What are you waiting for West Ham?

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The news that West Ham United are currently scouting Lille’s striker Jonathan David is astounding yet suspiciously familiar.

I have lost count of the times West Ham has been linked with this player over the years, so why we would need to scout him now is a mystery. One has to remember that David has been hailed as the next big thing from the moment he left Canada and moved to Belgium in 2018.

The 24-year-old striker has been on West Ham’s radar so many times that the club must have countless dossiers and scouting reports on the player. David has been considered football’s next big thing for quite some time, and to coin a frequently used phrase on this platform, he used to be “the future.”

I would imagine that every teenager in his bedroom who plays FIFA or Football Manager on their laptops knows everything there is to know about David. So, it’s fair to assume that both Tim Steidten and Julen Lopetegui are fully aware of his qualities and attributes as a player.

I’m not suggesting for one moment that he’s a bad footballer; in fact, there have been many times when I’ve thought Jonathan David was the answer to West Ham’s problems. However, I’m unsure how much more there is to be learned from scouting him further? Let’s be honest, we are unlikely to learn anything in the next two weeks that we hadn’t noticed in the previous five years.

If he’s the right man for the job, then bring it on. West Ham has been waiting far too long for a proper replacement striker, and if Jonathan David is that man, let’s get him signed up.

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  • Phil McDonald says:

    After a quick start I was optimistic that we might have at least half of our new signings in by the start of pre season training. Now we seem to be lapsing into well-trodden paths of passivity, where everything is possible but the porridge never seems to taste quite right. Is Sully playing games in the shadows again while leaving others to take the rap?

  • D says:

    I do agree with you Phil, but what I would say is that I don’t hear of any other clubs signing players. And with 2 major football championships on at the moment I doubt much will happen until they are over or the majority of the teams are out.

    • Phil McDonald says:

      Yeah, I get that, but we need a number of home grown players, and that window has been open for ten days. There are some good players in the Championship, plus frees. Having signings blocked by Sully is no better than by Moyes. He can’t hide behind that any more.

  • Macephtopheles says:

    What are they waiting on? I mean I know “research” is a horrible word for you but I’ll be a good Samaritan and try assist.

    There’s this tournament called the Copa America which is mainly contested by South American nations. Now this is the part which may confuse you, but… they also feature “invitees” which are generally from CONCACAF but also other continents such as Asia. Spain were even invited once but refused to participate.

    This year, Canada were one of those invitees AND THEY’RE CURRENTLY PLAYING IN THE TOURNAMENT so he’s slightly busy with that at the moment.

    The “scouting” by West Ham might be watching those games such as yesterday where Peru lost 1-0 to Canada thanks to a goal by a certain Jonathan David.

    Weird that, huh?

  • Derek Mitchell says:

    This is just typical West Ham. It’s always the same plenty of talk,hardly any action. The club needs to understand that. ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS.

  • Mal says:

    Getting fed-up with all the West Ham are singing, so and so, when nothing happens. Typical West Ham, for gods sake spend the money, we need new home grown players, not all these so called famous foreign players. SORT it out, now, NOT next month. Hopefully I am being over critical, but as a life long Hammers fan I should be used to it, but please get some good players in, sooner rather than later

  • Jeeps says:

    There’s a fly in the ointment.
    Originally thought to be Moyes forever battling with Tim.
    However this can longer be the case.
    Where is this indecisiveness coming from?
    Money man / manager / Tim Steidten / players / agents.
    Perhaps mind games comes into the equation which all clubs indulge in.
    Doesn’t matter what games are on going at the moment agents can be contacted.
    Can’t compare whu with most other clubs due to needing so many Incoming players.
    Not only do they need replacements but also extras to obtain a reasonable sub bench for rotation/injury.
    As already mentioned time is of an essence, excuses are no longer acceptable.
    Max Kilman needs to go on back boiler and start making offers that are going to secure players.

  • Ian says:

    David is playing for Canada at the Copa America so maybe not possible to get a deal done now. Also, IF all of these rumours are to be believed he has interest from Chelsea, Tottenham and ManU. So how are we going to convince him to turn those down and join us?
    Do you know if this interest from us is even genuine? Or if we have actually made an offer?

  • Paul P. says:

    Love to see him at West Ham and the Georgia goal keeper who played a “stunner” against Portugal.

  • Kevlar says:

    We need to be patient and get the right players in their correct positions! Moyes is to blame for the position we are in by not replenishing the squad in the last 2/3 seasons.We need tight Sullivan and kretinsky to provide extra funds to rebuild the whole squad.We can’t rebuild with freebies if we want to progress,and improve as a team.This will be our most important transfer window ever and we need to get it right !!! COYI

  • JM says:

    Personally I think all this rabid speculation daily with every player under the sun linked to the club clouds the fact that we are only 2 weeks into the transfer window today. Many clubs will be reluctant to sell while major tournaments are on as their players values may increase. Steidten knows what he is doing and has a track record of success, so there’s no point in being quick to judge (FFS). And hopefully the likes of Earthy, Casey and Potts will emerge this season.

  • Gonzo's 2nd pair of Speedos says:

    Shaq will put his arm around Jonathan David, call him Bro and then sign him up for under £10m

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