West ham trio ill


David Moyes: explaining absence of West ham trio

David Moyes spoke to Sky Sports earlier and explained the absence of Rice, Soucek and Aguerd…

“We’d worked on our team yesterday but overnight three of them took ill so we had to change it around … hopefully it’s not too bad … sickness, etcetera … there’s nothing we can do about it … it only happened today, we sent the players home at 2pm so it was too late to bring any of the young boys up to add to the bench … it gives some other players opportunities … it was always a tough game … I’m hoping we can show it and make it as difficult as we possibly can … good performances lead to good results but if I didn’t get a performance tonight yet we won I wouldn’t be complaining! … anything out of this game would be a bonus.”

It never rains but it pours !

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