Why did he open his mouth? We knew it was all over!


So there you have it -if you hadn’t before – Sak wants out and some of us, including yours truly better suck it up and get on with life.

The inside of Sakho’s head is not a place one would ever want to be. I only mention that because I really don’t understand why he needed to open his mouth.

Do we really care that he wants “a change of environment or  that he has had “three wonderful years” (PLEASE) and all the rest of it. Of course not and his decision to get this out there is bewildering.

It’s like my constant reminders that he’s a great player, runs the channels brilliantly, has it all, de da de da de da – nobody cares and those who respond with derision do have a point!

One problem remains mind you – the medical!

As things stand even now he is back on the sidelines after suffering pain from the back and I think it must be more than debatable whether he would pass one with a PL club.

This may account for the “change of environment” of which he speaks in France where medicals are known to be much lighter than in England.

Rennes’ last offer was around £9 million and the Hammers want a minimum of £12 million. In the circumstances that’s a decent deal given he cost us around €4 million.

I truly believe the guy could have been remembered as one of our great strikers had he not been mucked up on an international treatment table and I will miss his obvious ability….but not the ridiculous sulks.

In many respects it feels like a re-run of the Ravel Morrison horror show but I wish the boy every success and hope he gets what he’s looking for.


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  • Hammer64 says:

    Yes I will drink to that. What is also really hope is that as we speak the owners are making sure they have a replacement lined up for Jan. It will not be easy but please none of this make do until the summer rubbish again. But I am rapidly losing faith in the ability of this once great club that has so much going for it to do the right thing or make the right decisions.

  • kcockayne says:

    Who knows the truth ? Is he now really injured ?, was he ever ?, why was he never played when he was “fit”, was his journey to Rennes really not sanctioned by the club ? What IS REALLY going on at West Ham ? – because, there is certainly something very wrong (& not just with the performances & results).
    Another question. Why is Zaza, a player who never looked like he even knew where the goal was at West Ham, now banging in the goals at Valencia ?

    • Essexirons says:

      There really can be only one answer to that question.. Bilic
      During his time here good players have been signed but somehow nearly everyone of them have gone backwards in their career & been made to look bad. We see these players coming in & expectations rise but after a few games the same players are being played out of position & offer nothing, the fans start to get on his back & within six weeks their confidence is shot, then the whole process is repeated with the next guy.
      Who is the common nominator here?

  • Essexirons says:

    Or of course it could be the ‘common denominator’ 😊

  • jimbo says:

    Just been sick in my mouth reading all of these Sakho laments! Yes we all know Bilic turns good players into bad ones, that’s a given. But this guy is exceptionally difficult and despite us paying him whilst he sat on his backside for a year with back-ache, he needs convincing to stay. Ffs. He is a pacey striker who with the right attitude and commitment could have been great. But no, he could start a barney with himself and is selfish and disloyal. another symptom to what’s wrong currently at our club. Move him on but replace wisely.

  • hammers64 says:

    This guy has some serious problems upstairs.Would have played against Brighton if his crocked back wasnt at it again.If the idiot just waited a week or 2 he would probably find things are completely different once a new manager is in place(as will most of the team) but the fans have had enough of his griping and he certainly is not doing himself any favours.Obviously has too much time on his hands with social media.Knuckle down and do some training instead you moaning C…

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