West Ham’s outstanding FA Cup winners must be given a chance


West Ham’s outstanding FA Cup winners are the best crop of young talent to emerge from ‘The Academy of Football’ since 1999.

The club have managed to assemble an incredible number of highly talented young footballers, which was evident in both the final and semi-final of the FA Youth Cup. Last night’s dismantling of Jack Wilshere’s Arsenal team was an impressive sight to behold and would not have happened by accident.

The 5-1 victory would have come about following years of planning, scouting and coaching from Kevin Keen and the numerous youth scouts employed by the club. However, it would be almost criminal if these talented young players were not eventually given a chance to prove their ability at first team level.

In short West Ham’s outstanding FA Cup winners must be given a pathway into the team and a handful of games to prove their worth. Callum Marshall, Oliver Scarles, Gideon Kodua, Kealan Casey, Lewis Orford and George Earthy look a cut above most at this level of football.

West Ham’s outstanding FA Cup winners

Many of the above still have some growing or ‘filling out’ to do (my particular expertise is the latter), but they will be ready soon and the club must have a strategy. In the case of Divin Mubama though, he looks able to contribute to the first team squad NOW!

I’ve no particular axe to grind with Danny Ings, who is probably the best finisher at West Ham. That being said I’m not entirely sure why we signed him because he blatantly can’t play in any of manager David Moyes numerous systems.

The good news for West Han is that Mubama looks far more suited. He’s strong, athletic, clinical and clearly capable of operating with his back to goal or in wide positions.

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