Who takes buck for these player buys? Fans speak out

West Ham became the seventh highest spending club in the last summer transfer window and have spent a further £15 million in the winter.
Yet they have hurtled into mega relegation trouble. ClaretandHugh’s Facebook forum members have been offering their views on who’s responsible.
O Both Bilic and the board have to go. Fancy parting with £35m for such poor players ..is there anyone on the board who actually knows anything about football..?
O So who replaces the board
O Isn’t Tony Henry head of recruitment that makes the recommendations to the manager and board
O As much as I dislike GandS, there is a lot of stuff that goes on in football, with managers having odd links to agents and lots of other things that might explain head scratching decisions.
O The board have been good for the club but by today’s valuations the spend is not of a top 6 club that more a bottom half avoid relegation club.
O £35m is nothing in modern football especially when you’re handed a £700m rent free new home!! Anyone who has any idea about football can clearly see we’ve needed and established right back & a proven goalscorer for at least 4 transfer windows
O Yes the board need to dig deeper this summer if we survive. However I’m not sure I trust Bilic to spend that money. His choice of players is poor to say the least. You can add Snodgrass to that list. So much money wasted on average to very poor players.
O At least give Bilic credit in rejecting Hogan. That would have been £15m badly spent.
O I don’t get how the Board keep getting beaten up after allowing 35 mill to be spent on 3 players. Good or bad its not there fault how the team play. No Manager would or should let anyone pick the team but them. Please give the Board some credit, and get behind them. It could make a difference. COYI
O I think we need to recognise what we are and with the type of players we can attract we are a bottom half try and avoid relegation side. The mistake is really creating the hype that we were going to become a top 6 side.I think the board are just as disappointed about Slavs performance and the way the buys have performed as the rest of us. Shocked I would say.
O They handed Slav £35m thats a fact, at that point they didn’t know they would be getting £25m+ for Payet at Xmas. No one can say they haven’t backed him, he’s just not a good judge of players to bring in, thats clear for all to see. Hugh and others have said he was offered funds for a RB.
OI think I described them as average signings at best back in January. Uninspiring signings or even lazy ones. Our scouting is appalling recently. Fernandes looks decent and should come in to the side, other than that we haven’t made a good signing since the summer of 2015!

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9 comments on “Who takes buck for these player buys? Fans speak out

  1. The sides who have enormous amounts of money finish in the top group. The sides who stay in the PL year after year spend spend big amounts. The rest struggle,maybe last a few years with big cash injection, then stop spending as much & go down- Bolton, Blackburn,Villa, Newcastle, us in 2011.

    If a team is breaking that mound- spending the money & still struggling- it has to be about HOW it is being spent???

    • Have to disagree. The problem is with training and the management of the team. Fehgouli was loved by Valencia and is an international footballer, as was Zaza. Fonte and Snodgrass were great at their respective clubs until January when they came to us and now their form has dipped. Nordveidt was a good played in Germany, with CL experience and was recently good for Norway. Masuku has been good apart form one game against West Brom and Fernandes looks promising. These players don’t suddenly become rubbish, and they weren’t poor in the first place. The question is why they have deteriorated when they come to us.

  2. It annoys the hell out of me when people can’t grasp some simple facts.

    We spent the 7th highest in the Premiership. Above us were ManU and City. Arsenal Spuds and Chelsea and Liverpool. Did anyone expect us to spend more than any of those clubs?

    That level of expenditure added to a decent squad that just missed out on top 4 should allow the manager to achieve top 8 where to a man we would have been happy.

    The players we signed were greeted with enthusiasm last August by most of us. People saying otherwise now are mostly liars.

    We tried for Bats and Bacca and Lazcettes but they wouldn’t come. Im pretty certain we offered top dollar for them but we are not CL or premiership contenders so they wouldn’t come. We got Zaza instead, he’s hardly shabby at £25M or so we thought.

    Every single signing was approved by Billic. Please stop saying otherwise. Zaza Tore Fegouli Nordtvielt Ayew Arbeloa were Billics direct choices whereas Ferendaz Callari and Fletcher might have been Henry or Sullivan’s but Billic would have been happy to have them.

    Last season wasn’t really as great as people say. Fans big up Slaven for last season but we suffered some dreadful performances and poor halves that we somehow turned around into a respectable draw.

    Payet cost us. Bullies only real mitigation in my view. Everything was geared to go thru him and when he couldn’t be bothered it was game over.

    As much as I like Billic the blame lies at his door and he will need to sort it out pronto to save our season and his job. I hope he can.

  3. Bilic out end of season is a MUST.

    Squad overhaul and new manager required. And dare I say it… follow Potichinio and Spurs way/Koeman and Everton way, and give youth a chance!!! Oxford/Burke/Quina! ! I’ve had enough of watching Collins/Noble/Randolph… they are so average! They wouldn’t get into many bottom half teams!!

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