West Ham United Transfer News

While not the best performances, West Ham is having quite the season. They have greatly improved since last season’s position 13 at number seven, just below the Red Devils. This improvement could be attributed to tactics and management, but it essentially goes out to the players. 

Several prospects are already seeking to join and leave the club this season, and we will highlight them in this article. Let’s get into it straight away. 

Kalvin Phillips

Hailing from the illustrious Manchester City, Phillips was signed on loan on January 26th this year for the rest of the season. The star athlete debuted in a game against AFC Bournemouth, which ended in a 1-1 draw. 

His former team struggled to give him some pitch time, a worry he did not have to face at West Ham. He may very well be the wild card in ensuring West Ham wins the Europa League this year. 

Tune in to their next feature against Newcastle on the 30th to see the midfielder in his zone. You can visit several credible betting sites for more information, and check out the betmaster bonus code to get in on the action. 

Thierry Nevers 

The 21-year-old winger’s time at West Ham has lapsed, and he is set to join FC Sheriff Tiraspol in the Moldovan Super Liga. This permanent move will end Nevers’ two and a half years of wearing the Hammers jersey. 

He initially joined the team in 2021 from Reading and has since played for Newport and Bradford City. 

Archie Woods

This star player decided that his time at West Ham was over. He reached an agreement favouring the termination of his contract, making him a free agent now. 

He has travelled to other teams like Dartford. Whichever team signs him will bring a lot of competence, considering he made all 22 appearances this season.

Saïd Benrahma

This one might be slightly sad for West Ham fans, considering what a valuable player he is to the squad. He recently joined Olympique Lyonnais in the French Ligue 1 club on loan, which will come to an end at the same time as this season.

Since adorning the Hammers jersey in 2020, the Algerian athlete has stayed with the club until now. During this period, he has made 115 appearances and scored 24 goals. 

If you tuned in to the UEFA Europa Conference League final last year, you would have witnessed his magnificent goal, a penalty against Fiorentina in Prague, which won the contest.

Final Thoughts

While West Ham does not occupy the top spots on the table, it is a team that can handle its weight. With numerous prospects coming into the club, like Kalvin Philips, we are going to see some action. Some athletes, however, like Archie Woods and Saïd Benrahma, have departed the club.