West Ham Transfer Signals The End of Dithering

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West Ham’s signing of Luis Guilherme from Palmeiras may have finally marked the end of the ‘Dithering Dave’ days of transfer dealings.

I’ve never understood why football clubs go so close to the wire on transfer deadline day when buying players. Sure, the actual transaction itself may face complications, but scouting and preliminary negotiations can all be done before a window opens.

The signing of Brazilian wonderkid Guilherme is a prime example of how a transfer should work. The scouting was completed towards the end of last season, and the negotiations and medical will all take place before the transfer window opens.

It’s the sort of preparation that seems obvious, particularly for foreign players who need to relocate their families and learn a new language. This early transfer makes it much more likely that the player will integrate with his new teammates and have the same pre-season as those already established at The London Stadium.

I honestly couldn’t say if Luis Guilherme will be good, bad, or indifferent. However, by being prepared and getting our transfer business done early, the lad has every chance to thrive at West Ham.

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  • keith astley says:

    Blimey, someone talking sense on here!

  • Hannah says:

    But can he defend deep that’s what we need to know none of this front foot trickery nonsense that’s crazy thinking…ooops sorry the indoctrination of the Moyes Era still needs breaking i need to go back to the shrink!

  • mark wiggins says:

    Bring Flynn Downes back , he’s a good player , he’s one of us !

  • Bennyboy baker says:

    It makes a change to be getting ahead of the game instead of panicking in the last few days hours even minutes to get deals done new players will have the time to get to know the squad and how we intend to line up next season but more importantly what their role will be and what is expected of them amazing how quickly things are being dealt with now that David Moyes has left COYI

  • John says:

    Ffs its not dine yet, neither are any deals, please shut up with this rubbish guess who..go do youre homework.

  • Jon says:

    You’re all like a load of old women like a good whinge and a moan.
    Let them get on with it and see what happens, if it goes wrong then moan

  • Jason Dunlop says:

    Jumping ahead of ourselves yet again! No deal has been finalised for any new player yet. Will we ever learn ⚒️

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