West Ham set to reverse fixtures

st-marys-stadium-southampton-kingsland-stand-1411654793The fixture list shows West Ham were due to play Southampton at home at the London Stadium on Saturday 19th August but the IAAF World Athletics Championship will have only finished days before the scheduled match.

Officially the game is listed to be re-scheduled but in reality, West Ham will ask Southampton to agree to reverse their fixtures for the Premier League games between the two sides.

West Ham only received special dispensation from the Premier League to play their first game away from home so it is up to the Hammers to reschedule the second match with Southampton.

The Saints were due to host the Hammers on the 31st March 2018 at St Mary’s but instead, that game is likely to be played at the London Stadium with the 19th August game played at St Mary’s.

Liverpool did exactly the same last season playing their first three games away from home to allow construction work on the main stand at Anfield to be completed. In that situation, newly promoted Burnley agreed to reverse their fixtures with Liverpool for the season.


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15 comments on “West Ham set to reverse fixtures

  1. Dangerous ; it’s not as if the Londom Stadium feels like home anyway . Just get on with it and leave the fixtures well alone . Liverpool showed last season that the sudden crop of away and home fixtures doesn’t help the season’s performance one little bit . It seems we are setting ourselves up again for every visiting team playing like it’s a Cup Final ., just because it’s called the ” London Stadium ” .
    I would rather play those fixtures and apply band – aid , rather than use crutches later on .
    The very name of our Stadium is our biggest obstruction .

    • We are moving the fixtures because we have to Kev.Not just because it seems like a fun thing to do 😂

  2. I vote for calling our New Home ; The Ann Boleyn Stadium . After the Child King , Edward .
    Votes are welcome .

  3. I’ve read some pony on here, but now blaming our failures at the new Stadium being down to its name is the worst yet. Yeah, nothing to do with the ****e atmosphere, the players being so far from the fans and the fact it ain’t a football stadium.

    Seriously, do you think any way fans really gives a toss as to what it’s name is?

    • Maybe some people are too blind to the fact that a name is just as important as a face .
      If it don’t fit nobody likes it . The very name it’self affects teams . For example ; Wembley .
      Everyone likes to win at Wembley , it’s the Holy Grail in football . The name , London Stadium , provokes the same ambition .

      • I thought everyone wanted to win every game – no matter where it is played. Or is that just me?

  4. What the hell are you on about Liverpools away fixtures at the start didn’t help them Kevin.Didnt they muller arsenal and draw to spurs in their first three away games.
    Do you actually check things first or just slap your gums together without thinking.

    • I am not looking for a silly argument nor abuse . Take a look at the final league position of both Spurs and Liverpool . The rearrangement of games doesn’t help anyone .
      God forbid , the season hasn’t even started , Travis .
      I am trying to tell you that teams come to the ” London Stadium ” as if they are playing a Cup Final just because of what the Stadium represents in Name . Teams will up Thier game to beat us . That very comment was made by the West Ham board earlier last season . Maybe you missed it being so Gummed up . You need to spend more time commenting like a gent rather than being abusive . I am also a Fan , so please , don’t abuse me .

  5. Spurs will probably finish mid-table next season , just because of Wembley . But I think they are a big enough Club to get through it . Reckon West Ham & Spurs could be neck And neck next season . Interesting times are ahead . Time to start peeling some spuds methinks

  6. whats in a name? there are only going to be 3 teams who haven’t already played there anyway. some teams might up their game against us there but not because the name of the stadium. If it was called the ALDI stadium teams will still want to beat us there. Likewise Spurs might struggle at Wembley next season but it won’t be anything to do with the name.

    Hopefully with the players we sign this summer we can start to make the LS our home (before sorry clever tw@t says we will never own it, I know) make teams fear coming to the LS.

  7. I am hoping that knowing our first 3 games are away from home will motivate Slav to ensure the players are absolutely flying for the start of the season proper then we can get off to a fast start and some good momentum, up until the last couple of months we have a good fixture list but if we are in the same position next year as we were this the last two months of next season look anything but friendly.

  8. Aint even looked at the fixture list and probably wont until the first weekend of the season.If i start looking at it now i will spend all summer trying to work out which games we will win,lose or draw 😁😁

  9. Radai my man! What has happened to your optimism since the season ended! Two months back you were telling me we would easily stay up & you were spot on. Now we have stormed up to 11th or 12th or whatever you are sounding like me on a bad day. Work out which games we will win lose or draw? What are you talking about? The only question is how many we will win by. Or who will win the PL top scorer- AC or Sakho? Everything is possible at this time of the year- especially with 4 pints of Guinness down the hatch. Hic!

  10. 64 i thought you had been sucked in to a black hole or been banned from here 😁
    Still optimistic mate i just dont suffer from football withdrawal symptoms during the summer so i will look at the fixtures in August & enjoy the summer sports for now.Then in August i will work out which 20 games we will win,12 we will draw & 6 we will lose next season 😂😂

  11. That’s more like it….you think we will lose as many as six though? Hmmm…might have to get you expelled from the Happy Hammers Society. There will always be a place for you in the Miserable Old Gits Support Group.

    I can’t get really get involved in all the transfer non events that take over in the summer. I do miss the footy too. Summer sports..golf, cricket. Zzzzzzzzz…still, players back in training in a couple of weeks!

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