West Ham weigh up Adrian cover


West Ham are reported to have weighed up a move for PSV Eindhoven goalkeeper Jeroen Zoet. He is also a Crystal Palace target.

The Hammers are said to see him as a second keeper replacement only if Adrian leaves before transfer deadline day which is looking unlikely as the Thursday deadline approaches.

Zoet is a 26-year-old Holland international and has figured in the Champions League with PSV, where he has two years left on contract.

According to Voetbal International  West Ham have had a bid of three million Euros rejected. It is claimed PSV will allow their keeper to leave this summer for the right price but want at least six million Euros for the shot stopper.

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  • aol says:

    We don’t need another keeper. We need a striker to help Hernandez and a DM to help protect the ball.

  • jaybs says:

    Agree we need a striker to go with Hernandez, and please don’t say we have Carroll! perhaps this Dutch goalkeeper would have been a better buy to back up Adrian, rather than someone City did not rate.

  • JMan43 says:

    Guardiola is hardly good at knowing who is a good keeper and who isn’t, Bravo for FS! Anyways you couldn’t make this up, we need another striker, especially if we let Sakho go, a DCM and a CB and all we hear about is another keeper!!!!!! If they intend to give Bilic a chance to rescue then give him the tools or just put the poor guy out of his misery; he does not deserve to be disrespected.

  • JRS says:

    Need Adrian to start we don’t need cover for Hart on loan who at this rate we won’t buy.
    I like the PSV keeper but we need Adrian and he should start based on merit

  • JMan43 says:

    Sorry JRS, hart is the better keeper for me and if not for him could have been 6 or 7 up at Newcastle.

  • JRS says:

    Bilic just wants 1 more player but have bid on CB and we should go after Gzregorz on loan to buy before West brom get him. Might be a more steady option then Carvalho even if does happen Great at Sevilla and on loan w Buy less risk I can understand don’t want to spend a lot of money of mgr who want most likely to stay. But the baore got some picks right Antonio Lanzini.
    Been reading this yeasterday too and Adrian is most keep he stabilises back better and knows the sqaud.
    .They should just go ahead and try and bring Jokanovic in get 2 Signgs he wants Jota and a CB and Gzregroz (Car might not fit in PL) and certainly to what Bilic thinks isn’t all we need

  • JRS says:

    Stats don’t agree Hart is better and he never earned #1 spot like Bilic said he would have too.
    Adrian most likey would have saved 2nd goal but Hart didn’t move. Hart his horrible going left and for £130k a week should have De Gea. Adrian also works better w our CBs and is use to not having great cover. But haven’t see Hart the commander leader and his punching almost cost us a few more in first 2 games. 20 goals in 8 games.
    Over past 3 years been on decline andnin preseason didn’t play enough even to get #1 on Merit on name and wages. Statically and in my eyes Adrian is better keeper over past 2 years.

  • Travis says:

    Adrian s a better keeper? You mean the same keeper we had too drop because he was ****.I dont get this blind loyalty towards Adrian and blatant running down of Hart.
    ****ing hell if it wasnt for Hart we would have taken an even worse drubbing at The Toon.

  • Travis says:

    **** the stats.You can do what you want with stats to prove a point.Its ****.

    • JRS says:

      U like Hart who is a hired Hand at £130k wages not doing nearly what was expected yes I was against love from start.
      But seems u are in the few who thinks Hart is better for Club then Adrian

  • Michael Miller says:

    Randolph and Spiegel have both been allowed to leave, we need cover.

    Personally, I’m not a great fan of Adrian – I don’t think he’s of Premiership quality but he’s ok as a reserve keeper but we need cover if one of the keepers gets injured or suspended – seems obvious to me!

  • kevin says:

    We didn’t need another keeper in the first place . Hart did nothing to warrant the #1 shirt in our first game and has done nothing of real significance since . If Adrian was to put in a transfer request nobody could blame him . But I think Adrian knows he is every bit as good or better and will bide his time , hopefully . Find it hard to believe Adrian would have let in those same ten goals .
    Looks like Sakho will be packing his bags over the weekend . Wtf is going on ?.

  • bubs says:

    Adrien has a heart that beats for our club
    If he had let in 10 goals last year how log would Slav left him out
    Hart will take his wages and leave
    This keeper also makes bad choices so we don’t need him
    Start Adrien next game
    Bring back Obiang and Kouyate
    Give Rice a chance alongside Ginge
    Put Sak up front with Hernandez
    Antonio and Lanzini
    Watch things change for the better we need a result before the Spuds arrive
    Ac as impact sub Oggy fore defence cover then give the rest of the bench to the youngsters
    Let Ayew and co prove they want to where our shirt
    Time for our club to find its heart beat again to go with the fans

    • aol says:

      100% bubs

    • Michael Miller says:

      I hear what you say BUT I’m sorry I can’t agree with it – Adran is a Professional player who would go to another Club if a suitable offer came in, all this kissing the badge and being ‘West Ham’ stuff is cobblers – I don’t think Adrian is good enough for the Premiership, Hart is a good keeper, better than what we had – fuul stop!

      The rest of your post is spot on!

    • JRS says:

      Thank u greeting slammed for supposed blind loyality to Adrian but Hart has not earned #1 got Travis banging on like Hart is De Gea.
      Adrian would have stopped arguably 2nd goal at Newcastle bc he can go to his left and porb 1 Pen at Southampton

  • markro says:

    Hart, Adrian and Trott for back up, seems plenty for me.

    Midfield is where our problems lie. We concede because we have no pace or competitive instinct in the centre.

    Nuff said.

  • norfolkhammer says:

    at the rate players going out the door im hoping the tea lady don’t get injured or were have no 1 up front for Huddersfield game

  • kevin says:

    All have our opinions and , why not . That’s how it should be .The only opinion that we all share however , is that West Ham are in it up to Thier necks and still digging the hole deeper . Can’t imagine the fallout if we fail to beat Huddersfield . Especially without Sakho and still playing 3 4 2 1.

  • mooro66uk says:

    The article says “second keeper replacement only if Adrian leaves”, so whats the problem?

  • hammers64 says:

    What on earth is happening at this club at the moment?.We dont need another goalkeeper!.Centre half,defensive midfield and striker as it looks like Sakho is going.Are the board winding us up or what?.

  • IronHammer says:

    We need another coach. ASAP.

  • mooro66uk says:

    We ain’t after another keeper ffs. “only if Adrian leaves”. Says it quite plainly in the post.

  • norfolkhammer says:

    It’s ok were after a striker from Lorient

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