West Ham’s Alvarez injury blow a blessing in disguise?

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Edson Alvarez injury update

Edson Alvarez has suffered an injury blow following his involvement in the Copa America.

During the international match between Mexico and Jamaica, the West Ham midfielder had to be assisted from the pitch after sustaining an unconfirmed injury. There is speculation that the knock could be a hamstring strain, which could side-line him for anything from three to ten weeks.

Man United transfer in doubt?

Alvarez has been the subject of much speculation following transfer interest from Manchester United. The Mexican has been a massive hit at West Ham since joining the team but has done little to play down the recent transfer rumours.

Whether this short-term injury will be enough to deter the Manchester club is unclear. With the transfer window still in its infancy, Alvarez has time to recover. However, it does make it difficult for him to participate in West Ham’s pre-season training and friendly fixtures.

Whilst nobody wishes serious injury on a player. Nonetheless, if a month off can keep the player out of the clutches of moneybags Manchester United then it may be a blessing in disguise?

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  • Getajobgonzo says:

    You post some nonsense but suggesting an injury to a player is in some way a blessing in disguise is a new low, even for you.

  • Ian says:

    Why would a month long (your words) injury deter ManU from buying Alvarez?

  • Whippethammer says:

    Simple. Just say no. Kudus no. Bowen no. Etc

  • Tony says:

    West ham have had bad luck when it comes to sending players to end of season national championships. Dean Ashton is the one that stands out the most. Same thing happened to Lanzini and he probably wasn’t the same player after that.

  • Bonzo says:

    I agree. If Man U were seriously after Álvarez and this forces them to reconsider then it could be a blessing in desguise. Depends on severity I think because Álvarez could be back before the start of the season having had a nice rest from football. Might only keep Alvarez at West Ham for one more year anyway because he’s been making noises in the international press about seeing what offers come in for him prior to his injury.

  • Ian says:

    ,you clearly don’t understand that a serious injury is A SERIOUS INJURY. and can have a long
    term effect on an athlete . so please sort out your priorities! ( l note you have another Ian commenting ,which may. prove to be confusing if we should ever disagree ! ).

  • Ian says:

    II assume from your typical SILENCE that you do not intend to respond to my comment , l will therefore try a different approach . could you imagine the manager taking Alvarez aside and saying. ” it’s a good thing that you are seriously. injured MATE but now you can’t leave ” of course he wouldn’t be so crass ! Alternatively don’t you think that your article could be read by people close to the player and decide. ” is this the way that some of the. fans. feel and. act ” l. hope not. there are much better. ways of keeping a team together , based on trust , respect , creativity. and. above all loyalty. including a clear resistance. to. poaching key players.

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