West Ham Set Sights on Championship Star

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West Ham United are making waves in the transfer market, and their latest target is a rising star from the Championship – Crysencio Summerville of Leeds United.

According to MOTforum, West Ham  have been thoroughly impressed by Summerville’s performances this season. The young winger has racked up an impressive 18 goals and 9 assists in all competitions, showcasing his attacking prowess. Steidten and his scouting team have been keeping a close eye on Summerville for months, and West Ham are now joining the race to secure his signature for next season.

West Ham’s success in unearthing talent from the Championship with Jarrod Bowen is a clear inspiration. Summerville, with his goal-scoring record and attacking flair, has the potential to follow a similar path to Premier League stardom.

West Ham are not alone in their pursuit of Summerville. The talented winger has attracted interest from several other top-flight clubs. The coming weeks and months will be crucial as West Ham competes to secure this exciting prospect and solidify their transfer plans for the upcoming season.

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  • Hammeroo says:

    I have a friend who I will be catching up with in the gym tomorrow. He’s a big Leeds fan and no doubt will be shattered that his team did not win promotion back to the Premier League. Wait ’till I tell him that West Ham are after Summerville! Then again, he probably already knows every man and his dog are going to be after such a good player.

  • Oscar Onion says:

    Liverpool are after him and so are a host of bigger clubs. Stick to making B movies and getting done by Millwall.

  • Whippethammer says:

    He was dreadful yesterday. Missing out on what?

  • SydneyC says:

    I like the look and feel of this site now, but the articles are becoming click-bait.
    You are putting out too much content. Much of it is nonsense internet rumours, not news and it’s affecting the credibility of the real news/articles you put out.
    What’s next, an article about our interest in Haaland?
    Sometimes less is more.

    • Hammeroo says:

      That’s a good idea, an article about West Ham are interested in buying Haaland. You could get a job writing for this website! As it is, I have noticed that since dear Hugh Southon passed away this website seems to have become much like with it’s clickbait speculation stories.

  • Rob says:

    You must be talking about Jimmy Summerville!

  • Gary says:

    At the moment its all talk if we get eny off these players it will be something but we have heard all this before

  • Phil Baker says:

    Westham getting transfers over the line will be much easier without ‘Dithering Dave’ .

    • Iron_It_Out says:

      I think you will find that “Dithering Dave” Sullivan is one of the main reasons certain transfers never quite get over finish line due to his involvement, as he just cant leave things alone. And even with Tim Steidten in charge of transfers, I’m sure Dithering Dave will still be getting involved and still has to sign off on them!! I remember when this website used to label Moyes Dithering Dave, but the reality is most of the transfer issues were caused by the other Dave!!

  • Pongo because the output stinks says:

    David sullivans instructions I guess, let’s put out lots of bull**** so we can make out that we have ambition and, are really trying to improve the team, as 1 previous person has, already stated we have heard it all before, and the outcome deal or no deal answers on a postcard? Please stop treating us like idiots, there will be 4 deals in total only that will be done the rest will be the usual false promises.

  • Kip says:

    Only saying yesterday I hope we bid gor this kid
    .what leeds tookel him of yesterday is unbelievable, admitted he wasn’t having a good game , but he can produce out of nowhere…Big mistake yesterday by Leeds management.. unless he picked up a knock obviously

  • Hammeroo says:

    “.what leeds tookel him of” ?

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