West Ham’s insulting Kilman offer

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One of the most amusing stories concerning West Ham over the last few days involved a swap deal which must have appealed to nobody.

While swapping footballers between clubs seems to be the order of the day, as detailed in my earlier blog, it’s surely prudent to at least make the offer enticing.

Therefore, when news was revealed yesterday that West Ham United attempted to offer Wolverhampton Wanderers Danny Ings, I had to laugh. ExWHUEmployee had stated that Ings and Maxwel Cornet were the mystery players who had been offered in part-ex too Julen Lopetegui’s former club.

There’s nothing wrong with Danny Ings, of course; he’s a fine player who has enjoyed an excellent albeit injury-ravaged career. However, he’s possibly not the top striker Wolves are looking for. Surely the idea of a trade is to sweeten the deal in some way, and in this instance, I can’t believe the offer of Ings helped in the slightest.

In many respects, I’m surprised the Midlands club took as long as they did to reject the offer. After all, they value their captain at a whopping 45 million pounds, so the inclusion of Danny Ings was never likely to carry much counterbalance.

If West Ham are really serious about luring away a rival club’s most prized defender, then perhaps we could start by offering them something alluring in exchange.

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  • Ess_Bee says:

    £45M vs £35M. At the £35M I think Kilman is over priced. I think that those making the negotiations with clubs know what they are doing. Or else they wouldn’t be in those positions. I just hope that by the start of the season J Lo has a good squad that he can work with.

    • Clint hill says:

      Could if offered them Phillips..they would of ripped your arm off for Ings then..!

  • Pete says:

    Underwhelming. Horse trading directors, our new manager must be thinking Deja vu, Wolves two!

    You will soon find the back door Jules my son, if not, get use to it….

  • D says:

    I think the 45 million is way over the top and Wolves are just trying it on. I also think 35 million is a bit strong. I suppose this is 5he problem when players sign long contracts the buy outs can be big. Maybe best to look at other options

  • Dave says:

    If this player was so good, why isn’t he at the euros,
    He’s played 5 times in Europa league football and only played full seasons for past two years.
    He’s worth 20m tops, we’re right not to pay anywhere near what they value him at.
    He’s 27, no sell on value if given a 5 year deal, if he was that good he wouldn’t be at wolves.

  • The Demon says:

    Never miss a chance to have a dig at our own club, do you?

    The only insult here is Wolves thinking they can milk us for £45m for Kilman.

    Us trying to see how we can offset some of that valuation against assets we want to get rid of seems eminently sensible to me. Or does C& H think we should just cough up whatever selling clubs demand?

    • rollercoaster hammer says:

      well, if you’d read the article, he offered up both sides of the argument. you must have missed it or were just more interested in having a go 🤫

    • Ian G says:

      Totally agree with you. Demon. Do what’s best for our club and bugger the others. No insult trying to clear out all the trap.

    • Karl Conlon says:

      West ham fans deluded, kilman has hardly missed a match in last 4 seasons. He is our captain and with Southgate picking people like Maguire over kilman says it all. £45 million is getting him on the cheap, he’s at wolves until someone coughs the money.

      • B says:

        “(Kilman) he’s at wolves until someone coughs the money.”

        Soooo, he’s at Wolves then?

        • Alobull says:

          Yes – he’s at Wolves! Wolves don’t want to sell – unless there’s a high bid makes it worthwhile for the club. WHU willing to sell their captain?

          • Martin Treasure says:


      • Razor says:

        Good point about maggot maguire. Another useless Southgate favourite. Tbf Kilmun is overpriced good player but there’s cheaper and better out there.

  • paul betts says:

    tbh, do you expect any less?
    get real, dont you think theres a theme going on hear? Mr Sullivan, for all his worth he thinks he holds the purse strings & as long as he thinks that, things are never gonna’ change. He’s on an another planet. We are a big club with ‘Massive’ potential, i read your comments, & yes theyre valid, but dont think that they dont get unoticed. Ive been a fan since 79′. We all loved Mr Gold & regrettably he went before Mr Sullivan…… i dont need to say anymore really.
    As for our new man in charge of the helm, ive only renewed my ST in the hope that he will squeeze mr Sully into submission & looking forward will be the only way we can pogress as a club. If i dont see a progression, the I’m done.

  • Jaxon COYI says:

    Thing is with Kilman he never seems to be injured. Ball playing defender who scores goals. Maybe worth £45m. What other decent defenders are proven at this level and available? Wolves are a mid table club many underestimate. We must remember he’s their captain so why would they sell him to us cheap?

    • Hugh Jars says:

      Sullivan, just go and take xxxxxx Brady with you! Lope will not put up with his xxxx

  • Terry says:

    A decent price for Kilman is 27-30mil. Absolute top dollar 35mi. Just because the club want 45 million does not make the offer insulting, its a good and fair offer. They have just over valued him. Give yourself a day off.

  • The Limey says:

    Kilman is not worth anywhere near 45 million. 30-35 million that’s it.

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