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West Ham Star Paqueta Faces Worldwide Ban Threat

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According to The Times today, West Ham United midfielder Lucas Paqueta‘s future is in jeopardy after the Football Association (FA) announced their intention to push for a global ban through FIFA if he is found guilty of gambling offenses.

Paqueta faces accusations of spot-fixing related to four yellow cards received during the 2022-23 season. The FA is taking a strong stance, potentially seeking a ban that could “stretch to years rather than months” if the independent commission rules against him. Paqueta maintains his innocence and may request an extension to respond to the charges.

This situation seriously undermines West Ham’s transfer plans under new manager Julen Lopetegui. A potential £100 million transfer to Manchester City was previously anticipated, but the charges have derailed this move. Losing such a significant transfer fee creates a substantial gap in their summer transfer budget, impacting their planned squad rebuild. Furthermore, Paqueta’s potential ban might force them to explore alternative midfield options.

Despite the looming hearing, Paqueta’s inclusion in the Brazil national team suggests he might still play for West Ham initially next season, depending on the hearing schedule and verdict announcement. However, the severity of the charges and the FA’s serious stance cast a significant shadow over his future at the club.

Paqueta faces a critical period as he defends himself against these charges. The outcome will have a major impact on both his career and West Ham United’s transfer plans for the upcoming season.

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  • John Ayris says:

    If there were to be a draconian penalty then there’d be an appeal, and taking it to the court for arbitration in sport, and an appeal, with even that likely not being the end of the matter if it went that far. It could drag on for years. This is not a lower league player they’re dealing with it’s a multi millionaire who can afford top representation.

  • Frank Reed says:

    I agree John, and with what’s going on for the player right now, it’s looks like we keep him until a judgment is made, which seemed doubtful last season. 🤞He’s not guilty and he can remain a hammer and get back to the form which we have seen possibly only glimpses of lately

  • Bennyboy baker says:

    I really don’t believe that Paqueta guilty the money he earns and could be earning at Man City he has no reason to get involved in a betting issue I expect him to be cleared of all charges there does not seem to be any evidence that he’s guilty of anything

    • Hammeroo says:

      Ben, he might not need the money but perhaps he has some mates back home who are not well off and maybe leant on him a bit. 🤔

      We all hope not though!

  • Gary says:

    Such a bore! Why don’t the FA just provide the evidence and get the hearing done before the season starts. It doesn’t do anyone any favours to drag it out for months and months

  • SydneyC says:

    I don’t think there’s any real evidence.
    The FA investigation stopped a lucrative transfer from occurring, losing more than a few people a good payout. Should the FA not proceed they open themselves to legal action from those very people. Thus they escalate to pass off the decision/blame.
    But for an independent panel to end an internationally elite footballer’s livelihood, they had better have more evidence than just a balance of probabilities. Otherwise this will go on to litigation eventually.
    I think he gets fined for ‘not cooperating’ and that’s it.

  • Darren Turner says:

    EVeryone knows he has a release clause of £85m so not sure why you quote £100m?

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