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West Ham suspend Henry

TonyHenry_726 (1)West Ham have this morning suspended recruitment director to the board Tony Henry.

In a statement to the official website they say: ” The Club can confirm that Director of Player Recruitment Tony Henry has been suspended pending a full and thorough investigation.

“West Ham United will not tolerate any type of discrimination and has, therefore, acted swiftly due to the serious nature of these claims.

The West Ham United family is an inclusive one where, regardless of gender, age, ability, race, religion or sexual orientation, everybody feels welcome and included. ”

The Club will make no further comment until the investigation has been concluded.”

The actions follow a Daily Mail story in which Henry allegedly made comments in an e mail claiming agents were told in the transfer window they do not want to sign African players which laid him open to accusations of racism.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

21 comments on “West Ham suspend Henry

  1. Really Claret !!
    They’ve suspended him only because they’re taking legal advice ( get the proof )…
    Get this clown out of our club without compensation.
    His comments are unacceptable anywhere in football or society in general ….

  2. Are you serious?!? Why on earth would the Daily Mail be complicit in such an enormous accusation, just so our board can ‘save face’, when this was in motion before the end of the transfer window?

    And no, he does not have the right to select a ‘type of player’ based on their colour, creed or ethnicity! He has the right to select a ‘type of player’ based on their footballing ability only – that’s his job – “PLAYER recruitment”!

    I bet you wish this forum let you delete your comments…

  3. Whomever just removed Claret’s comments – you should be ashamed of yourself. This is an open forum and everyone should be able to share their views, however bad they are! By deleting them, you’re just hiding the problem that’s endemic in society!

  4. If Henry says that the orders have come from above, he could be the one being thrown under the bus to save face by the board?
    Obviously his comments were unacceptable, but the orders have to have come from somewhere right?

  5. Maybe, Anironhammer, but he is a director, and that provides you with a certain amount of autonomy to make decisions. I have no doubt that the ultimate buying and selling of a player has to be sanctioned by the board, but his job is to select the right players to put to the manager and board in the first place. If he doesn’t put players before them because they’re African, then that’s discrimination and down to him.

    • Rubbish ? When players are difficult and want rises they go to Sullivan !! Not henry ffs this Has come from the board or Sullivan as henry said ! He doesn’t deal with problems so where has the instructions or preferences come from !! The board, its not Henrys decision is it !!
      Its been discussed !

      • Its come from the board or perhaps Moyes ? I am sure if Henry was given a free reign he would be looking at the African players also, lets wait until the facts are out there, I am surprised we haven’t heard more yet from our usually vocal triumvirate, maybe after losing Slimani because Leicester refused to do business with us because of Brady’s article following the sacking of Ranieri they are too busy eating humble pie or hoping the media will die down, who knows…

        • The Mirror has an article on her gobbling-off in tomorrow’s edition.
          Hopefully the pack will close in and finish her off, but knowing her she’ll probably bounce back.
          I don’t think I hate many people, but God do I detest her and the other 2😡

        • 100% it came from higher up 32 !! Henry said management ? Is that the collective or just Moyes ? Can’t wait for the barristers inquiry and especially the FA with the women’s managers debacle going on and trying to bury it ! Can’t fekin wait to hear the story!! If the board or management ? Denies it henry has got to open up ! Either way henry has to go just for the unthoughtful comments to the media or maybe he was just getting it off his chest and had enough of the job under Fagin and Sykes !
          And bullseye 😂 henry isn’t that thick is he ! Strange one IMO 😉

  6. If the investigation proves that Henry did make that statement then he should be dismissed and banned from getting a similar position anywhere else in football. If proof emerges that there was a directive from higher up in the club then whoever was behind it should also be dismissed, even if it goes right to the top. I’m sick of our club being dragged through the gutter.

    • Football across Europe doesn’t take racism seriously AOL look at the national manager of Spain at the time Aragones openly racist on the sidelines and nothing but a slap on the wrist… all of the racism throughout Italy, Spain, Croatia, Serbia, the Eastern Block and Russia to name a few and no serious sanctions. These clubs should be banned from competitions not given a 200,000 Euro fine or something equally insignificant. Of all Europe we are the least racist having been one of the more racist but there is still a way to go, whatever his intentions if this story is true as reported someone has to be accountable.

  7. Completely agree with you both.
    If it is Henry’s own doing then throw him to the wolves.
    If the orders came from above then he should have just said not interested, not said the reason why, and a full independent investigation needs to be applied.
    Whatever it is, always seems to be something wrong with our club these days, and I don’t like it.

  8. On the face of this, the timing and lack of transfer activity taken place, the word scapegoat springs to mind.

    • 😉 scapegoat is in there somewhere #6 but its defiantly taken the spotlight from the disastrous window ! The boardettes will be out in force lol but listening to gonzo and geo with mike live last night even the most ardent boardettes have now had enough ! You could say its the perfect distraction come at a point in time that is most welcome for the board ! But it won’t last long
      Their time is running out and they know it !! Everyone has had enough of the bull shyte .😤

    • Agree with both of you fellas.
      As I said in the earlier thread, I don’t believe in coincidences.

  9. If ever there was a reason why we need a Director of Football at the club this is it……….

  10. Yes I’m.hearing scapegoat & other accusations of Sully too.
    But Henry should resign. His comments where Stereotyping based of his limited experience w African players & uncalled for. Just when think it can’t get worse. Add Sakhos comments saying they want black people out and more.
    And Clubs like Leicester & others don’t even want to do business with us.
    The board won’t sell so they need to hire professionals & step aside let club be run properly not like a circus. A true fan would. & they say they are.

    Think it was hard recruitment before bc they take the **** on so many clubs & slag off their own players now with Henry’s comments who will want to come.
    We have had some great footballers from Africa over the years. Alex Song is training at Arsenal after be let go by Kazan bc couldn’t pay him we could her him on free for CDM cover on short term deal but would he come now. CDM was what we needed the most.

    1) Sold our most rounded CF who scored first game knew he would
    2) Helped out relegation rival who are in hood form under new mgmt & Ayew will play well for them score goals & assists
    3) Ki w 6mo left said Swansea are better & rather stay.
    4) Slimani doesn’t come even w higher bid bc Board member upset them
    5) Hugill wish him best got some flack bc fans were so upset & coild be good for us wish him best
    6) No CDM needed all window had 31 days saw many good loan deals & others down last few days
    7) in Highest January window w £400m aownt almost double £235m in 2011 we end up in negative net spend
    8) Henry makes racist & sterotyping comment based on his one experience most likely & was leaked…. Also Amodou would of made a good signing 24 & Captain has pace can pass read well physical MOTM last match & cover CB w resale value
    9) And money not spent we should be able to give Ginge at least a year contract who has been a loyal servant loves the club & starting CB who never complains is huge character in & off pitch.
    – Also maybe use some of the money for new medical Equipment which we need to prevent further Injuries.

    Henry will have to to resign or be sacked even if as scapegoat like some have said & orders come from abive.
    Can’t imagine how Kouyate is feeling either
    Who has been in great form

    We need Change . (Rant over)

  11. excuse me JRS but who are you are you are you involved at the sharp end of the premier league what gives you the right to suggest you know more about how african footballers behave than some body with 30+years of experance and while we are on about sakho cant remember where he was in the sumer

  12. Not sure what to think about henry what an idiot ..but I do know the board are using it to cover up their awful awful window once again I think this is the 3\4 window they have lied …cloiwns that only want to line there pockets

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