West Ham Want £15m for Defender Sale

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West Ham United have nearly finalised the potential departure of midfielder Flynn Downes, according to a report by The Sun journalist Jack Rosser.

The key sticking point appears to be the transfer fee. West Ham is holding firm on a £15 million upfront payment, with additional bonuses dependent on Southampton’s Premier League survival next season.

Earlier reports suggested a potential deal involving Southampton’s Kyle Walker-Peters moving to West Ham as part of the Downes transfer. However, Rosser claims West Ham is exploring options for other right-backs, meaning a Walker-Peters deal is not a prerequisite for Downes’ departure.

The Irons are open to either a straight-cash transfer or reaching an alternative agreement with Southampton. This flexibility suggests a willingness to let Downes go for the right price.

Adding another layer to the situation, League One club Ipswich Town has also shown interest in acquiring Downes.

This news paints a picture of a midfielder with options. While a return to Southampton after his successful loan spell remains a possibility, Downes could also find himself playing in League One with Ipswich Town next season. It appears his future hinges on the best offer that emerges.

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  • Bernard Palmer says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but haven’t Ipswich just been promoted to the Premiership

    • Anonymous says:

      They have the writers a dumbass

      • Politeness costs nothing says:

        OR not a ‘dumbass’ but simply made an oversight / mistake.

        • FarTooMuchGossip says:

          Its funny how this writer day after day, article after article continues to make mistake after similar mistake. That’s what happens when you copy and paste from other websites and then join paragraphs together without proof reading or even researching what you post. Last week David Moyes was still in charge, and we were signing Ibrahima Guirassy instead of Serhou Guirassy. And this week Ipswich are still in the Championship! Typical armchair writing with no actual work put in to write something accurate. Only interested in churning out as much as you can as quickly as you can for the clicks! If you have heard of Google or the internet, maybe you could check your facts before making yourself look like an inaccurate plagiarist!

  • Terry Butcher says:

    That’s not good journalism, Simon, better quickly edit it to say that Downes played for the premier league new boys when they were in League One! Hop on your tractor and get to it!

  • Jon says:

    So Flynn Downes is a defender and Ipswich have just been promoted from League One eh?

    You’re not even just one league wrong on Ipswich!!

    The writing and ‘journalism’ from these 3 or 4 total garbage, click bait media sites is depressing. It feels like it’s all being written by 8 year olds.

    Not exactly progress from the reporting being done by experienced sports journalists in the newspapers is it

    • Politeness costs nothing says:

      Not journalists, just fans posting on a FB page – get over yourself!

      • Jon says:

        It is clearly trying to be or look like journalism. And the articles from these ‘fast, crap’ journalism sits have push out all the proper news outlets from Google searches and the net generally.

        It is just copy and paste from the real news outlets and the regurgitated ad-nauseum

        It is not a Facebook page.

  • DB says:

    I’m appalled at what this page has become lately.

  • Ian says:

    You’ve had an absolute mare here!

  • Alan says:

    He’s awful. Re-writes stories that are at least a day old (sometimes longer) and can’t even get the basic facts write. Just look at the headline which suggests this story is about a ‘defender.’ Although I wouldn’t be shocked if that’s been done deliberately, so people click on the article thinking it’s a new story rather than a re-hash of the Flynn Downes news from yesterday.

    Simon Clickbait would struggle to get a gig with the Daily Star.

    • Chris says:

      Right not write but being perfect you’d know that.

      • Alan says:

        To be fair that probably qualifies me to write (or ‘right’) for C&H.

        Also, why are you using the name Chris, Simon?

      • FarTooMuchGossip says:

        Also its West ham are holding out, not Is

        • rollercoaster hammer says:

          if everyone is correcting grammar at the moment: when you suggedt a correction the words should be placed in inverted commas. apostrophes and puntuation are also necessary. Australians teaching the English how to use English is sadly ironic. back to school with the lot of you 😄

  • Essexirons says:

    Always has been the same, you used to get banned on here if your disagreed with them.

    Always proof read before posting, get your facts right or make an fool of yourself.

    Oh & try to produce an original article, not just regurgitate someone else’s & get it ar#e about face.

  • Kip says:

    I can’t believe anything at all on here at the min …not one post has bared fruit …but if this is true ..wich I doubt..they are stupid, because personally I think this lad has alot of untapped potential….moyes was a mug nit giving him a proper chance…that man sucked so much confidence out of so many players., who went on to do reslky well at other clubs.. …nothing against moyes ..very grateful for what he did …but his man management was awful …if he didn’t like you that was it were fked

  • My left foot says:

    Oh dear oh dear 😂😂😂

  • Jimmy Carr says:

    Most journalists reporting transfers are a joke. Simon being the biggest comedian on here

  • For Real says:

    Claret & Hugh is a banter site 😂😂😂

  • Tony says:

    Ahem, I think Ipswich Town & its fans might be a tad offended by the League One reference 😉

  • says:

    It’s “The Iron” not The Irons. If he went to Ipswich he would also be in the PL.

    Poor reporting

    • Happy ish hammer says:

      Simon, give it s rest you obviously are useless at this. And do not check anything you put out on here.
      It is really pathetic!!!!!!

  • Dave G says:

    I didn’t realise Ipswich were playing in League 1 this coming season?

  • The Demon says:

    Simon Leyland?

    About as reliable as British Leyland.

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