West Ham’s Goalkeeper Gaffe?

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West Ham‘s transfer dealings seem to be off to a shaky start with news of them struggling to agree a deal with Wes Foderingham according to insidefutbol. While the price tag (free) might be enticing, this potential signing raises serious questions about the club’s ambition under new manager Julen Lopetegui.

Let’s be blunt. Foderingham was part of the worst defensive unit in Premier League history last season. Is this the kind of experience West Ham needs to compete? It’s not the most inspiring move.

Financial constraints are understandable, but surely West Ham aspires for more than just avoiding relegation scraps. Foderingham, at best, keeps the seat warm. Is that truly the best they can do in their pursuit of a top-class goalkeeper?

Foderingham feels like a recycled option, not a piece that elevates the squad. West Ham needs to show ambition if they want to compete under their new manager.

While the free transfer fee might be attractive, signing Foderingham is a gamble unlikely to pay off. It smacks of short-sightedness and does little to inspire confidence in West Ham’s future under Lopetegui. The Hammers need to aim higher if we want to climb the Premier League table.

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  • John Ayris says:

    Would be third choice and would qualify as one of the home grown players. The reality is that there has to be compromises somewhere with the home grown rule.

    • Martin61 says:

      Totally agree. Upgrading our keeper is our lowest priority with Areola and Fab as our first two.

      • Warren says:

        But then again areola is getting on and fab seems like he’s about to retire, although he’s been doing good recently.

    • Steveo says:

      Totally correct John compromises have to be made I don’t think he’s a bad backup keeper

  • Hammer_Rite says:

    Lopetegui has been in the job only a few days Simon and already you have started moaning
    Get off his back!

  • John Brixey says:

    Totally agree with the comments so far. You talk about top class, what top class keeper wants to be third choice? Man City have Scott Carson.

  • Sage says:

    Do your homework Simon. It might be that he’s home grown! Squad player, Anang is Ghanaian and we need more UK players to allow more overseas players in.

    • Daryl says:

      Completely agree, I’ll also add that Anang is playing the no.3 nicely and Trott just had 2 great seasons in Denmark, with Areola, even if without super Fab I’m happy with them 3/4 without any additions

  • Dave T says:

    4 worse defending keeper was Areola! Would you not take him either ?!

  • kcockayne says:

    Foderingham might have been a part of the “worst defensive unit in the Premier League, but Areola & Fabianski were part of one of the very worst defensive units; & I think that most of us rate them very highly. Being Sheffield United’s goalkeeper does not necessarily mean that you are not good enough to be West Ham’s 3rd choice keeper.

  • Alan says:

    Who do you want for third choice keeper? All you want in that role is cheap, homegrown and a good character in the squad who isn’t going to moan at the lack of game time.

    In comparison, Man City have Scott Carson. Are you going question City’s ambition?

  • Dave says:

    Is there ever a positive story about west ham published on this site?


    Looks like nothings changed apart from a nobody manager cheap and useless players and a owner who doesn’t give 2 s×××s about our beloved team

  • Daryl says:

    Completely agree, I’ll also add that Anang is playing the no.3 nicely and Trott just had 2 great seasons in Denmark, with Areola, even if without super Fab I’m happy with them 3/4 without any additions

  • Jimbo says:

    I bet plenty of Arsenal fans said the same about Ramsdale after his two relegations with Bournemouth and Sheff Utd. This schite this guy write is ruining this site.

  • Colin says:

    Remember a bloke called Craig Dawson ?
    Relegated with WBA went to Watford where he was relegated again and then he came to us.
    I think he was ok !!!!

  • Rod Phillips says:

    It is a good reminder that Liverpool took Adrian off of our hands as a second keeper…with Areola and Fabianski the wings we should be ok

  • Dave says:

    Aaron Ramsdale was relegated twice from the Premier League in successive seasons before Arsenal bought him.
    Look at the goalkeeper, not the pantomime in front of him. Foderingham is an excellent back up keeper for free.

  • Bonzo says:

    With Lopetegui being a former Barcelona and Real Madrid goalkeeper I think Im going to trust him on the goalkeeper front.

    • Warren says:

      But then again, he played when he had a decent team, we have a team that could defend a ball if their life depended on it, we would just concede more and be more below but I’d need to see them play before j make a harsher judgement. Areola and fab and aang are doing fine for now.

  • Warren says:

    I don’t think we would even need a new keeper, granted our 2 main keepers are getting on but there’s no need to bring in a new keeper when we have 3 great keepers

  • Macephtopheles says:

    Newsflash. He’ll be a third choice keeper and count as a homegrown player. Y’know, like how Man City have Scott Carson there to only handle dinner plates in the canteen?

    It’d take a moron to go “But he was part of the worst PL defence in history!” He also faced 205 shots and saved 128 which is over 62% saved. Areola faced 180 and saved 129 for 71% saved. Fabianski faced 49 for 33 saved which is 62%.

    The difference between him and Fabianski is negligible so for a third choice he’d serve his purpose.

  • Stevey. -P says:

    You don’t realise the true nature do you?

    He’s homegrown. So that satisfies our huge need to have British players in our squad without having to pay huge British players fees. Fabianski and areola do run the risk of groin Injuries so our only other option is anang. So yes, foderinghham, who was Sheffield’s best player on a free is a good choice. Goalkeeper sorted. Next position.

  • Tony hammer says:

    I will go in goal. I played for my school team and every prison team when banged up. I’m only 52 and fit as a fiddle so sign me. £11 million

  • Cubbie says:

    Surely the answer is to have a home grown Academy player as third choice keeper . Fits all of the criteria and can learn from the senior guys .

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