WEST HAM WAY – best explanation ever!

West Ham Way


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12 comments on “WEST HAM WAY – best explanation ever!

  1. It is moving away and still following “over land and sea”
    It is still looking “every where” when fotune hides
    It is wanting Arsenal to LOSE even if them winning benefits West Ham (we should’ve done better 🙂 )

    It is also NOT cupping an ear to those that pay your wages

    ’nuff said. Nice post.

  2. Spot on Hugh but they will never understand on certain sites and will be mocking right this minute,
    The people on this site who loose it with other certain people have this spirit in there souls and do not understand others that don’t,
    We are proud stubborn and have ideals,we are not willing to walk away from our club and our standards and leave them to the BFS,s of the world or his supporters and they need to understand that because until they do they will never have Westham United in their hearts
    Kevin you will never understand this

  3. Great post.Nuff said,some will get it,some wont.Feel sorry for the fellas who dont get it.It is far more than West Ham United PLC.Some dont see that.

  4. All very nice and poetic ,, but reality is reality ,, even in 86 the ” West Ham ” way didn’t do it.
    What the heck are you talking about ?
    Been a Hammers fan all my life and always will be ,, I don’t need people like you ( bubs ) to tell me how I should feel or react . This is 2015/2016 approaching and there are still people like you talking about the ” West Ham ” way that has benefitted us with nothing except dissapointment and dreams . Do you imagine for a moment that BILIC is a proponent of the ” West Ham ” way ,,! . It will be Big SAM all over again , playing to our strengths and not to our Dreams … It’s points that count , or is that something every one seems to have forgotten.? . Points that got us promoted and still in the Premiership . If playing the ” West Ham ” way means playing in the second division I suppose you will be Happy .
    Yeh ,, but we did it the ” West Ham ” way .

    • Valid points, one that I listen to others bring up all the time…but…get this…When I watch a flick, I don’t care how many Oscars it wins as much as whether or not I enjoy it. Same thing – for me – I’d rather watch good 2nd Division Football over crap 1st Division.

      So, yes, it has everything to do about style, passion, ethos and not so much about how many points you can buy (or stats you achieve)

      Now – about Big Sam “playing to our strengths”…well, that is the debate, ins’t it. Our “strength” comes from that intangible, yet vocal 12th man – cut the stadium populous off, and now you are down to 11. Play to “stats” and you’ll devoid the game of it’s very flavour.

      Create a “way”, find a style (from the Academy on up), appoint a Director of Football, instill passion and don’t trump out the run-of-the-mill formulaic crap that serves solely to line the pockets of the undeserved.

    • Bloody hell, i nearly agree with you Kev’. The club haven’t played the “West Ham way” for a long long time. Yes points are the most important part of the season, if possible I would really enjoy winning said points playing with passion & excitment. Get away from 1-0 & defend for 80 odd mins. Couldn’t care less who is in charge as long as we win with style & are within touching distance of winning cups & qualifing for europe.

  5. Sorry Kevin,dont mean to burst your balloon but the second division was renamed years ago.But as you correctly said lastnight we are a struggling midtable team.Better days ahead hey 😀

  6. The West Ham Way is as the text says, a blend of history, culture and experiences that come together to form our identity under “The West Ham Way” and lets hope and pray we find our way once more under what looks like Bilic and be proud of Our Way once more
    Irons In The Soul x

  7. Kevin if that’s what you think so be it but can I ask one thing??? Why did you become a West Ham fan?? I became one because of the style and skill I saw in the early 70s, cup winning sides that played with a freedom,movement off and on the ball I never wanted to watch boring football and thought that the points were everything!! You say you’ve been a fan all your life yet your argument for a style of football under a man who had no feeling for the club doesn’t ring true! If you were a lifelong fan you would understand the ups and downs,the near yet so far but walk away from The Boleyn every week knowing that we had a go and not just sat back and respected the point.

  8. Between our FA Cup wins of 75 & 80 we had the usual relegation. The following season 1980/81 we played with a passion that has rarely been seen. Ran away with Division 2 championship & QF ECWC along with League Cup Final only losing to Lpool after a replay. Last trophy we won.

  9. Good words.

  10. Good for you Kevin don’t agree with you but at last you are showing some hammer metal
    Not that BFS lay down and die,
    We know we have not played that way for years that’s why we want change
    How is it Sunderland get £50 transfer kitty under fair play and we can only get £25 million ?

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