West Ham’s Wait for McTominay Goes On

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West Ham United‘s hopes of landing Scott McTominay this summer have been placed on hold, as Manchester United focuses on bringing in new midfield reinforcements, according to new reports.

It has widely been assumed that the Hammers interest in the Scottish midfielder ended with the departure of Davis Moyes. Yet West Ham still reportedly see the 27-year-old Man U players experience and tenacity as a valuable addition to their squad.

Despite interest from West Ham and other Premier League clubs, Manchester United seems reluctant to let McTominay go. His strong performances under Erik ten Hag last season, where he contributed 10 goals and 3 assists, have solidified his place in the squad. Furthermore, McTominay has a year remaining on his contract with an option to extend, making him a valuable asset for United.

Manchester United’s current priority is to strengthen their midfield through new signings. However, their plans remain unclear, leaving West Ham in a waiting game. Additionally, United is looking to offload the high wages of midfielder Casemiro, but the Saudi Pro League appears to be the only realistic destination this summer

With United’s decision on McTominay’s future on hold, West Ham must consider alternative options. They could wait and see how United’s transfer business unfolds, hoping for a potential opening to acquire McTominay. Alternatively, they may need to shift their focus to other midfield targets.

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  • Cubbie says:

    Indefinite wait I hope !

  • Ian says:

    Make it stop!

  • I'm not the answer to our right back problems says:

    “West Ham United‘s hopes of landing Scott McTominay this summer have been placed on hold”

    Now correct me (please) if I’m wrong but C&H is a West Ham United gossip based website, I don’t remember anything being reported since the 14th June when the Domestic Transfer Window Opened about WHU being interested in signing McTominay again.
    So how has anything been put on hold 🤔.
    Simon concentrate on Quality not Quantity, it may just make you actually worth listening to.

    • Kip says:

      I know ..its getting bad.on here..don’t come on half as much …to much click bait with no chance of transfer .happening …must be on about the 100th player now …give up

  • Tom Duffy says:

    Please make this nonsense stop. You don’t have report on every unqualified transfer speculation. West Ham has moved on these Moyes type signings. More quality less quantity would be a good idea

  • Vic Watson says:

    Absolute nonsense, this is just lazy. Should be embarrassed to put crap like this out.

  • Deathblow says:

    He’s a better player than I thought he was a couple of years ago, but I can’t see him leaving a huge club like ManU for us, especially as he’s a lifelong fan and only ever wanted to play for them.
    If I was him I’d stay and continue to play well for them and run his contract down.
    He’s another ‘name’ player our owner adores. Take him on a free next year. If we are in for him, which I doubt, it’s only cos our dimwit owner wants him so he can boast about how a ManU player wanted to honor us with his presence!!!!
    So much gossip and dross on here.

  • Bish says:

    More importantly, are we finally going to get Lingard? I reckon he’s still keen.

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