Westfield snag may hit Irons fans

West Ham fans are likely to face big problems getting away from the Olympic Stadium – certainly over the first four home games of the season.

According to Gonzo of Hammers Chat a decision has been made by Westfield to close off their shopping centre – and it is private land –  after games, forcing fans to find another way bck to central London from the game.

This has come through sources to Hammers Chat and there is another meeting this morning to discuss what appears to be a growing problem.

There were reports after the AC/DC concert of issues following the gig and Gonzo covers that and other issues here.


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9 comments on “Westfield snag may hit Irons fans

  1. Well thats a bit crap isn’t it?

  2. A bit of a shocker mate, no good having the best transport links if you can’t get to the train

  3. Well that’s bad news isn’t it.Next time you appear on TV have a shave first young man lol

  4. Was that your Brian Clough impression Teddy 🙂

  5. I find this a bit odd, especially as the recently published event plan allows for traffic over the link bridge back to Stratford.

    Btw as a Stratford resident how am I supposed to get back to Stratford without going through Westfield and using the link bridge? Also I find it hard to see how they can prevent someone going about their lawful business to watch a film in Westfield or have a meal just because they have been to a football match.

    • I’m sure they’ll arrange something with residents 54. As for the lawful business of strolling through Westfield to watch a film . . . . . . . it’s private land so if they say no fans on match day then there is very little one can do about it.

      You can of course circumvent the fencing but that will take you in the flow of the football crowd and by the time you’ve made it around Westfield won’t care because most fans will have left anyway.

  6. This is exactly what they did for the World Cup rugby games so it’s nothing new. They herded the crowd towards the station on this route and then had marshals with stop boards every 100m or so and you had to wait for the crowd in front to move forward before you wre allowed to go. Considering one of the games I went to had 50k it took us about 25 mins to get to Stratford station. It’s not so different to having to cue at UP tube. But yet again one of the fantastic reasons for going to the OP turns out not to be the case Surprise surprise.

  7. This was announced months ago so was always going to be the case.
    Westfield’s view, I guess, is that they want their place to be full of potential shoppers not thousands of football fans passing through.
    A reasonable stance to take from their point of view.

  8. Yes you can certainly see their pov as well Royston.

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