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What do board out campaigners want?

Gold sullivan BradyThere appears to be a growing movement suggesting the board should quit.

The ‘board out’ slogans are being prepared but want does that actually mean and what do they hope to gain?

David Sullivan and David Gold are directors of the holding company W H Holding Limited but they are also 85% shareholders.

While it is possible for them to resign their positions as directors they would remain owners and  would ultimately appoint a chairman and directors to oversee their wishes.

West Ham co-owner David Gold has little day to day involvement in the running of the football beyond his board meeting and turning up at events and games as the figurehead.

David Sullivan rarely ventures out of his private office at his Essex mansion and restricts his involvement to the defacto director of football dealing with agents and transfers.

As recently confirmed by David Gold in an interview there have been no serious offers for West Ham since the pair took over in 2010 and there are no buyers queuing up to take the club off their hands.

They would probably want at least £800m for the club valuing their share holding around £688m plus they would want their £50m loans paid back with interest.

Gold has often said be careful what you wish for and change of ownership is no guarantee of better management, ask Birmingham, Leeds United or QPR fans!

Instead just wanting the board out, it might be a more valid worthwhile campaign for supporters to lobby for something that is actually achievable.

Maybe the appointment of a director of football to take over transfer business going forward or ask for a change of leadership in the day to day operations by replacing the current Vice Chairman.

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About Sean Whetstone

I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

36 comments on “What do board out campaigners want?

  1. In the last 18 months we have gained 30,000 extra season ticket holders, and a huge new tv deal

    Our spending has been less than in the previous few years, and our debts have not decreased.

    We sold our home, with talk of challenging the big boys, moving to the next level. Frankly that now looks like spin and BS

  2. we want new owners,I have lived through a few owners and I honestly feel these are the worse,everything they have said from day one onwards has been a lie,the club is getting far richer but where is that money,Sullivan lies non stop he says we turned down 650 mil bid for club ,gold says no one has ever bid for club he can’t stop lying

  3. No class … constant bull sh-te…. non existent transfer targets … laughing stock of football community …. Even a Portuguese gob sh-te calls them “Dildo Twins ” … Can it get any worse ? COYI

  4. and now we’ve been reported to Fifa for tapping up which could mean a transfer ban.

  5. I don’t really care about the ownership it’s the Football side that bothers me and David Sullivan has proved that he’s not up to the Director of Football role, he goes about it in an amaterish manner lurching from crisis to crisis making West Ham a perpetual Soap Opera.

    Everything is now hinging on the Huddersfield game with Slaven Bilic being a ‘dead man walking’, and no idea who will take over when he inevitably goes – it’s a bit of a mess!

  6. • Buy David Sullivan a copy of Football Manager 18 and appointment a proper director of football to replace him in transfer and contract negotiations. Give him/her the agreed list of targets and a budget then leave the negotiations up to them.
    • A new Vice Chairperson that works exclusively for West Ham, plays a proper part in the day to day running of the club, has no other vested interests and does not have a newspaper column in which they embarrass our club by slagging off other teams and their players and expressing views not shared by the vast majority of West Ham supporters.
    • Scrap the SAB and instead engage fully with the WHISA
    • Finally, a proper 5 point plan for the advancement of the club which is realistic, sensible and achievable within a specific timeframe and supports a longer term goal.

  7. I would add to that, the appointment of a proper Communications Director and an end to the media whoring by the whole Sullivan family and David Gold.

  8. There is no way a club with such few assets is worth £800m plus £100m debt. Either they are so deluded that they genuinely believe the club is worth that (and are going to ruin the club in the process by not selling up) or they actually have based that figure on future revenues and profit (in which case you get an idea of how much they are not investing in the club and lining their pockets with).

    David Sullivan should not be allowed anywhere near transfers, he has dragged the club’s name through the mud with his Del Boy style of dealing. David Gold adds absolutely nothing to the club and Brady has zero interest in West Ham. At 70 years old neither ds or dg are capable of much anymore. It’s time for them to get packed off to the old folks home. Brady is half competent at least, although clearly looks down her nose at us fans. And the fact she calls people like Phillip Green a personal friend says everything you need to know about her as a person. But why does the club not let her negotiate the deals? Surely that hard, cold, miserable demeanour would be much better in negotiations with other CEOs than trying to patronise and insult West Ham fans?

    Ultimately the owners, and people like mike Ashley and Stan Kroenke are all cut from the same money loving, arrogant, disgusting cloth. They are corporate cancers eating away at the clubs and teams they own, all three clubs’ futures look grim. Tired old men with tired ideas. Perhaps we can get together with the fans of these other clubs and organise a joint protest? Perhaps we can lobby the PL to change the ownership tests to include an age limit? And that owners should have to prove they are genuine fans of the club not just some hackneyed sound bites looking to make a quick buck?

    The owners need to leave asap.

    • Or maybe it was Sean who quoted ‘probably want at least £800m & loans repaid’. I do agree that there is no way that the club’s value is anywhere near that amount though.
      I don’t really understand your personnel hatred towards all of them & everything they do. If the PL change the ownership rules to what you call genuine fans then pretty much none of the teams in the PL would be where they are now. How many of these foreign owners supported the clubs they own before they bought them? It might be a long search for new owners who fit your criteria

  9. I may be in a minority and am certainly up for a lot more transparency but unless someone such as those owning Man City or PSG come along, I would stick with what we have, the transfer outlay in terms of net spend looks low but when you factor in profit and loss on net income it looks like we are barely making a profit I think it was a profit of under £3000 last season which seems odd to me. If that is the case I would like to see where all that money is going, we know the wage bill was £83 million so where was the rest of the money. I don’t believe this valuation of £800m either, not sure where that figure has come from but at best we are worth about £300m, there is £80m of debt owed to the chairmen, £20+ m owed elsewhere then the training facilities which have been mortgaged so we are told. Other than Carvalho in general the chairmen have delivered what Slav asked for and Carvalho was not on that list (despite us needing him). For me it is not the chairmen who need changing it is the coaching staff, under Slav no matter how much I want him to succeed the reality is we start games lacking the required intensity to compete and we are a mess defensively, offensively we seem to score some goals but there is not really a structured approach to breaking teams down such as a City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Utd or a Liverpool have and we lack the fitness of Tottenham to grind teams down and score late goals. In all we are like a rudderless ship with a manager guessing how his team will perform from match to match that is not a recipe for success. Slav should be in control and we should be consistently performing like pretty much every other team in the division not playing really well 1 game in every 10 like we saw last season.

    • No they might want that but Sunderland couldn’t get £90m tho their shytr owner lulled plug early for better of club w £80m. Mike Ashley wants £450m we don’t own a Stadium. And the supposed £650m bid from Red Bull I don’t see them turning that down. Like they have said even if they were to sell they would want to still be part of club in some way. Don’t own a Stadium bit do have good Location. So potential buyer might want to buy LS or build a new stadium.
      £50m put in but taking loan on Rush green. So if they do want best for club they would take a 50% buy with someone with backing or think £400m -£600m is more right.
      But now players cost more then championship clubs!! And even Sunderland which is good size club. So its all backwards.

  10. What do board out campaigners want? A good old whinge like the old women they are, of course. If the board did sell up and go, the West Ham whinge brigade would turn their belly aching to the next board.
    Embarrassing? The board? No, it’s the social media sewing circle who really are an embarrassment to the club. Twazzocks.

    • Nothing funnier than people whingeing on social media about people whingeing on social media? 😄

      • Even funnier when you are the king of slagging this place off on Whtid along with your buddies original and the like.
        You got some front Ray.You spend your time b1tching about this place then come and use it.

    • You could have said something useful about the club. Instead you chose to ***** about other fans. Who’s the old woman again? U should probably leave football to the fans and stick with cosmo mate

  11. Haha! Most amusing.. Enjoy your handbags… : )

  12. Why do some of you take criticism so badly.You find it perfectly acceptable to dish it but if anyone should dare question your statements you get all bent out of shape.All rather strange.Should everyone post the same as you or they should read Cosmo.
    I regularly use social media but also know it is a platform for delirium and meltdowns.

    • Sorry why should I be called an old woman because i took the time to reply to an article which is asking the question “what do board out campaigners want?”

      Clearly this was an article about fans complaints! If you’re not interested in the club being run properly you’re not much of a fan are you? When did this site get full of melts?

      • Ive been wondering the same myself for the last few months dj.I thought you were in self imposed exile from here anyway😁

        • Hello mate, how’s it going? Yeah not posted in a while but wanted to give my two pennies. Something definitely a miss at the club at the mo. The last season at UP almost seems like a lifetime ago!

          Yeah I stopped posting for a while as the site deletes some of my comments. Today was first day back. And they deleted my comment again. 😂😂😂

      • The £800m valuation comes directly from Karren Brady’s personal website http://www.karrenbrady.com/biography/ so one would think that what she values it at

        The repayment of £50m of loans plus £20m of interest by 2020 is in the company accounts at companies house

        • Sean, fair enough if the site doesn’t want it’s business on the net, but transparency is important to fans, particularly at a time when we are skeptical about the club’s owners, their motivations and the things they are saying.

        • Cheers Sean, so basically it is a delusion of grandeur by KB and presumably the chairmen. We are worth what someone would pay but I cannot see anyone paying that ridiculous sum, although I didn’t think other than maybe Messi or Ronaldo anyone would pay £200m for a player so who knows what will happen next in this crazy game.

  13. A lot of people on here think the owners are sitting on mountains of cash. They are, but so are all the otherPL cubs!! And the transfer fees are going up! Yes we have more season ticket holders, but ticket receipts are peanuts compared to tv money. So we are still in the chasing pack & that is where we will probably stay.

    So I think your final points are key. The club has to look at doing things it can control better to gain an advantage over Stoke Leicester WBA etc Better recruitment, not just ‘spend more money’. Better development of youth players. Yes, I do think DS needs to bite the bullet & appoint an experienced person, whatever title he is given, to manage recruitment. Seems to me that Leicester WBA Saints all do this more efficiently than us. DS is experienced but imo recruitment has moved on & we have been left behind.

    So I am not worshipping the owners. They have made some mistakes in the past & are still making some as we speak, but they have got some things right. I don’t see that trying to drive them out now will help the club. I want them to make some changes to improve things. New manager, a clear direction on the pitch & some good results to restore a bit of unity- that would do me!

  14. What do I want from owners:
    People that respect and act in the good name of our club.
    People that can realise the opportunity that moving to the new stadium offers.
    A properly run club with a decent transfer budget that enables the team to be competitive and challenging for Europe and offers a decent chance if winning some silverware.
    A club with a decent plan and strategy in place from top to bottom.
    A team that plays the West Ham way.
    That’s all!

  15. Good Article. We need a real Director of Football not Sully himself. Having them more as figure heads and with less say and banned from social media.
    We really need a Director of Football who maintains these relationships (which they just burnt w Lisbon) Scouts players over years allows the Manager to focus more of training formations and playim football of course still have say but best clubs have Sporting Directors.
    And an Investor would be nice w our location and worldwide branding which Chicharito is helping with we should be able to get an investor… Instead of mortgaging Rush Green!!!
    Everton got Moshiri w 50% and a 4 year deal w Chinese Bank that sees an extra £60m in kitty.
    Surely w the LS London and the potential are club could have Investors are out there and we just need a Sporting director and backroom changes see if Rio’s offer for Defensive coach is still available

  16. Hi Dan46- so what have they done right? Blimey that’s a tough one. Maybe you are right. Every single decision, transfer, wrong wrong wrong every single one. Give me a break ….

  17. Surely if the board appoint a director of football, or another similar position, he will have to do what he is told until the time is right to hang him out to dry. So what will that achieve? What we want, or need, is a board which makes promises it can deliver upon. Don’t promise us things which are not going to ever happen. We are WHU fans, we dream, we believe, and if we are told we are moving to a new stadium which will deliver CL football in 3 years, we believe it. But if promises fail to materialise, we will quickly turn. So what do we want? Simples – New owners with wheel barrows full of cash who are dumb enough to throw it all at our football club. City have it, PSG have it, and we want it! Not much to ask for really!

  18. But aren’t City and PSG both in the cart for peeing in the pool.If you want those type of owners ok jimbo but they arent the type i want if im honest.

    Im not sure about dreaming or believing.Believing football chairmen is a path to sorrow in most cases.Who really believed all they said about CL in seven years in 2010.The gullible.

  19. Nobes – Think I’d settle for anything in front of this lot!

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