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West Ham’s Bowen Backs Lopetegui

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West Ham forward Jarrod Bowen has voiced his support for incoming manager Julen Lopetegui, urging his teammates to do the same.

Bowen’s career trajectory has been closely linked to David Moyes’ return to West Ham. Signed by Moyes in January 2020, Bowen blossomed into a key player, even scoring the goal that secured the club’s first major trophy in 43 years under Moyes’ leadership.

With Moyes’ departure confirmed, Julen Lopetegui is expected to take the reins. However, the appointment hasn’t been officially announced yet, likely out of respect for Moyes. Additionally, Lopetegui‘s recent lack of experience and perceived tactical style, which might not align with fan desires, have caused some concern.

Despite his loyalty to Moyes, Bowen emphasises the need to move forward with the new manager. He stresses the importance of respecting Lopetegui’s methods and philosophy, even if it means adapting to a different approach on the pitch. While acknowledging the initial awkwardness of a new manager, Bowen urges his teammates to embrace the change.

Bowen‘s leadership in accepting the change is a positive sign for Lopetegui. While some fans remain unconvinced about Lopetegui’s suitability, Bowen’s message could be key in fostering team unity under the new manager.

For Lopetegui to succeed at West Ham, significant squad improvements will be necessary alongside an open mind from the players. Bowen’s call for team unity sets a positive example, and if the squad embraces the change, Lopetegui will have a successful future with the Hammers.

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  • Tony says:

    Bowen should be made captain…..

  • Tommo says:

    Another Moyes, only reason Sullivan wants him is because of no compensation money.

    • Hammersville says:

      His football at Sevilla, RM and Spain were nothing like Moyes football.

      At Wolves he had to be more pragmatic because they were 20th in the league when he took over, (and finished the season above us).

      But absolutely no evidence of Moyes type footy. Possession based and high press have been his norm.

    • Tyso says:

      The fans whinging about the appointment of Lopetegui are the exact same serial whingers who were screaming for the board to sack Moyes and get “anybody but Moyes”. We could win the title and they would whinge about the games we lost on the way.

      • Trevsheadwonthecup says:

        Really. From what I’ve seen it’s the Moyes supporters that are belittling lopetegui . There also doing the same with steitden.

  • Morris says:

    Happy to have a new manager at West Ham. Looking forward to the transfer season and looking forward to seeing what Lopetegui can do for us.

    • Mr Buddy Lurve says:

      Me too, as long as Steidten and Loppy have the guts to stand up to Sullivan in order to get who they want.

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