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West Ham Takeover Has Never Been Less Likely

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A takeover of West Ham United has never been less likely following recent events.

Karen Brady was recently dispatched to the Middle East for the second time in an attempt to bring new investment to the club. However, the mission ended with nobody seemingly interested in joining the current list of shareholders.

This situation is not exclusive to West Ham either. Many potential investors are looking at the current FFP (Financial Fair Play) and PSR (Profitability and Sustainability Regulations) rules and coming to the conclusion, what’s the point? Within the current parameters, even the super wealthy cannot inject cash into a club to move it forward.

This scenario is seemingly mirrored in the Championship too, with it now being almost impossible for a wealthy owner to take a second-tier club and fund them to compete with Premier League teams.

The situation with Newcastle has also sent shockwaves around sports investment. Despite the North East club having the biggest financial backing in the world, they may be forced to sell some of their best players cheaply just to comply with PSR rules.

Factor in Daniel Kretinsky’s reluctance to become the major shareholder at West Ham, and a situation has developed where the Hammers are highly likely to remain under the control of the current shareholders.

If Manchester City is successful in their legal challenge, it may offer more creative reasons for overseas investors to get involved, but as things stand, no club can ever expect a Roman Abramovich-style takeover again.

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  • Andrew says:

    Im guessing working along side 2 individuals might have something to do with it

  • John Ayris says:

    Is it a bad thing that a wealthy investor or investors can’t buy success for a club ? It began way back with Blackburn, in more recent times Chelsea, Man City, they bought success and each thing they won robbed other clubs that would have won it otherwise. Man City even have the cheek to raise a court case so as they might continue to buy success. Last time I checked Man City had fourteen players on higher than the top West Ham wage.

  • Trevsheadwonthecup says:

    We shall see . I’ve no doubt whatsoever the club is putting the feelers out . Only issue is the stadium. But There’s been rumours for months that DK has a deal in place regarding the ****epit . In typical Gonzo fashion there will no doubt another video on hammers chat within the next week. going against this article.

  • Bonzo says:

    If the rich Arabs think they can come in and flash the cash like they did with Man City well times have changed. Ironically there must be more satisfaction in a slow build over the years and feel like you’ve earnt your success rather than just buying it as the likes of Chelsea and city did in the past.

  • Hammers54 says:

    I think it will be best for the game it will come down to coaching home grown players west ham have them in abundance but don’t have a chance only on loan we can’t compete with city or Newcastle they can bye any one mega money we have a budget to work with and many other teams do as well coyi

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