What reception will Sam get? – the fans respond

It’s the weekend when West Ham’s fans will decide what sort of reception they give Sam Allardyce.
Some will undoubtedly be ready to give him a hard time as he steps into the club for the first time since the board decided not to renew his contract last summer. Others will want to show their appreciation
How the fans will greet the Sunderland boss is a subject dominating many forums- here’s how the ClaretandHugh FB members at https://www.facebook.com/groups/363174467150521/ believe we should react.
Sam-Allardyce-edited1_2519771O I’m going to be highly embarrassed when our fans start abusing Allardyce, especially after what he did for our club.
Let’s concentrate on getting behind our boys instead.

O Singing Slav’s name loud and proud is the way to go let’s focus on the positives

O A few renditions of “Slaven Bilic’s claret and blue army” is enough to make the point. OK  a couple of maybe..”we play on the floor, we play on the floor, its the west ham way, we play on the floor” and then smash the mackems out the park!
O Let’s hope a win is all we need to show Allardyce just how far this club has come already under Slav. Relegation battles? We have left that misery behind but thanks for the memories!

O The most important thing is to WIN! Need our fans to support Slav & the boys really LOUD this week!
O His departure was enough for me – go get him Slav we need the points

O Could be back up to fifth on Saturday. These are the games we cannot let slip and I have a really good feeling on the back of a comfortable FA cup game we will be finding the net quite a bit!
O Hope he gets warmly applauded before his team ship six.

O The media are all hoping we give him abuse so they can drag up all the crap we had to go through the last half of last season. Treat him well and then watch Payet, Lanzini, Antonio and the lads give them a hiding

O Allardyce did a job for us… we should just let Super Slav’s men do the talking. I will bet there will be 10 Sunderland players behind the ball at all times!

O I hope Sam doesn’t get to much abuse . He dug us out of a very big hole at the time . Welcome him back with applause , then let’s get on with enjoying the super Slav style of football . Coyi

O Just show him the West Ham Way. I never liked him and nothing has changed. Hope it’s a cricket score

O We were in dire straits when he took over, got us up and kept us  but under Slav we have gone to another level which we shall hopefully enjoy for many years to come. Thank you Sam but now let’s all sing and raise the roof on Saturday for Slav and the boys

O His attitude towards us fans was enough for me
O I hope Senor Allardythe receives the reception he thoroughly deserves (not in the way he would appreciate though). The best way to deal with the situation is to sing Slav’s (and the team’s) praises loud and proud. It would only feed Sam’s over-inflated ego to acknowledge him!
Sam did the job he was asked to do by the owners. No need for abuse he fulfilled his contract. Respect that.

O My family have over a hundred years of history in West Ham. I just don’t see the point in any reaction at all to Allardyce. As said many times, he did a job, he did what he is good at and we all knew what he was capable of. That’s it, it’s over, move on. The past is dead, the future is bright.

O I think we should show some class and not boo or jeer Sam. He he did the job he was asked to and got us back in the PL but to play the way we wanted we needed Slav. so Lets cheer slav not boo Sam 

O Love him or not – he was involved in getting us back in the PL and in building the core of the team Bilic has taken forward this year. I’d hope that those who feel the need to abuse him don’t spoil the atmosphere.
O Yep, let the players say it. This is how we play now and this is why you’re two goals down Sam. That’s a statement an all that needs to be said.

About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

47 comments on “What reception will Sam get? – the fans respond

  1. Good balanced views Hugh.Cherry picked the ‘dont boo him’ ones clearly.Personally i hope he gets dogs abuse just to **** off the prentitious cocks on Wetpants who think they are the fans association & everyone should do as they say.W#nkers

  2. Sod showing him respect.He deserves all he gets.I went to 15 of the 18 league games away last season.Never saw that b*stard once acknowledge us travelling fans,win,draw or lose.Geezer is an obnoxious tosser.Quick enough to lap up praise,never took any responsibility for the bad days.Always someone elses fault.Screw him.
    Btw,hello Bubs & the crew,hope you are well.Really enjoying the Slav days,fantastic 😉

    • Hello rads, we got our team back mate !

      • Alrite John.Yep loving it.Work in progress still but a whole lot better.Aint been to so many matches this season away but the fun is back when we do.Went to Bkackburn Sunday.Brilliant day out.Bad hangover monday though,lol 🙂

        • Bloody ‘ell Rads i thought your toes might have curled up.Good to see you are still breathing,lol.Hope all is well mate.Better times now.Slav has us all (mainly) united again.Take care buddy!

          • Cheers for that Al,lol.Aye still breathing mate,just flat out work wise.Expensive business following The Irons these days.Got to keep the dough rolling in.No time for footie forums.Well i read them but no time usually to comment.This was Hippo time though.Needed to say something.Look after yourself mate.I will appear again in about 6 months i guess 😀

          • Good to see the Wetpants are still dribbling as well.Same old bs from the same old faces.Good old HH fights his way through the sh#te though 🙂

          • I dont mind the site actually if you ignore one or two on there who want to constantly tell everyone else they are wrong & would argue night was day.If a couple stfu sometimes it would be an ok site.Some Fat Sam lovers on there 100% though even if they do hide it under a thin veil of Slaven praise.Bellends those dudes.

  3. Never heard so many jellyfish roll over in a p.c. position ( on their backs with feet and hands raised ) this cretin insulted you ,me ,the club and our tradition ! You shame us . There’s a time for forgiving but that time is not now , give it him loud and for 90 mins, thousands have no respect for this turd and will vent their fury ! show the same respect he showed us , zilch.
    If this bloke walked down the mile end rd he wouldn’t get to the end ,

  4. He did all he was asked then moved on, as is progress. Bilic now takes us to another level.
    Lets not let our club down by a childish hate campaign. Let the football do the talking.

  5. We are a quantum leap from BFS now,the age of the dinosaur is over.This is the age of irons.

  6. Guess most the negative replies Hugh couldnt print on here,hahaha,pretty lame bunch this lot.Must be the ones who use Wetpants as well who will give him polite applause while munching on their salmon sarnie,lol

  7. not allowed to print them on this board, just as well i suppose!

  8. Just remember lads.Be Careful What You Wish For 😉

  9. After passionately supporting the Irons since 1958 through all the embarrassments we have endured in 3rd round cup exits to minnows, relegation several times especially the Roeder debacle (one of the best teams on paper we had for years, but he managed to take us down). Tevez ‘gate’, the Icelandic dynasty collapse (don’t go there !) my loyalty, devotion and love for this club never faltered…… Until Mr Allardyce. enough said.

  10. How much respect did he show us earlier this season when he slagged us off to anybody who would listen to him?? Answer… none what so ever.. i wouldn’t waste my breath on him, let the team do our talking & bury them..

  11. Just don’t lose to him, that’s all. We’ll never hear the last of it

  12. So the “Dung beetle” is returning and we should applaud him to the hilt? Sorry but the fat lump of lard deserves **** all the sooner he rolls his ball of opinioted **** and trophy less CV back up to Sunderland the better.

  13. Lol,GW has come out of hibernation as well,lol.Some things just have to be done when the Dung Beetles mentioned 😀

    • It’s been a while Rad how you doing? I’ve had nothing to moan about with ” Super Slav” but with that fat turd returning and the obvious love in at Wet Pants beginning it was time to come out of my long self imposed sabbatical.

      • Im good cheers mate,hope you are.I wasnt going to respond to this article but then i read Monkeys Bellend on Wetpants & it got the blood presaure raised.I need to unload some rant,haha.F*cking right precious,sanctimonious snot wipes on Wetpants still i see.Giving it the polite applause b*llocks.Screw that,i aint forgot how the ****e was always the king of self adulation when we won but turned all attention on the players or anyone else when we lost.Egotistical slug 🙂

        • Bang on Radai.Always was the same.If we won he said ‘I DID THIS’ ‘I DID THAT’.If we lost it was always someone,anyone elses fault but his own.Merchant!

        • I’m good Rads, been busy like yourself but when I saw that article from the Monkeys Bellend and supported by the tit with numbers in his name my vow of silence and tolerance was broken lol

          • Oh right,you must mean fa cup winning years.I dont mind him actually compared to many.Cant poke up with that disagreable ball bag Johnsey though.F*ck me he thinks his word is god sent,lol.As for Monkeys Bellend,well he is just a hairy sack.
            Glad your doing well mate,be safe 😉

          • And you pal all we need now is Matte to make an appearance and comment on the turds visit or his latest figa and we’re laughing.

  14. Dung Beetle,bahahaha.aint heared that one before boys,ha ha lol.Despicable man,hope he gets shafted on & off the pitch.

  15. Steady what you say about Wetpants.Seems according to one poster on there that if Mooro,Lyall & Greenwood were alive it is the site they would choose to use.I kid you not that is what one of them posted a couple of weeks ago.Though it soon got deleted.

  16. Well i read the Wetpants article & comments & all i took from it is that some guy called Johnsey is right up Allardyces butt & some guy called WHU647580 is further up Johnsey’ arse & is a total s*it stirrer who thinks he knows everything about everything.Other than that it was many suits being pc & lame.

  17. So it just took the one word Rad,glad to hear from you mate it’s not the same with all last years anti Hippo fans staying silent,
    Must be stunned mate sitting watching all that entertaining football,
    No news from Italy nowadays either,
    Tyson our London Scott is quite as well,Chicken don’t come here much either,
    Just enjoy this weekend what goes around and maybe we can get that Hippo off our back for good,

    • Hello bubs my man.Yeah this Hippohead non booing got me fired up,lol.People wanna clap the **** good luck to them but dont tell me i cant boo him.Mugs.I will do what i want at the game,what some Widdow T****ies on Wetpants say makes no difference.Bunch of lightweights.Yep really enjoying going to the games again mate.Funny days out in the main
      Anyway hope life is good in Espana mate & there are plenty of Figas to clock.Look after yourself.Take care Bubs

  18. Cheers mate have a beer on Saturday for me and give him one for me,
    Talk latter in the season when the cups on the shelf and European football in the bag,

    • Definately going to have a few beers mate.Dont worry i will fire a boo at him for you.Just have to hope i dont have one of the Wetpants politically correct mob next to me to tell me off or get a steward to throw me out,lol.Speak again bubs,be good mate 🙂

  19. Same as mate,
    Matty if you are out there make contact,

  20. When I watched in the 70s all the hard nuts in the Northbank would clap the opposing keeper as he arrived in position. They had respect. Now they boo Scott Parker etc and have loathe Big Sam. What an embarrassment you lot are. All things considered, Big Sam did a great job for us in turning the club round. If anything, you should vent your anger against the 2 Davids for appointing him. But, of course, you bigots are all far too thick to see that. You can all go **** yourselves, as far as I am concerned. So, are you going to give Mark Noble a sustained boo-ing too (whilst most pundits – who you also hate, of course….hmmm… predictable pattern there – are calling for him to play for England)? I am for welcoming Sam with a big Thank You. So there! **** you!

    • Very good COYI.As i said,you do youre thing,i will do mine.I wont preach to you.I have never booed a single player be it Ince,Defoe,Lamps Jr or any other player so dont be so judgmental you fool.So well as you said,F#ck You!!!!

    • Btw Bellend why should anyone want to boo Noble,what the hell does that have to do with anything involving Hippohead.Pretty illogical rant there COYI.You are trying to preempt something just for the sake of an arguement.I will be at his testimonial.Expect you will be too busy sat on your sofa preaching though!

  21. I can’t stand the man, he showed our club, traditions & fans ZERO respect and in fact openly mocked us whilst taking 3 million pounds a year from us

    I’m flying in special to give him the lack of respect he justly deserves – I think the premier league made it an early kick off just to do him a favour cuz it would have been brutal as a late kick off

    • Lol,well i think youre rightabout the early kick off.Its done him a favour Dainon.Be careful booing though.COYI,the west ham ultimate fan will be on your case.As i said,iall last season that Hippo never once acknowledhed us awat supporters.Doubt coyi would know that,probably on hs sofa preaching about hardnuts from the 70s.Shows what the mug knows anyway,i cant remember a single away match when we were near the goals where we disnt acknowledge the home keeper.Always get a few gob sh#tes who want to come on sites to say the opposite to cause a row.D*ckhead.

  22. Hey rads ☺ i don’t care what anybody says he is going to get abused by large sections of the crowd no matter what .. If it’s right or wrong does not matter it’s GOING TO HAPPEN

    • It’s like some of these people have never been to a match before !!!!!

      • Hello Dainon,hope lifes treating you well.Couldnt really care what COYI thinks tell you the truth.What others do is nothing to do with him.He would be better of stfu.But if he did that he couldnt come on here trying to sh*t stir at about 3am,lol 😀

  23. Surprised reading today only 1 wander came over from dribble down to voice his poor opinion,just can’t believe people have not worked out how much hurt to our club this man did,look back now Bolton,Newcastle,and soon to be Sunderland because they did not have the 2 Daves and Lady B to control him.
    Never mind it’s Dayton think about a real Legend not a Bellend

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