Where are those exciting signings?

boleyninsiderEight days ago the club’s ITK told us to expect two more signings in the next seven days.

The Boleyn Insider told us “We have seen a lot of speculation linking players with the Club over the weekend ranging from Dimitri Payet to Diego Perotti. My understanding is that the Club are looking at a number of targets and are confident they can sign two more players in the next seven days.”

West Ham chairman David Sullivan backed this up by telling the club’s official TV channel “I hope we will have a few more players with one or two very exciting signings. We will be making bids for players and will see what will develop over the coming weeks”

Those seven days have passed and it has all gone quiet on the transfer front. The Boleyn Insider has gone to ground and hasn’t been seen since last Thursday  :)



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17 comments on “Where are those exciting signings?

  1. What we have come to expect from G & S in the transfer markets.All pi*s and wind.

  2. G&S must be Gilbert and Sullivan. Wait till next week for sweet music. Haha

  3. They have said on numerous occasions to ‘expect something within a few days’ or ‘this coming week’.Young Jack,his dad,this idiot on the site.All just h*rse**** to keep us at bay.Too much talk,not enough action.Carlton will be back in a few weeks!! 😉

  4. How many clubs are there that do all their business in the media??
    just have to wait until anything happens. If the club come out & say we want so & so, the price will rise & other clubs could try & steal the player from under our nose.

  5. The all seeing ITK is unmasked as a charlatan we’re all doomed! Lol
    Signings will come as they did last year so I still don’t see the panic,so we’re playing next week it’s unlikely any new player would play in that or the 2nd leg. The window isn’t officially open and decent players are still on holiday so it’s Cadbury Caramel time.

  6. I still dont have any faith in the barrow boys when it comes to signings.We had a right touch last summer with some players we never expected to do as well as they did.But they were a punt.The most expensive however was a bit of a flop.Wait till the end of the transfer window.We will hear tales of missed opportunities,players stolen from us at the last minute,blah,blah.Im sorry i just have little faith in them.Maybe im wrong.

    • “It seems to me I’ve heard that song before”. So goes the song.
      The same old pattern is developing that we have seen too many times and with it’s attendant disappointments

  7. I read this morning that Payet is trying to squeeze a pay rise and new contract with Marseille could be b*llox but at the moment the most concrete stuff seems to be Jenks and song and we had them last season anyway. Even song has the possibility of laughing us off to warm the chelski bench. I don’t get why the owners say stuff like that, if they kept shtum and just said “we’re trying our hardest” it wouldn’t be so bad it’s all these time frames they keep handing out and then of course we think the worst when it don’t happen, players on holiday doesn’t mean anything now days they have agents round the world working for them even if that was the case how comes manure, liverpoo and all the other clubs are still bringing in signings with no problems.

  8. then we have the classic from Mr G dont go to bed

  9. The mancs have signed one player which was weeks ago and the scousers have signed four only one of them for a fee whereas we’ve signed three only one for a fee but having said that it’d be better if the chairmen,relatives and ITKs kept it shut until at least the unveiling was guaranteed.

  10. Liverpoo and manure were just examples. I know it’s still early but if we don’t act a bit more quicker on these deals they will fizzle out or other teams will hijack the deals and we will get the ‘we tried but sadly’ line from the 2 saves. Last summer they did pucka but in January they left it way to late. I’m preying lightning don’t strike twice.

    • I do see your point Irons,I’m optimistic they’re trying as hard as they can and willing to splash to a certain level but it’s the constant drum roll with nothing behind the curtain that let’s them down. I’d like announcements only.

  11. I understand them wanting to give fans hope that deals are in the pipeline or they are doing business & working on deals nut the way they go about things is pathetic.All these messages of new faces in the coming week,hopeful of bringing a world class player in with the week.It is really annoying when another week passes by & there statements have no basis to them.As was said,just shut up until you know a deal is done or tell people on the Official Site.All these twitter & media comments they make rarely come to anything.Personally i think there full of bullsh*t most the time 😉

  12. If there going to flap their gums then tell us stuff that is factual!! Not some Disney story of what might be,could be,maybe will happen!!Solid facts is all we want!!

  13. I am going to hold fire for a few more weeks before i judge them.Far too early in the summer to discount us doing alot of business.But i have the guns loaded for what i expect to be a plethora of excuses about deals being hijacked,players changing their minds,a world class player we thought we had in the bag but the deal fell through.It is just how it is with these two.Come deadline day we will be hearing all the old pony.I will go to bed that night,no staying up when they tweet about staying up 😀

  14. Very few teams have done any business of note.Problem is that when they all start getting busy hammering out deals & getting them done & dusted we will probably be farting about still chasing Payet,Song & Jenks.Then these deals go to rat sh*t & were shagged.

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