players like antonio but how many over priced and over hyped players did we go through to get one player. There is no plan and no structure at the club. Getting youth playing the style and formation of choice saves the club millions in the long run its proven it works by red bull and even certain team in the prem for that matter how can expect to succeed and gain further positions if your constantly trying to chuck millipns at the first team. Yes the first team need a dramatic over haul but so does our long time gain if you can get young players that are world class for thousands and improve the future first team in a few seasons its a win win

      • We will not have a long term gain if we don’t have a future. We can become a Crewe Alexandra but we will need to get to Division 2 and will not be able to afford our £2m/annum rental charge on the stadium. Getting to Div 2 is the easy bit.

        We need to win games now, today. When we’ve done that and consolidated our position at the top of the Premier League, the rest can take care of itself. The purpose of the Youth Academy is to save us a fortune by growing talent rather than buying it. Most Academies are set up and run in the hope of spending little and selling the produce to make the Academy self-funding. Any ‘stars’ are a bonus.
        The main problem with these schools is the very young age of entry on the scheme. Too many boys are put through their paces initially. It becomes more likely that the axe will fall and they are booted out in their dozens as they get older. Academies rely solely on the ideas of the adult staff as to what constitutes the successful end product.
        In the meantime, players like Ian Wright, Jamie Vardy, Tony Book and Antonio have absolutely no chance of playing at any high level.
        We need players who love to play – obviously with some talent. We don’t really need mediocre lads who have served their time, not done anything wrong but afraid to do anything that coach hasn’t told them.
        Good recruitment is not about ticking all the boxes on the application form. It is about enthusing players with talent to play for our team. Spotting great traites with which we can play.
        Hoping for the best – as ever.


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