West Ham’s Antonio Offered Hammers Escape

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Nottingham Forest are reportedly considering a bold move to re-sign their former player, Michail Antonio. The 34-year-old forward is being named as one of a number of players to depart from West Ham this summer, following a significant overhaul by the new manager, Julen Lopetegui. Despite Lopetegui’s previous interest in Antonio during his tenure at Wolves, he appears ready to approve the transfer.

This development comes as a surprise, especially considering Lopetegui’s admiration for Antonio, and past attempts to acquire him along with Aaron Cresswell. Currently, Antonio is on international duty with Jamaica and played in last week’s 1-0 defeat to Mexico, a match that also saw West Ham midfielder Edson Alvarez sustain an injury.

Antonio’s initial move to West Ham was from Nottingham Forest, suggesting a potential openness to returning to his former club. However, the major challenge in any transfer would likely be his substantial salary demands.

Since joining West Ham in 2015, Antonio has been a key performer, notching up 67 goals and 32 assists over 254 appearances. Initially a winger and occasionally a right back, he was transformed into a forward by then-manager David Moyes, significantly impacting his career trajectory and success.

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  • Ian says:

    Antonio is reportedly happy at WHU, wants to stay and thinks he can play for another 3 seasons. Obviously if he’s been told by the new boss that he won’t feature much then the situation could have changed. Whatever happens, we need a better alternative now

    • JOHN says:

      no ian, if claret and poo say he is going to Forest, he 100 percent is!!! Honest!!

    • Jason Dunlop says:

      Antonio has served us well, it’s time to let him return back to Forest & live out his final couple of seasons in the bosom of his original family ⚒️

  • Hugh Jars says:

    Bye. Young players now. Crocks gone. Nice one Lope 🫧🫧⚒️⚒️

  • Tony says:

    So Antonio departs, then we need TWO strikers.
    We are having trouble finding one, the transfer window will close then we are left with Danny Ings!

  • Jeeps says:

    If he’s happy to come from bench, be it defence or attack, his bully boy tactics against tired legs could be an asset.
    Subs bench for rotation/injury was pathetic last year.
    Transfer fee is not going to be much and will cost more to replace him.
    If Ings and Antonio are going two new main strikers are needed.
    Moyes was blinkered on some transfer. Lingard (2nd time) / Maguire / Phillips / Gallagher/ and a mention of Dele Alley.
    JLo is the same with Max Kilman to much time being spent on this transfer.
    Guilherme + Wes (freebie), trumpets blown and flags waved, stick two fingers up to Wolves and move on.
    May not be player manager wants but seemingly many more fish in the sea.

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