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Who are ya?

Fed up with West Ham being linked to a succession of signings that you’ve never heard of or even seen play? . . . . . .  well I know I was.

Everybody seems to be an expert on European football these days but many of the players linked with us are completely new to me so I’ve created an idiots guide to our transfer targets.

I have decided to do a little digging to try and find out the difference between the Lacazette’s and Bacca’s in an attempt to discover a bit more about the talent on offer abroad.

In this video I manage to work through the records, price tags and potential compatibility of some of those attackers that seem to be permanently linked to West Ham.

I’ll be casting an eye over Alexandre Lacazette, Jonathan Calleri, Carlos Arturo Bacca, Mauro Icardi and the much maligned Simone Zaza.

With some video footage included I’ll be weighing up their potential impact on the current Hammers players should they sign and trying to describe exactly what type of player they are.


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8 comments on “Who are ya?

  1. If you dont know

  2. I don’t know what happened there.The site is posting things on its own lol.I have not seen a few of these players I must confess,i have heard of them but not seen most play on a regular basis.Fortunately the experts on Wetlands know every player in Europe so I get to read their experts views.Like you said,everyone seems to be an expert these days lol

  3. Its extremely easy to be an phoney expert in this day & age Stan.Google the players stats,watch some YouTube & you are half way to becoming his agent.
    Thanks for the video btw Gonzo,very good.Life is too short for being an internet scout 🙂

  4. Offer £40m for lacazette and get it done with. The difference in leagues should still translate to a 15-20 goal striker in the prem.

  5. wot a load of ****

  6. I am quite happy to leave transfer plans to the manager and his staff. They havent served us badly thus far. as for what us fans know, lets not forget what a regular contributor who I wont name posted on WHTID some time ago. It was along the lines of… What are we doing signing this French midfielder that I’ve never heard of for £10 Million, when for a few million more we could of bought Charlie Austin. He was of course refering to Dimitri Payet.

  7. Why splash out £40 million for a player who obviously wouldn’t have his heart in coming here.?I would rather spread the money around rather than putting all our eggs in one basket.

  8. There’s a few clubs involved in negotiations with players. , (And clubs ,) that probably most fans haven’t heard of??? So why the big deal.

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