West Ham Stumbles in Transfer Market…Again!

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West Ham United‘s summer transfer activity has become a story of frustration, with technical director Tim Steidten’s efforts yielding little success so far. The latest blow came with the news that Nottingham Forest have stolen Brazilian defender Vitao from under our noses.

Steidten’s focus on the Brazilian market has yet to translate into signings (yet). His attempts to secure exciting winger Wesley Gassova and defender Fabricio Bruno from Corinthians and Flamengo respectively, ended in disappointment. The £12.5 million deal for Bruno appeared close, only to collapse at the final hurdle.

West Ham seemed to be on the verge of signing Vitao after Bruno’s deal fell through. They faced competition from Villarreal but submitted a bid of around £6.8 million for the Internacional defender. However, Nottingham Forest emerged as a late contender, flexing their financial muscle to offer Vitao a more attractive package. This ultimately convinced Vitao, leaving West Ham empty-handed once again.

The repeated failure to secure signings raises questions about Steidten’s transfer strategy. Are West Ham’s initial offers falling short of player expectations? Or is the club struggling to compete financially with their rivals?

These setbacks leave new manager Julen Lopetegui facing a challenge. He identified defensive weaknesses that needed addressing, and the failed signings do little to alleviate those concerns.

With the season approaching, West Ham needs a change of course in the transfer market. Steidten might need to adjust his approach, be it revising their initial offers or exploring alternative targets, to deliver the signings Lopetegui needs to build his squad.

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  • Peter says:

    You can’t fail to sign when you can’t sign players .Man no wonder this website is a joke to fans

  • Dave says:

    No European football, we are at the bottom of the food chain this year unless you overpay on wage’s which always come back to bite you.
    Transfer window not even open, maybe report on the signings and facts than just a guess like anyone else.
    Maybe his agent put it out we were in for him to get a bigger contract?

  • D.f.butcher says:

    We can’t offer European football , or big wages, instead of banging on about our conference league win and being indebted to moyes , we should have changed manager just after Christmas and hoped a new manager bounce would have yielded European football crystal palace did it and they improved no end. The club should have looked to the future sooner, and stopped looking to the past.

    • B says:

      Your hindsight is 20/20
      How’s your foresight?

      • Phil Thompson says:

        I think most of us hammers fans felt Moyes should have gone earlier.
        Done a good job but little in way of ideas left.

        • Ken Edridge says:

          With Moyes style and tactics he should have never been allowed to start the 23/24 season. He fluked the cup to be honest. Moyes had a lot luck bluffing his way through the season. He wasted million pounds, add to that the excellent players he brought and ruined then expecting them to play his way. Haller and Scammacca are just 2 examples.

    • Morkus says:

      He has to make whatever money we have go as far as poss. I don’t blame him for walking away if the deal is not right for us. We have overpaid players before (ings, zouma) deals which haven’t worked out well

  • Mike says:

    You obviously don’t like stieden or anything West Ham do.
    I thought Nottingham forest were under investigation for over spending

    • Martin Lowe says:

      1. All clubs have to adhere to FFP rules..Forest are not under any investigations whatsoever. Same rules apply to all.

      2. Clubs need to clear end of June before the new year starts. Forest have absolutely no issue in buying players or buying Messi if they’d like after June 30th, it’s about amortisation for the following period.

      3. Forest got 4 points deducted because they splashed out too much in the first year after being promoted, they basically took a risk that they’d wait for Spurs bid for Brennan Johnson to come in to settle that period amortisation:

      4. The only rule Forest have broken is being to honest.

  • Anon says:

    Sullivan strikes again

    • Dave says:

      I am sorry, but I wholeheartedly disagree with this rash summation of Steidten when the transfer window isn’t even open until the 14th of June.

      As a ST holder and West Ham fan for 50 years, I am cautiously loving what I am seeing. It is an utter sea change in the way West Ham conducts transfer business.

      Steidten already secured a manager/coach when alm the pundits and opposing fans were, once again, doung the club down for reolacing Moyes so speedily; except now many of them are without a manager themselves and scratching their heads.

      Tim Steidten has been at it for months. Lopetegui has not even officialky started yet, but is hard at work. Steidten has been set free, hallelujah to that!

      The man who got Kudus on the plane, a player who Moyes did not want, now tearing uo the pitch and worth 100m.

      I am interested again, excited even, as opposed to so frustrated that I was not going to renew for the first time in forever. I renewed because of Tim Steidten and the club’s swift action.

      Yes, I know, with West Ham the wheels can off in the most ludicrously disastrous manner, but this German fellow has got me watching again, anticipating again, speaking about the club I love again and I am going to back him, the new coach, the new players, until he proves otherwise.

      PS My ardent Liverpool fan mate is utterly gutted that West Ham are signing Guillerme, just as he pulled his hair out when Luverpool did not go for Kudus. He said he would pay 100m for Kudus right now.

      Come on Super Timmy Steidten.


      • David Pope says:

        Totally agree Dave.
        And those critizising C&H…go back to your own feeble forums and stop the trolling…pathetic….but thanks for the clicks. Lol

        • Tessier Ashpool says:

          Or, Forest are paying way above Steiden’s valuation of the player, so we’ve walked away and left them to it…

          We have a number of positions to buy for once the window opens, and like everyone else, we have some financial regulations to stay within, or we will have points deducted like Everton and Forest did this season.

          It’s absolute nonsense that Forest have more money to spend than us, they are constrained by the same spending limits that we are, and their revenue incoming is far lower, so if they want to overpay for this Brazilian lad, then it’s probably good that Steiden encourages them to do that if he doesn’t rate him at that price.

  • Mike says:

    Why do you bother churning out rubbish 4 times a day. You do write a load of cod’s! Since when have Forest had financial muscle? They need to sell some players before end of June or else they will be liable again for PSR.

  • Dave Andrews says:

    Jesus first chance of being negative in you jump to criticise how can he have signed for forest nobody has signed for anybody but here we are more negativity

  • Kevlar says:

    Stop talking rubbish players can’t be signed yet! Please give us some informative information rather than scare mongering and bull**** !

  • John Harrison says:

    The transfer window runs from Friday 14th to August 30th. Talk of his so-called ‘repeated failure’ before it’s even opened will just attract ridicule. This is starting to sound more like claret and crisps

    • Phil Hall says:

      Totally agree with points raised by Dave and remember Kudos was a last day signing. Selling clubs need to know that when we make an offer we may walk away, otherwise they will always say no.

      Our club was bankrupt and its future very fragile when Sullivan and Gold stepped in. Sarcastic remarks about them are quite ridiculous. They saved WHU.

      We should pull together, appreciate what Tim is doing and remain patient.

      The Paqueta situation will of course affect the transfer budget … so please be realistic

    • Kip says:

      Players can sign…with a pree signed agreement…so no other clubs can poach them. at last min …
      All the leg work can be done on the transfer before. Wich is 99% of the transfer…the signing takes 2 minutes …this is why leaving signings til the very last minute like thd ditherer..has no benefit whatsoever…..just an excuse to say not enough time in the end …BUT WE TRIED 🤣

  • Hammerpete6 says:

    Surely something wrong here? If we were bidding seriously for a player, with Tim on site, how could Forest outbid us, having had points chopped for overspending, and no better football incentive than us? Are we lowballing? Is that really the chairman? More factual info about west cham would be better please.

  • Deathblow says:

    Lucky escape when they go elsewhere for money. No mercenaries, thanks.
    I’m sure we have scours all over.
    All this is just sh*t stirring and only unsettles gullible West Ham fans.

  • Mark Wilson says:

    What a nonsense article and ridiculous headline.

    Click bait at its most extreme

  • D says:

    Not really sure I’m that bothered. By all accounts he is a bit of a no-mark and he is involved with the agent who has done many a dodgy deal. And as most have said here the window is not open so by all means tell us who we have interest in but don’t start saying it’s another failure. There definitely seems more urgency this season which has sadly been lacking for the last 5 years

  • Bonzo says:

    If it’s true then this kind of thievery hasn’t been seen in Nottingham since the days of Robin Hood. Never realised Forest had bigger financial muscles to flex than the mighty hammers.

  • Skaman says:

    Who’s to say we were in for him? It’s only this site and many others linking us with every player they think will be available then give us doom and gloom before the window has actually opened. I’m sure if West Ham really wanted a player then they wouldn’t let skint notts forest outbid them with their ‘financial muscles’ 😂

  • Paul S says:

    Brazillian talent is fine in moderation and Guilherme looks really good. Europe is the bigger pool though and one where Steidten is well versed and accomplished. Dodged a bullet with Bruno, too old and more interested in the dosh. Have faith because the real transfer window is now on the horizon.

  • sleepswithdafishes says:

    Why anybody thought we had divine rights to sign players just because we employ Steidten, I’ll never know.
    We have enormous competition all over Europe for every player, just like Moyes had. Now we are not in Europe, just to add to our problems.
    Hopefully we get a couple of miracles, or we can expect to be scrapping for signings till the end of the window.
    If only Sullivan had given Moyes some new money to spend last summer, then we could have bought a striker and a centre-back, which we desperately needed last season.
    I wonder why Sullivan didn’t like Moyes as much as Gold obviously did.

  • Morty says:

    Bloody Moyes dithering again 😂😂

  • Paul says:

    To be honest this doesn’t bother me as much as the ”MAYBE” selling of ”KUDUS” for the pure and sipple reason we losing out on selling ”PAKKA” to Man-City. why why why ????

  • Robert says:

    Early days, the transfer window isn’t open yet

  • Muffybean says:

    At 83 I am the third generation of West Ham supporting; my grandfather, who died in the Somme would have turned in his grave to hear the crap you keeping putting out. So far I think Steidten and Lopetegui are doing ok, especially as the latter is currently working for nothing until 1st July. At least West Ham have a coach who can speak the language of some of his players, which is more can be said for Moyes. No wonder he wanted to work with a small squad, any bigger was too big for him to contend with. Yes he did take us to higher level but we want to see that level higher and what is wrong with that. So cut the rubbish out and try and say something sensible instead cut and paste the crap the comes from the West Ham hating pundits!!!

  • The Demon says:

    Hugh must be spinning in his grave looking at the depths C&H has descended to.

    Utter rubbish, every day. Where’s the objectivity and positivity gone?

  • Matthew Kemp says:

    Kia is his agent, and this was a player who is one of many linked to West Ham. The deal is an issue as the Brazilian club only have 80% ownership once his loan to buy from Shakhtar Donesk begins. Notts Forest have offered higher wages. I think West Ham have walked away which is why the player will now be heading to the City Ground. Jacob Greaves is the key transfer target.

  • Phil McDonald says:

    Welcome to the Sullivan Briefing site. If this is what you do as a quid pro quo for your ‘source’. better just close it down.

  • Teddy Salad says:

    ” INTERNACIONAL” !!!!! FFS International.

  • Ironman Sim says:

    Dont forget Forest also threw money at Jessie Lingard!

  • John Prime says:

    Too many *****s are running these websites, Clarence and Hugh being one of the worst.

    The management structure knows what’s it’s doing, and we’ll be fine, unlike these 2 bob fan sites that are full of projectiles vomit.

  • John Prime says:

    Too many *****s are running these websites, Clarence and Hugh being one of the worst.

    The management structure knows what’s it’s doing, and we’ll be fine, unlike these 2 bob fan sites that are full of projectile vomit.

  • Steve says:

    It’s a tricky window for us as we need more new signings than in most windows . So maybe we have to keep one eye on ffp or whatever it’s called and are offering lowball wages which get turned down while other clubs are watching Steidens efforts and steam in while negotiations are on hold. As for the financial muscle of Forest I don’t think they would be able to spend before selling .

  • elduder says:

    vitao hasn’t agreed to go to forest

    this is absolute nonsense

    if you are going to make these wild claims at least source it

    utterly embarrassing

    keep putting crap like this out and you wont find me here wasting time

    • My middle leg says:

      Forest won’t be getting vitao, haven’t they got to raise £30m before the 1st of July to meet PSR? They’ll be selling before they can buy

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