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West Ham’s Sky Sports War of Words Continues

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Sky Sports pundit Paul Merson really does seem to have something of an unhealthy obsession with West Ham replacing David Moyes with Julen Lopetegui.

Earlier this week, Merson was one of a number in the ‘be careful what you wish for’ brigade who seemed to be seething that the club has decided to look in a different direction. Yesterday he was at it again with damning words which could barely contain his contempt for West Ham’s decision to appoint Lopetegui.

Speaking about the incoming manager on Soccer Saturday, Merson said: “If he [Lopetegui] stays at that club for 25 years, he won’t win as much as David Moyes“.

Moyes of course won the Europa Conference League at West Ham which was the clubs first trophy in 43 years. However, Merson’s insistence that Lopetegui couldn’t win a trophy even if he tried for quarter of a century is a revealing insight into the mind of the pundit. Merse is clearly so blinded by his loyalty to Moyes that it renders him incapable of impartiality.

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  • The Demon says:

    It was Moyes first trophy in a 22 year managerial career, so maybe h3 should be grateful to us for getting something worthwhile on his CV…

    • Andrew Thomson says:

      Emerson can’t be the driving force ..He is band from driving🤣🤣🤣

  • John Cross says:

    This all seems to be part of an old boys network at play. They are happy to criticise Eric ten Hag – Tuechel’s sacking at Chelsea didn’t spark too much outrage but Moyes is off limits?

    • Tony says:

      Spot on. Moyes has even already gotten a job as a pundit on Talk Sport for the Euro’s.

  • Mark says:

    The idea of shows like skysports and talk sport are to be shows for the fans but these 2 programs in particular seem to be against the fans, surely in a debate there should be a for and against argument not just biased views
    I don’t remember merson throwing his toys out of the pram when we get went

    • Hammeroo says:

      “I don’t remember merson throwing his toys out of the pram when we get went”

      Sorry Mark, but what are you trying to say? I was having a good read but you kind of fizzled out!

  • Hugh Jassoll says:

    who gives a **** what merson or any other talking head says, we know what we were watching minute by minute game after game

  • Steve Richmond says:

    West Ham are doomed – crap director of football only made worse by his appointment of a manager who barely speaks English – I’ve supported the Hammers since 1966 and this is the biggest cock up in history.

    • Trevsheadwonthecup says:

      Moyes is washed up Steve . Biggest shocker since you started supposedly supporting us really . Worse than roeder replacing redknapp ? . You don’t manage Seville to win a Europa League the Spanish national side unbeaten in 20 games . Porto and real Madrid as well. And his wolves side picked up far more points . During their relegation escape than DM managed . I’m more worried about Sullivan than lopetegui . Mersons bitter against west ham and always has been.

    • Simon says:

      The useless DoF tha found Alvarez, Kudus and Dino you mean.
      Lopetigui’s English sounded good to me in his interviews I’ve seen, you sure you’ve been watching West Ham Steve.
      Lopetigui has an almost blank canvas to build his team for next season (Sulli funds permitting).

    • Tim,Head of Recruitment WHU says:

      I doubt if you’ve supported West Ham since 2016,let alone 1966! You must also be on the p*ss as much as Merson regarding your comments re the new Manager.

    • Mexicockney says:

      No fool like an old fool.

    • Colin nundy says:

      Get a different manager go for the manager who flying last week

    • Jim says:

      You talk **** mate if you want to watch **** football like that maybe you should just go with moyes to his next club

    • Hammeroo says:

      That’s a bit nasty, Steve. I could understand David Moyes ok so his English isn’t that bad!🤣

  • Essexiron67 says:

    Meron ,dipstick ,would he have liked playing for moyes or George Graham, or would he want moyes or arteta .

    • Anon says:

      If merson can see 25 years into the future can he give me Tuesdays euro millions winning numbers although he wasn’t much good at gambling was he

  • Bennyboy baker says:

    What is done is done merson can mouth off all he wants but he may well have to eat his words I have my doubts about Lopetegui but the more I read and hear I am sure he will make a big impact at our club and bring more success to the club David Moyes did a good job most of the time but seemed to run out of solutions and let Sullivan dictate to him Sullivan won’t get away with that with Lopetegui so mr merson you can take a hike time will tell who’s right and who’s wrong

  • Sensible says:

    Merson the addict doesn’t even know what his saying anymore, can anyone take him seriously as I can’t?

  • Dave says:

    Yep looks likes he’s back on the sauce. Or did he ever stop ?

  • Old git.. says:

    Poor old Merson, does he really think anyone give a hoot what he thinks ? These platforms are just for HASBEENS who have no other Avenue for their outdated opinions, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, don’t know why there is such an obsession with outdated views from outdated ( personalities) …

  • Hammerpete6 says:

    Merson was a maverick player, never managed or even picked a team, gives opinions on Sky Sports. He is less qualified to comment on West Ham than thousands of us older fans. Not interested in his opinion on WHU.

  • Trevor says:

    Merson has never been generous towards West Ham. He’s one of a few ex-pros who are toxic in their opinions. Lopetegui should be given a chance to develop HIS team and I hope our fans will give him a break if West Ham finish 9th again.

    In the eight seasons after Man City moved from Maine Road to where they are now their league placing were similar to what ours have been since 2016……9th, 16th, 8th, 15th, 14th, 9th, 10th and 5th. Then after they had new owners, the rest is history. Only one season since then have they not won a trophy, Hopefully David Sullivan and Vanessa Gold will sell up soon!!!

  • John B says:

    Steve’s supported since 1966 and this is the biggest cock up in history?Can’t forget Lou Macari,Glenn Roeder (RIP)Avram Grant and Manuel Pellegrini can we?Seems to me it’s a wait and see whoever came in.No silver bullets but they all get fired in the end whatever.

  • Tony Hammer says:

    Merson who?? oh you mean that alcoholic gambler ? like his opinion means anything..jog on

  • Selsdonhammer says:

    Moyes is now (almost) history, so who cares? The king is dead, long live the king. COYI.

  • Paul Robinson says:

    I am a west ham fan. Merson is without doubt the most anti impartial and anti west ham pundit out there.
    I have never heard him say anything positive about west ham, and seems to only give back handed credit when we beat teams ( like arsenal) . For him west ham are very securely in a box marked laughable,-average. And nothing is going to change that.
    He constantly tips us to fail, even though he has a terrible history of picking winners.
    He is arsenal blinded and a terrible pundit because of it. Take a look at alan shearer, he can give teams credit and positive outlook if they are doing well, not mumbling merse.

  • Hammer 10 Patel says:

    Sanskrit pandita, which means “a learned man or scholar’. Alcoholic, gambler and a man with below average education somehow found a place on Sky sports. Compare him to our Trevor who has an ability to speak in English, analyse the game and players, has a life worth speaking about. Who cares what an Arsenal reject and an Easter says.

  • Steve says:

    How ridiculous Mersin is. Sounds like he’s back on the Charlie

  • Robert says:

    How do you quantify success and please the fans? Last season Arsenal lost the premiership title rather than Mancity winning it. This season they bought Rice, they playing some good football, scoring plenty of goals and entertainment,the fans going home happy. Unfortunately the same outcome of last season, out of all the cups, second again but laid out over 100 million for one player. Will the fans be happy again next year? This is when Merson should be calling Moyes. Here at West Ham, quarter final of the Europa League, eighth in the premiership but we only went home happy on a handful of occasions. The only entertainment we get on match days,are half and half scarf, cash or card, remove your hat you concealing a weapon and trying to beat the stop/go lollipop men.That has been the story for us last couple of seasons. What’s wrong looking for a fresh approach? The trouble with Merson, Shearer and other pundits they see West Ham a sleeping giant and with the right structure and organising a lot of potential that could threaten the so called elite. There is no magic wand in football but if you have the right tools and materials and lay down good solid foundations you have placed everything in your favour. If the new manager is a failure first out of the traps Merson, Shearer I told you so, well I know what I wish for.

  • David Francis says:

    David Moyes has won one trophy in his whole managerial career.
    Paul Merson does seem to have a bit of a unhealthy obsession with Moyes.

  • Kevin Goodman says:

    Plastic pundits comments about subjects that they know little about because they’re so wrapped up in their own teams but still paid ridiculous amounts of money to wind fans up. Talk ****e have been doing this for years that’s why I don’t listen anymore. Ironic that Moyes is going to Euros this summer with them.

  • Dj says:

    Agree with merson totally wrong choice

    • Wayne says:

      Wrong choice or not, David Moyes was the wrong choice for many.

      As for Merson, he really does have an unhealthy obsession with West Ham.

    • D.f.butcher says:

      Perhaps if merson had had lopetagui has a manager he might have been a better player, I say player because I can’t think of any other word to describe him that doesn’t end in k or r or t come to that.

    • Steve Wells says:

      Go back to DJ’ing mate. Who do you support arse nil? Mersons a coke head ****jockey that doesn’t have a clue, the blokes a big nosed ***** that hates West Ham. Are you a sooner by any chance?

  • Steve Shelley says:

    A clever person once said that West Ham won a trophy in spite of David Moyes.

  • Jonathan Newman says:

    Tbh I don’t disagree with Merse. Lopetegui is a poor replacement for a superb manager. To me it feels too much like Pellegrini all over again.

  • Lee london says:

    Merson is a clown..only reason he didn’t go with the last lot..only there for comedy value…dont do to well in the books either

  • Reallyoldgeezer says:

    Don’t give the M person any oxygen by ranting against him. Laugh at him or ignore him. These pundits know as much about running our Premier league team as we do, probably less. If Moyes had had a health issue and couldn’t have managed us , what, we’d go down to the Second division in 4 years? Of course not. We’ve watched enough to know that we want to enjoy the game, and the players have enough talent to win matches if properly set up and coached. I love Nolan but how much is he actually going to improve Kudus or Paquetta, for example.
    However, that’s probably academic now and we have the next phase for WHU to build on, thanks largely to Sullivan and Moyes. So stuff those who have no interest in our club, except to make money and promote themselves on the back of us. We know our football, we love our club, and all we hope is the management and the Players give us 100 pct for their wages.

  • Robert says:

    I wish merson would keep his mouth shut and worry abt himself he was a disaster has a manager so I don’t think he’s qualified to give his opinion only thing he was gd at was drinking and he ain’t got a clue abt our club or our fans

  • Shacks says:

    I wish Paul Merson would silence himself. He was a decent footballer, but that is really where it ends. I think a tupperware tub full of spunk it slightly more knowledgeable and certainly more charismatic. He’s not relevant and certainly not a pundit that has a deep understanding of people, life and the future. Ignore!

  • Steve Harris says:

    Merson needs to find a new therapist and get back to AA; he clearly has problems that need professional assistance.

  • Albert says:

    Lopetegui wasn’t my coach of choice but we have him now so let’s see how it unfolds. Just give him a chance he can hardly serve up worse football than Moyes. As for these so called ex player experts I don’t remember any of them successfully managing any club but they apparently all know how it should be done. The simple answer to them is to not watch them on these nonsense opinion shows and they won’t have an audience then there will be no job for them.

  • Gary Bowyer says:

    Hi is on a wind up. He just knows if Moyes stays it’s another 6 points to the Arse next season. He has seen the dross served up by Moyes this season and deep down he is ****ing himself on the standard of so called football we have been seeing. So…..dooooooooo one.

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