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West Ham’s Arsenal Favour? He’s Taking the Piers

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Cheeky Piers Morgan has issued a desperate plea for West Ham to beat Manchester City in honour of Declan Rice and David Moyes. Arsenal fan Morgan is clutching at straws, like many Gooners supporters, attempting to coax Hammers players into some unlikely frenzied performance.

Clearly, the controversial former TV presenter has not seen West Ham play too frequently because he even goes so far as to suggest we might score the first goal. Piers has also clearly not read the room if he believes there is a huge desire from the Irons fanbase to see former Hammers captain Declan Rice lift another trophy.

The title race will be decided on the last day of the season, with Manchester City holding a two-point lead over Arsenal.

Arsenal are hoping for some assistance from The Irons in David Moyes’ final game as manager.

Desperate Morgan has urged them to win for Moyes and for Declan Rice in what can only be described as a weak and hollow war cry.

The TalkTV host shared an unexpected encounter with the West Ham manager.

He recounted to talkSPORT: “I ran into David Moyes by chance; he was on his way to this radio station and we met in a bar. I got the impression he wants to make a memorable exit from West Ham. And what better exit than to topple City at their home and hand Arsenal the league title.

“For West Ham supporters, this is also your chance to show appreciation for David Moyes and for Declan Rice—the man who brought you to European competitions, who week after week was the backbone of your team.

“Imagine if West Ham scores early on Sunday. It would shake things up. I’m hoping they score first to pressure City and we do our part.”

I’m not entirely sure what Morgan and Moyes were drinking in that bar, but the Scotsman’s record against Pep Guardiola at the Etihad is beyond poor.

Don’t get your hopes up Piers.

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  • Teddy Salad says:

    Jog on Piers!

  • billy bunter says:

    West Ham is a poor side, The odds of 115 winning by 5 goals or more are not worth having

    • Trevsheadwonthecup says:

      Belt up . Poor sides don’t finish 9th in the league and currently hold a European title . It’s astonishing the amount of nonsense whufc supporters posting on the site nowadays. Id rather stick needles in my eyes than post on another clubs forum .

  • Chris David says:

    We can’t change our league position regardless of the result, our manager is leaving after the game, and we’re away against the best football team in the world with two central defenders who can no longer run. Doesn’t seem very likely, Piers.

    I bet Paqueta puts in a shift, though.

  • D.f.butcher says:

    Piers who?

  • Bonzo says:

    You would think Piers Morgan would remember it was us that beat Rices Arsenal in their own stadium earlier in the season. So why should we do them any favours now?

    • John simmonds says:

      I bet the thought of those 3 dropped points has not been absent from their thoughts😀😀😀😀😀

  • Ian says:

    I think it’s hilarious how Arsenal fans are hoping and praying we can pull off a miracle at City.
    These are the same Arsenal fans who all summer long have been slagging our club off, saying West Ham who,small club, just a selling club, Rice is a better player now all that bs……
    Well just this once I will enjoy us getting beat at City just to see there tears,if that Piers Morgan thinks we want to see Rice win anything with Arsenal then he’s a bigger melt than I thought he was.
    I’m forever blowing bubbles oh sorry just this weekend it’s Blue Moon ….lol

  • Wayne says:

    Why would we want Arsenal to win anything?

    Good luck City.

  • John Simmonds says:

    Imagine letting a deluded fool like Pierced Organ present what used to be a serious mainstream media TV news outlet. He’s finally been found out. The amoeba is way way out of touch with reality. If you want anything don’t expect favours do it yourself. Snidey snivelling little weasel.

  • John Ayris says:

    The chances of us winning at City when they need the points for the title and we’re already on the beach is practically zilch. Paddy Power 18/1 I should think is generous…

  • Chris Jones says:

    I hope we do get at least a draw.
    Imagine Spurs faces if that happened.
    It would be joyous.

  • tom says:

    Arsenal will come 2nd by 2pts, after this weekend results.Westham have already stopped them from winning the prem league when we took the 3pts off them at there place.

  • D.f.butcher says:

    Perhaps they shouldn’t have celebrated too much when they drubbed us 6-0 , cause he who laughs last laughs loudest?

  • peter marshall says:

    If you would of beat us at your place, you wouldn’t have to worry about anyone else , so take a look at yourself for once , I hope we beat Man City, and Everton beat you ⚒️

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