West Ham Up the Ante in Kilman Pursuit

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West Ham United’s dogged chase of Wolverhampton Wanderers defender Max Kilman has taken a new twist, according to Hammers News. After having two bids rejected, the Hammers are back with yet another offer in the hope of luring Kilman to the London Stadium.

Sometimes there is no smoke without fire and in the case of Kilman, there is significant smoke. Tottenham are also believed to be interested in the player but with Micky van de Ven performing so well, Spurs are probably looking elsewhere. It would come as little surprise if the links to Spurs are just stories from Wolves to try and drive up the price.

Under the terms of the new deal, the Irons are prepared to offer a total package of £35 million for Kilman, with the potential for add-ons to take the final figure closer to £40 million. This revised offer attempts to bridge the gap between West Ham’s valuation and Wolves’ reported asking price, which is believed to be north of £40 million.

West Ham-Kilman-Transfer

West Ham have increased their bid for Kilman and may do so again.

To soften the financial blow, West Ham have suggested spreading the £35 million payment over a four-year period. This is of course an industry norm, but with the Midland club under increasing pressure from PSR, every little helps I guess?

While Wolves are reluctant to lose the defender, the need to generate funds for their own summer transfer targets could influence their decision. Additionally, the prospect of a significant wage increase (Kilman reportedly earns £50,000 per week at Wolves, while West Ham’s Kurt Zouma is on a staggering £125,000 per week) could be a tempting factor for Kilman himself.

The success of West Ham’s renewed bid hinges on Wolves’ financial situation. If they require player sales to fund their own summer acquisitions (reports say they do), then this revised offer could be enough to convince them to part ways with Kilman.

Personally, I have a hunch this deal will get done.

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  • Elliot Lester Hugh says:


  • Colin Stephenson says:

    Payment spread over 4 years?
    So Wolves lose a player but can’t buy an adequate replacement because the payment will take 4 years!
    Wolves become weaker and West Ham become stronger. Sure is a good deal that!

    On payment, the article mentions ‘this is of course the industry norm’.
    Well that may be but it won’t be in this case!

    The money payable, all 45m has to be UP FRONT, IN FULL or just stop wasting everyone’s time.

    If West Ham consider the fee too high then fair enough, look elsewhere for that bargain buy but it won’t be found in Wolverhampton!

    • Ricky G says:

      Actually, it will be in this case. All transfer fees are paid over the length of the players contract. That’s how it works. No one plays the full free up front! Only release clauses are paid in full at the time of purchase.

      To say that Wolves can’t buy a replacement as they won’t receive the fee up front shows very little knowledge on your part on how transfers work. Wolves will do exactly the same with whoever they buy as a replacement – pay a small fee up front and the rest spread over his contract (and the player they buy probably won’t cost as much as Kilman is sold for).

  • Mike Pearson says:

    This has happened before with the scousers pulling a fast one with Diogo Jota. Wolves will have to replace Max and defenders as good as him will cost the same. Hammers should do one along with the spender Loopy Lopetigui

  • Kip says:

    Is that so Simon..well you have put up about 200 players in the last couple months and the sun shines on a dogs arse every now and then. So who knows you may get lucky 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • kcockayne says:

    Yes, payment over 4 years – & that won’t disadvantage Wolves, because they can sign a replacement on a “payment over 4 years” deal, too.

  • Kevlar says:

    Funny how this supposed west ham site is full off moaning brummies now 🤣

    • Millis77 says:

      How are we going to pay 40 million for a centre back that can’t get in to the current England squad. You pay that sort of money for a modern day Francesco Baresi. Not someone that gets overlooked for Lewis Dunk

      • Razor says:

        Looking at the idiot we have as a coach at England then that’s why kilman isn’t in the squad. And dunk is .

  • ian says:

    Yes a 4 year payment plan is the norm, so that will be £11.25 million a year for 4 years then, nothing less nothing more. WHU were quite happy to quote Arsenal an outrageous amount for Rice and didn’t back down, so how can they expect Wolves to?

    • Ricky G says:

      West Ham weren’t under pressure to sell due to PSR – Wolves are (if reports are true).

  • Gavin Powell says:

    You need to bag Kilman as quickly as possible my cockney sparrows or your new manager might just start to cry and throw his toys out of the pram before walking away. Lets face it he has form for doing just that!

  • L Dodd says:

    Personally I think it’s £45m or no deal, Wolves have bigger assets gaining far more attention and one of those deals will make Wolves PSR considerations disappear….

    Plus…. do you really think Fosun would like to sell to Lopoteigu….

    Thought Not

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