West Ham Set To Pull Plug on Kilman Deal

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West Ham may look to end their transfer interest in Max Kilman according to the Guardian.

Wolves remain steadfast in their £45m valuation of Kilman, compelling West Ham to consider alternative defensive options. The Hammers are now eyeing Riccardo Calafiori, whose recent standout performances suggest he might be the superior choice.

Julen Lopetegui has prioritised signing a centre-back, with Kilman at the top of his list. Despite this, Wolves are not under pressure to sell their captain, having rejected West Ham’s initial offer of £30m plus add-ons. It is also believed that Lopetegui envisions Kilman as a potential new captain for the Hammers, given Kurt Zouma’s diminishing favour.

Negotiations between the clubs have stalled, even though West Ham initially expected a swift agreement. They are hesitant to exceed £35m for Kilman, who previously played under Lopetegui at Wolves. Sources indicate the deal isn’t entirely off the table, but West Ham is now actively exploring other centre-back options.

While Wolves might accept £45m, this amount exceeds West Ham’s budget constraints. The Hammers reportedly have a remaining transfer budget of £51m before any player sales.

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  • Anon says:

    Sullivan and part time Brady strike agsin

    • Graham says:

      If you going to make negative comments at least use your name, if not go to the club site you support.

      • Graham Anonymous says:

        You are joking right??? giving your name just as Graham isn’t exactly telling people who you are so you effectively anonymous as well.

    • John Prime says:

      Anon or Anal, which are you?

  • Steve Clarke says:

    Indeed!! Yet again we are looking to do business on the cheap, even tho its for the new managers no:1 defensive target who played for him in 2022/23. Quite happy to pay £20+ million for an unknown 18 yr old Brazilian winger who appears to have 0 goals and 0 assists so far in his senior career. We have a quite low wages bill, by premier league standard, a ridiculously cheap stadium upkeep, yet we still only have less than 100 mil to spend on a squad that is in desperate need of at least 6 substantial upgrades.
    I hope Mrs Brady’s privates are kept nice n warm in the fur knickers we must be buying her!!

  • Flipper says:

    Ha, never mind. We may be getting KWP from saints plus cash for Downes… win, think how much money Sullivan can earn on the extra printing….this club does my head in…why was I born there………

  • Alan Reynolds says:

    Great news for wolves fans, the team need building round him at his age
    Definitely going to be a future England International,and one day captain.

    • Dave says:

      Captain? He will NEVER captain England. The next captain will most likely be no.41 & if not it’ll be Bellingham.
      He’ll be lucky to get picked for England given his age & the other CB’s being picked for England. Might have a chance once Southgate goes, given he’s left footed, but wouldn’t be holding my breath.

    • Adrian Clarke says:

      Agreed, cousin.

    • Steven says:

      You know what I know him personally and you are spot on mate, I am westham and he is worth every penny and I mean every penny and more

  • John Lattimore says:

    If the club isn’t careful Lopetegui will walk out on us before he’s started. Remember why he left Wolves!

    • Gazza says:

      He left Wolves because they were unable to keep their promise of transfer funds available to him which is wholly different to being able to get the right players he wants in at the right price with us. I have a good feeling about our new manager (but need help pronouncing his name,)

      • M k says:

        He spent nearly 100m at wolves so he did get backed but bottled it.

      • London and Wolf Inc says:

        He got backed with so much in his first month that the club had to sell quite a few players 6 months later to avoid going the way of Everton and Forest with points deductions. The players bought are the ones who stepped up last season to replace the departing old stars.


    Sbk ain’t got a clue moyes will be back starting 11 will be same as last year sully krety will rake it in fans won’t attend games after 62 years of support for the club I love I’ve not renewed my st sad

  • Joseph says:

    Can someone please remind the poison dwarf that “we must leave upton park to compete with the big boys” i gather he forgot he said that ****e

  • John Ayris says:

    There’s better than Kilman if £45M is being paid. He’s a good age and he’s premiership standard but he’s not in that price bracket where a bit more comes with it.

    • Jeeps says:

      Only previous connection with JLo that this transfer has been contemplated so long.
      Many other positions to be filled.
      Enough time wasted on one player time to move on.
      C/bks (X2) are within the wanted criteria and their are others at a preferred price.
      Hopefully Wolves have shot themselves in the foot and look for a more reasonable deal later.

  • D.f.butcher says:

    Let’s face it loopydago will walk , same scenario why he left wolves no money?

  • Rick says:

    I read these comments from so called supporters. when we moved to this ground there were no rules about how much money you can spend. No Sully has held the budget tight so that we never get charged and points deducted.
    I suppose reading these comments that if we were unlucky to have points deducted that would be Sully’s fault.
    Never satisfied or interested in the truth, but all are good directors or football managers.

  • Peter says:

    **** me. No one has really signed players yet and it is all doom and gloom at West Ham!. This market won’t kick off till post euros. I don’t like the rumour mills but happy to wait and see how it all pans out. Judgement on this window comes when it closes.

  • S says:

    Bluff by West Ham to try – probably in vain – to get Wolves to crack. We’ll pay the 40 plus 5 in add-ons eventually. Wolves have us by the balls so there’s no reason to low ball them, but we’re trying anyways.

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