Why Skint Hammers Missed Out on No1 Target

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West Ham failed to sign Fabrício Bruno because they were unwilling to offer him a higher salary than he currently earns at Flamengo, according to The London Evening Standard.

Flamengo centre-back Bruno explained his decision to reject a summer switch to West Ham after having a late change of heart.

The Brazil international was on track to become the first signing of the Julen Lopetegui era but pulled out of a £15 million deal as it neared completion.

Standard Sport reports that West Ham did not offer Bruno a significant improvement on his Flamengo contract, both in terms of salary and length of commitment.

In May, Flamengo’s vice-president Marcos Braz claimed that Bruno wanted to move to West Ham, while his teammate described the chance to play for a Premier League side as “a dream” for the defender.

However, Bruno has decided to stay put. He told the Brazilian media: “It’s an extremely private decision. There will be the right moment to talk about it. What I’d like to make clear is that I’m extremely happy here and I’m going to keep working for my club.”

Tim Steidten did not spend much time licking his wounds following the failure to sign Bruno. Not only has the Hammers director of football secured the transfer of Luis Guilherme but the club remain in the hunt for both Wesley and Vitao from the same country.

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  • Anon says:

    Sullivan strikes again

    • Graham says:

      Another negative comment, usually from people who aren’t willing to put their name to a comment.
      Maybe have a look how much money the board have spent in the last couple of seasons but as you still live in the stoneage era of a supposedly Hammers fan you would never understand or agree.

    • John simmonds says:

      I think it was said that the tax on whatever we offered him would have been 45/50%. I’ tax expert but I would think that he’d be paying a lot less in Brazil. So doing the sums he’d have needed a really big wage to make him break even. And I assume would upset the apple cart that is our pay structure. Maybe wrong. May be Sully. Guess we’ll never know

  • Legend of the Arctic says:

    Disappointing, but not a big loss.

  • Muffybean says:

    you have this totally wrong as he rejected the move not because of money but because of family reasons. His wife is pregnant and he does not want to leave her at this time. I admire his loyalty towards his wife and he has stated that he is going to reveal the real reason in the future. Idiots like you always want to put to put negativity around West Ham to try and drag them down. We do not need supporters like you to constantly look for ways to paint things black for us all the time, so get on your bike and go somewhere else where your constant drivel might be appreciated.


    How can we be skiñt with 2 billionaires on our board the truth is we’re tight sully won’t spend kety to busy buying other businesses

  • Charlie Farley says:


  • Kip says:


  • John Ayris says:

    I hardly think we’re skint. Need to bring in an unusually high number of players stretches finances yes, but if we were skint we’d be bringing on nobody.

  • Rob says:

    I love this rag. First of all he rejected the wage over 10 days ago. Claret and hugh reported the player was asking way too much salary a week ago. And now they say west ham is skint 😁.
    Just really poor reporting.

    • Graham Snell says:

      This site has turned into a click bait mess in recent times with wildly over the top posts and, as has been said, massive inconsistencies from one story to the next. C&H was a good solid source of reliable information once, but not anymore.

  • mark wiggins says:

    Skint , don’t think so Sully pleasing poverty , typical we don’t get llayers cos he’s being tight .

    • Ess_Bee says:

      Being tight and maintaining good financial housekeeping are two totally different things. I would rather this club do the latter than go back to Icelandic Bank scenario. And besides didn’t the board shell out £430 million? That’s a lot of money!

    • Westhaminthetford says:

      Apparently skint according to the article,but then finishes it by saying we have bought someone…for more

  • ChopsyWingnut76 says:

    Skint Hammers? Who writes this ****? Claret and Poo more like

  • Deathblow says:

    Wise to hold out. He’s not worth it at that age and skill set.

  • Danielson79 says:

    ****e the bed this is by far your most click baity article so far!! Skint?!!

    Are C&H skint and desperately trying to get the clicks this site is becoming painful.

  • Kevlar says:

    This is a wind up west ham aren’t skint ! AThey won’t be bullied into overpaying for an average Centre back that has no experience in the premier league or other top European leagues? West ham need experienced quality centre backs that can Marshall a defensive line to catch fast forwards offside!!!

  • Jimmy says:

    I should think we are skint! According to all the reports we are about to sign about thirty players!!!

  • rollercoaster hammer says:

    inside the top 15 richest clubs in the world. skint 😒

  • Len Scannell says:

    I think we have 3 billionaires on our board so we definitely are not skint Gonzo!

  • ricardo says:

    Not a significant improvement for Bruno? Gabriel Barbosa, the best paid brazilian league player is at BR 1.600.000 per month, which translates into £240.000 per month.
    Bruno is at BR 700.000 per month (he got his salary improved earlier this year), i.e. £105.000 per month. (BR values from brazilian news papers).
    Mavropanos and Aguerd are at £200.000 per month, Cornet at £260.000 per month.
    Surely Bruno could have been ranked near Mavropanos? It is a pretty strange story.
    The more so considering players like Ings and Zouma are at 500.000 per month (Ings didn’t even play regularly).

  • George says:

    Gonzo. Constantly posting negativity just to get paid on clicks whilst destabilising the club we love is just pure greed. You may have sold out but some of us are still supporters of this club. Please stop this nonsense.

  • Bonzo says:

    This guy is old to still be in Brazil if he’s good enough to play in one of the top five leagues. Probably would have got homesick and pined for his family. Good job we didn’t sign him really.

  • elduder says:

    the highest paid brazilian in 22/23 season was 15k

    the HIGHEST

    we offered him at least double that and we allegedly increased the length of contract as well, he was on a 5 year deal

    do the math – it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for him

    and no, he wasn’t our #1 target, he was seen as a competent option that wouldn’t break the bank

    shock horror – when he wants more the club more on the BETTER targets

  • Benny the Aussie says:

    Wow there is a lot of slagging off going on.
    If you don’t like what’s being published then jog on.
    Bruno is too old and wrong profile we should be looking at anyhow.
    I think Greaves will be a better option.

  • B says:

    According to the Economic Research Institute, the average Professional Footballer in Brazil salary is about £10k,The%20average%20pay%20for%20a%20Football%20Player%20is%20BRL%2063%2C501,BRL%2046%2C038%20and%20BRL%2076%2C074.

    This is less than minimum wage in the UK.
    So I doubt West Ham were not prepared to offer him a slight increase on that??

    • elduder says:

      of course

      but we have zero critical thinking here on claret an hugh

      honestly, if they just spend 10 minutes researching an article before actually writing it

      is this sites content written by AI or actual people, the laziness is astounding

      how one can have so little pride in their work and still put their name to it

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