West Ham top London trouble table

police4West Ham has climbed the London Premier League trouble table this season after having a previously good record for the preceding season for football-related arrests.

The Hammers have gone from last place in the London Premier League table to first place after trouble flared earlier this season at the London Stadium.

trouble1A freedom of information published by the Met Police has revealed arrests and court issued football banning orders issued to London-based Premier League clubs between August last year and March this year.

West Ham had 52 football-related arrests,  Chelsea & Spurs had 44 arrests each, Arsenal 19 had arrests and Crystal Palace had 13 arrests this season.

chelsea2When it comes to new football banning orders issued by the courts West Ham top the table again with 25 banning orders and 2 civil banning orders. Arsenal and Chelsea have 6 new banning orders a piece while Spurs have 5 court orders and Crystal Palace just 2.

As a comparison, Chelsea had 108 fans arrested last season for football-related trouble while Spurs had 49, Arsenal had 40 while Palace had 27 and West Ham with just 18 arrested in their last season at the Boleyn ground.

The London Stadium has been trouble free since the Chelsea league cup in October and the Hammers will be hoping that their football troubles are behind them and they will return again towards the bottom of the arrest table next season.


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8 comments on “West Ham top London trouble table

  1. I would hope next season we will be back in the lower category again, this season saw a lot of the old faces from rival clubs come out of the woodwork as well as a few morons from ours. After the first 3 months there has been relatively few incidents.

    • Fake Fans at an affordable price. It was bound to happen.

      • Fake fans are the one who can afford to pay £60+ make no noise and have never travelled away.

        The real fans have been priced out on the whole. This used to be a working class game with passion and atmosphere.

        I travelled home and away in my teens back in the 80s. Had a lot of scary moments, almost got stabbed in Birmingham and got wrongly arrested in Hull (charges later dropped.) Most grounds were crapholes, the pies awful and a lot of the football pretty poor. But I’ll tell you what, I’d never change those days for anything. Call some of those fans morons, dinosaurs or whatever you want, but they always had your back and there was nothing “fake” about their support.

        I appreciate the modern game has changed enormously but I’d still have those fans from the 80s than today’s passionless shirt wearers.

        • So 4FF say they are affordable but Ray says the real fans have been priced out. One of you is wrong.

          Strange to say real fans have been priced out…. you’d think those real fans would have snapped up the £295 season tickets which is probably the cheapest for 20 years.

  2. I read somewhere there was only 4 arrests Friday night.Which is jack shyte seeing as the nappy fillers were predicting drunken carnage 😂

  3. False figures from Palace as they can’t afford to ban anyone.

    • Lol 66,yeah the stewards and police are too scared to go in to the crowd to tackle the scary Palace Ultras dressed all in black waving their big flags.
      It just dont work,i mean Lazio Ultras,Marseille Ultras,Ajax Ultras it sort of sounds normal.
      Crystal Palace Ultras just makes you laugh when you hear it 😂😂

  4. “The London Stadium has been trouble free since the Chelsea league cup in October” – doesn’t take a genius to work out why.

    The ludicrous situation of having NO POLICE in the ground in early season. Surprise, surprise as soon as this was resolved and the police returned there’s been no issues!

    Trouble-makers will take liberties with minimum wage teenage stewards, but in the modern day of CCTV / video evidence think twice before taking on Old Bill.

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