West Ham’s Vitão Chase Hits a Wall

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West Ham United‘s pursuit of Brazilian defender Vitão from Internacional has encountered its first hurdle.

According to the Brazilian site UOL , the Hammers submitted an €8 million offer for the 24-year-old centre-back, but Internacional swiftly rejected it. This follows Internacional’s similar dismissal of a €9 million bid from Real Betis.

Internacional is holding firm, demanding €12 million for Vitão. This price discrepancy creates a significant obstacle for West Ham.

UOL suggests West Ham might return with a more enticing offer. However, there’s no official confirmation yet.

While Internacional is finalising Vitão’s permanent transfer from Shakhtar Donetsk, this doesn’t necessarily rule out a sale. They might be open to a deal if the price is right.

The transfer saga has reached a critical juncture. Here are the potential scenarios:

West Ham Raises Bid: The Hammers could bridge the gap by submitting a higher offer that meets Internacional’s valuation.
Negotiation Deadlock: If an agreement on the price can’t be reached, the deal might collapse.
Price Compromise: Internacional might be willing to negotiate their asking price down to find a middle ground with West Ham.

The future of Vitão’s transfer hangs in the balance. West Ham must decide their next move – improve their offer or pursue alternative targets. Internacional, on the other hand, needs to determine their flexibility regarding the asking price. We will have to wait and see if both parties can find a compromise or if this transfer pursuit ends in yet another disappointment.

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  • Phil McDonald says:

    If Tim has identified him as a target, then 12m euros seems small beer. Not saying we shouldn’t negotiate, but not to the extent that he goes elsewhere. That has happened too often in the past. It’s only a bargain if he actually signs. Take the win.

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